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Bukit Gelas Waterfall

Bukit Gelas
25Km+2.5Km Tawau
Public Park
Teck Guan Waterfall
35Km from Tawau
Private Land
Madai Waterfall
90Km from Tawau
Public Park
Rainforest Waterfalls
Private Land

Waterfalls in Malau Basin

Waterfalls in Malau Basin
200Km from Tawau + Jungle Trekking in Malau Basin
Public Park


Cocoa Culture Spring


Entrance to Teck Guan Cocoa Village

Entrance to Teck Guan Cocoa Village

A giant cocoa pod welcome visitors at the entrance gate.

From the main road is a massive amounts of palm oil trees. But when you  arrived at the gate you are welcomed by a gigantic cocoa pod.

Here in the village, visitor learn the life of a cocoa tree, how the village began and how a cocoa flower  bloom and grow from a bud into a lovely red fruit.

Cocoa pod has thick and hard skin. The white flesh stuck firmly on the cocoa bean.



  Gravel Road

From the main road to the waterfall is a 5 Km of  unpaved road surfaced with gravel.

Car Park of Cocoa Culture Spring Car Park

The car park is in front the entrance to Cocoa Culture Spring. The big space can easily accommodate 20 vehicles at any one time.

Toilet is also available at the car park


Majesty Waterfall
Teck Guan Cocoa Village
16th September 2011 FRI 2:00PM

Map of Cocoa Culture Spring

Columnar Basalt in Teck Guan Cocoa Village

Columnar Basalt in Teck Guan Cocoa Village

Well preserved Columnar Basalt formation.

Basalt  is a type of volcanic rock. Color from  grey to black and fine-grained.  Unweathered basalt is black or grey.

Basalt magmas formed by decompression melting of the mantle.

Cocoa Culture Spring

An unheard haven in the public...... because nature lovers intentionally keep this place a secret.

Cocoa Culture Spring