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Sabindo Short-distance minibus station (opposite the new Tawau mosque)


There are 4 bus companies running express buses between Tawau and Sandakan and each has their ticket counter at the terminal (see photo above).

The 4 bus company are :

Syt. Usaha Maju, Ali Topan, Majama and Pengangkutan Sida(Wawasan Bersama).

When you take a bus from Lahad Datu or Sandakan, do not be disappointed with small bus terminal which does not looks like a terminal for long distance buses.

Original this 4 acres of space  was all reserved for the new Sabindo Square Bus Terminal. It was gazette to ease traffic congestion in this progressing modern Tawau.

But for unknown reasons, the bus terminal was made into a commercial shopping area and busses were only given mini skirt roofing (see above photo) and without a bench to sit you have to stand while waiting for the bus.

Bus fare from Tawau to Sandakan : Rm 32.00

Time : 7:00 AM, 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 12:00 NOON, 2:00 PM

Transportation Fee From Tawau City to Semporna Town

From Tawau Airport to Semporna.

Transportation : taxi

Rate : RM100

Duration : 1hour

From Tawau city to Semporna town

Transportation : Mini Bus.

Rate : RM10.00

Duration : 2 hours


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