Tawau Hills Park is a favorite picnic spot on weekends offering visitors the delights of nature -meandering streams, water falls, hot springs and jungle trails. Hostels are available at minimal charge. Visitors can also camp here.

The cool water is ideal for bathing with certain safe spots for kids who do not know how to swim. There are life guards at the river banks to watch over picnickers.

Is the stream water clean and clear?

Different people have different impressions depending on rainy or dry seasons.
Milky water is during the rainy days when heavy tropical downpours flooded the stream with mud and plants particles.
Otherwise, the streams in Tawau Hills Park are such a cool and fresh bathing pools for young and old  to enjoy.

The river is not uniform in depth, so children should limit themselves in the shallow area. These recreation area is also crowd places on weekends and public holidays.

There are location for barbeque.  The park is popular during weekends for local groups coming here for barbeque gatherings.  This is when Tawau Hills Park recreation areas become polluted areas : polluted with BBQ smoke, cigarette smoke, lowclass local pop songs, and picnicker rubbishes.

There are also other spots for wildlife watching especially for bird watchers. Nature lovers should love this place.

  Stream at Suspension Bridge 1.5KM

This suspension bridge is at 1.5 KM, half way to Hot Spring. 30 minutes walk from park entrance following the Hot Spring Jungle Trail.

There is a visitor shade at the left side of the bridge.

This part of the stream has wide open sun lighted space.

More about this Suspension Bridge at 1.5Km

Cool streams meandering through a lush tropical forest setting and waterfalls cascading excitingly into frothing rocky pools down below, make Tawau Hills Park an ideal location for picnics and refreshing dips away from the stress and strains of everyday life.


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