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Canopy Walkway at Tawau Hills Park.
Canopy Walkway at Tawau Hills Park.

Canopy Walkways Tawau Hills Park

Canopy Walkways of Tawau Hills Park


Canopy Walkway

The canopy walkway is essentially rope and steel cable suspension bridges that zigzag through the crowns of the tallest strongest and long lasting trees such as "Menggaris" (Kompassia excelsa) and 'Seraya' (Shorea sp). The walkway is composed of a series of 5 meter aluminum ladders bolted together and suspended horizontally from cables. Laced with polyester ropes, the open rungs of ladders are covered with walking the boards. Netting enclosed both sides to add safety.

Canopy Walkway


The canopy walkways is 1 km from Tawau Hills Park.

The height is up to 40 meters depending on the slope of the land below.

This is a tourist walkway and is open to the public from 9.00am - 4.00pm everyday.

Remark : To the disappointment of many tourists, the entrance gate to the walkway is often locked for unknown reasons.

To prevent your disappointment of after walking a tiring 1 km of jungle track just to find the walkway locked then another unhappy 1 Km walk back to the park, to avoid such unhappy incident, tell the officer at the ticket office at the park entrance when you arrive and be sure of.

Or you may call : The Sabah Parks  +6088-523500 

Kym Bergmann said:
I visited the park for a day and there is certainly a lot to see – starting with the world’s largest tropical rainforest tree. The paths are well marked and there are a number of covered shelters dotted around the place. Good walking shoes are required because there is a bit of mud and rock around. Leeches are inevitable – but that occurs in any rainforest.

There was an annoyance at the end of the day. I went for a final hike to the tree canopy walk – I have been on those things before and they are quite interesting. But in this case the stairway to the canopy walk was padlocked shut – meaning that I had wasted an hour of my time and picked up a few more leeches along the way for absolutely nothing. The park is well staffed, so how easy would it have been to put up a sign, or even tell people on arrival? Instead, it seems that the staff prefer to sit around sleeping rather than do some work – such as putting up a sign saying “Closed.”

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Anyway, that aside, being not so far from where I live now, I decided to survey the place for future visits, hence the 'phase 1'. I wanted to know what else is there and what kind of things that I can do there. It wasn't very easy to find the direction to the place through the internet, all I could find were just '24km NW of Tawau' but none of the road guide. Thanks to one blogpost and area hints by a colleague, I managed to get there and looked around (phew!...such hilly roads).


(Emballonura alecto) Greater Sheath-tailed Bat

(Emballonura alecto) Greater Sheath-tailed Bat
entrance gate of Canopy Walkway in Tawau Hills Park

Tawau Hills Park, Tawau, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia

Greater sheath-tailed Bat (Emballonura alecto) hanging under stairs at entrance gate of  Canopy Walkway in Tawau Hills Park.

They can be seen early morning before the sun get bright. When the sun is in full brightness, they will leave the shelter and will return after sun set.

In Malaysia this species is known from three localities
1) Sabah : Poring National Park,
2) Sabah : Tawau Hills Park
3) Sarawak : Bako National Park

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