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St Mark's Church

Rev Melter Tais

089 880420

PO Box 60164,

Lahad Datu

St Matthew's Church

Ps Clarence Chin

089 781903

PO Box 55,


Firman Hidup

Rev. Jeniol Tuaty

089 778696

201, Jalan Dunlop


Good Tidings Church

Rev. Eddie Phua

089 714829

PO Box 77


St. Patrick's Church

Archdeacon Canon Albert

089 772212

201, Jalan Dunlop,


Indah Anglican Church

Rev. Yakub Ng

089 221785

PPM 455, Elopura,


St Michael's Church

Rev. Moses Chin

089 215860

PO Box 17,


Church of Good Shepherd

Rev. Chak Sen Fen

089 216051

PPM 474, Elopura,


St. Patrick's  Church,  Tawau

Direction road map to St. Patrick Church in Tawau

Diocese of Sabah :


In the 1960s St. Patrick's Anglican Mission in Tawau was a thatch-roofed wooden structure on the shore of Cowie Bay. The pews were rough hewn. There was no electricity, An Australian nun powered the tiny pump organ near the altar. Canon Walter Newmarch, an Australian missionary who had been spreading the Word in Borneo since 1954 on behalf of the Australian Church Missionary Society, lived in a comfortable home on stilts next to the entrance to the rudimentary church structure. Newmarch and his wife were open, friendly and genuine people. They made visitors feel at home, welcome. Little do they know what a positive impact they had on one young American who was learning to live in Asia.

It became a custom to attend Evensong at St. Patrick's on Sunday. The liturgy was simple, majestic and somewhat shorter than other Anglican eucharistic rites. Even in Borneo, though, it was clearly "high church" by today's Episcopal standards.

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