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Asia e University

Asia e University (AeU) is a flexible mode university set in Asia, by Asians under the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD). Its establishment is an initiative of Malaysia, as prime mover for e-education.

PhD in Business Administration
PhD in Education
PhD in Arts
PhD in ICT
Industrial Doctorate (IndD)
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Business Administration
ICT Management
Human Resource Management
Knowledge Management
Humanities & Arts (by Research)
Social Sciences (by Research)
Science (Management) by Research


Postgraduate Diploma
Higher Education Teaching


Business Administration (Hons)
Education (TESL)(Hons)
Education (Teaching Islamic Studies in Primary School)(Hons)
Bachelor of Digital Creative Media (Hons) and Professional Bachelor of Digital Creative Media
Bachelor of Information & Communication Technology (Hons)
Bachelor of Technology (Information Technology) (Hons) and Professional Bachelor of Computer Technology
Professional Bachelor of Internet Marketing Technology (PBIMT)


Graduate Diploma
Early Childhood Education
Business Management



Executive Education
Executive Master
Executive Bachelor
Professional Diploma


Distance Learning from Private Universities

6 Private Universities and 2 Public University are offering long distance learning programmes in Malaysia

These are the Eight Higher Learning Institutions offering open long distance learning programmes in 2013:
1) Al-Madinah International University
2) Universiti Tun Abdul Razak
3) Wawasan Open University
4) Malaysia Open University
5) Asia e University
6) International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance

7) Universiti Putra Malaysia
The School of Distance Education (SDE) Universiti Sains Malaysia

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