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( Street Market )

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... a colorful market ...

When : Every  Sunday morning
Location : Corner of Jalan Apas and Jalan Kuhara
open : 6:00 am to 12:00 noon

with over 200 stalls

Made In Indonesia


Food  Section

1 Sambal Belacan Rm 4
2 Sambal Bilis Rm 4
3 Sambal Udang Karing Rm 4
4 Sambil Ikan Masin Rm 4
5 Kicap Padas Manis Rm 2
6 Lada Jerek Kisar Rm 2

Malaysian Foods


Herbs  Section (Both Fresh and Dried)

Toy  Section

Low cost toys and happy children.

Dried Sea Products

Dried Sea Products

Most local Malaysian who come to Tawau never miss the opportunity to buy salted fish to bring back. The price is cheap and more variety to select from.  Here in this Sunday market you can find dried squid, shark fin, salted fish, and many more..


Held each Sunday morning at the corner of Jalan Apas and Jalan Kuhara, here is the place to see the local indigenous community selling their produce.
This is when a mix of races Bajau, Kadazan/Dusun, Indonisian, Chinese and Malay come to sell their goods and socialize with other.

Other then the common items of vegetables, fruits, sea products and handicrafts together are astonishing array of produce from forest vegetables, wild orchids, dried shark fins, tropical fruit and edible seaweed.
Smaller than Gaya Street Sunday Market, Tawau Sunday Market is a local version of Kota Kinabalu’s Gaya Street Fair.

Located at the junction between Jalan Kuhara and Jalan Apas, the locals call this place Takada.

Lot of local sellers setting up stores selling fruits, life chickens, raw meat, local food, fresh fish, herbs like Tongkat Ali, vegetables, food, pets, plants, .......
The market is abundant with local fruits such as banana, papaya and mengo. Banana is a staple food for the local.

The vegetables and fruits are planted by the seller and the price is cheaper.
Here you can pick up bargains on handmade crafts, the freshest seafood, local cakes, vegetables and exotic fruits. This buzzing open-air market is not to be missed when you are in Tawau.

Compare with the one in Kota Kinabalu, Tawau Sunday Market is shorter and more like a mixture of a wet market and a pasar malam (night market).
Food, fish, plants, flowers, toys, kites and a variety of things are sold here.

The market opens every Sunday as early as 6am and lasts until 12pm. Located on the intersection of Apas and Kuhara roads, within the town area, the market is packed with stalls selling numerous kinds of local produces, every Sunday only from 6.00 am to 12.00 noon. If you are happening to be in Tawau on Sunday, don’t miss this open market. At this market you can find vegetable, fresh and sea water fishes & prawns, tortoise, birds, puppy, pets, flowers, fruit plants, bee hives, knife, local fruits, snacks, clam, cheap oysters, salty fish and many other things.

The market is within walking distance, especially if you are staying in Fajar Area within the town centre. Preferable to get a cab unless you are prepare to get sweated.Taxi fare to get there is about RM5. It is advisable for you to fix the fare with the taxi driver before you hop in.

Behind the market, there are two rows of commercial building. Most upper floors of these building have been converted by owners into bird net farms. If you are lucky, you might able to sight thousand and thousand of swallows circling around the buildings. It is quite a spectacular scene from down below, but beware of the birds’ dropping.

Flowers Section



Every Sunday, 7am-12:00pm, along this narrow street, visitors find stalls selling flowers and gardening supplies. A truly colorful experience.

Gardeners visit Sunday Market Flower Stalls every Sunday to buy bulbs, plants and shrubs, and to see the exotic array of blooming flowers.

This tiny street gets really busy so go early for the best flowers. For flower lover, even if you don't intend to buy any flowers, this market is great to visit as it is delight colorful.

Most of the market sellers have their own nurseries to produce their own plants. They specialize in gardening and greening your environment.

Stock changes every week but expect to find herbaceous plants, shrubs, and an abundance of bedding plants.

There are 1,200 species of orchids found in Sabah. In this Tawau Sunday Market you can see in full display about 50 species.

Most orchids are highly evolved plants and the majority of them are epiphytic on trees while some are terrestrial. They have green leaves for photosynthesis and roots that captured nutrients from the leaf litter caught on tree trunk and branches, or in the case of Bulbophyllum beccarii, in cup-shaped leaves of the plant itself, roots than grow and ramify the leaf litter collected there, to extract nutrient

More about flowers available in Tawau Sunday Market.

Cloths  Section

Used clothing from Japan and Korea

Secondhand cloths is an international commodity. The second hand clothing are imported from Korea and Japan. The market here have both Brand new and second hand clothing.

Malaysia allows import of used clothes. While Indonesia and Philippines prohibit import of used clothing. At such these used clothes from Japan and Korea found their way to Indonesia and Southern Philippines via Tawau Town.

Vegetables  Section


A wide array of jungle produce. Try the wild ferns and the exotic vegetables such as paku, and bamboo shoots. Housewives come here for weekly vegetable shopping.

The open market, or “tamu” in other part of Sabah, dates back to the time when shops were unheard of. Farmers from the mountains, fishermen from coastal and riverine areas and skilled craftsmen used to walk for miles once a week to gather at a common ground to barter their wares.

The tradition lives on till today, although most now travel by van or pick-up trucks to market grounds.

Tongkat Ali - Eurycoma Longifolia Jack  (Long Jack)

Tongkat Ali - Eurycoma Longifolia Jack  (Long Jack)

Selling here are also experts in traditional herbal who  collect tongkat ali (Sabah’s ‘natural Viagra') and other miraculous herbs which they bring to sell in this Sunday market.

Tongkat Ali was dubbed the "Asian Viagra" in a May 1999 report in the New Sunday Times.

This root has been used by local Malaysian men for many years to increase sexual desire, libido, sexual performance and to treat erectile dysfunction.

Tongkat ali appears to work by increasing levels of the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is primarily responsible for the growth and development of male reproductive organs, including the penis, testicles, scrotum, prostate, and seminal vesicles. Normal testosterone levels maintain energy level, mood, fertility, and sexual desire.

Because of its testosterone-enhancing properties, tongkat ali is also used by bodybuilders to increase muscle mass and strength.

How to use this herb? Put a small piece of root in hot water and drink it like tea or coffee.

More about herbs in Malaysia :

Aquarium fish
Aquarium Fish

Aquarium Fish , part of Sunday Market in Tawau, an exciting place in Tawau for fish enthusiasts to visit.

These few stalls selling Aquarium Fishes is worth a trip for aquarium enthusiasts happen to be in Tawau.

Here you  find fighting fish of various size for sale, aquariums equipment for both fresh- and saltwater tanks.

There are fished of all prices and for all kinds of aquarists. And the sellers will not tell you which rivers they caught their fighting fishes.

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