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A University open for all :

UNIVERSITI TERBUKA MALAYSIA  Cawangan Sabah, Kampus Tawau.

Sabah Learning Centre, Kota Kinabalu City

Open University Malaysia Sabah
....first open and distance learning (ODL) university in Malaysia established in 2000....

OUM has five faculties and a school offering various programmes.

The curriculum design is undertaken by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the respective fields and verified by the Senate, comprising members of the  professionals and academia from education industry.

Each programme is approved by the National Accreditation Board.

Support Centers
OUM established two centers and two institutes to support the delivery of academic programmes.
Learning Centers
Apart from its main campus situated at Jalan Tun Ismail, Kuala Lumpur,

OUM also established a network of 53 learning centers at major cities, from Peninsular Malaysia to Sabah and Sarawak.

Learning Centers are managed by administrators and  fully equipped with tutorial rooms, computer laboratories, library and Internet facilities.


OUM's Master programme
List of Master programmes offers by Open University Malaysia

Master of Science (Engineering)
Master of Science
Master of Science (Business Administration)
Master of Education
Master of Nursing
Master of Software Engineering
Master of Project Management
Master of Human Resource Management
Master of Instructional Design and Technology
Master of Information Science (Competitive Intelligence)
Master of Business Administration
Master of Management
Master of Information Technology
Master of Multimedia Communication
Master of Environmental Science Management
Master of Public Administration
Master of Information Technology in Network Computing
Master of Islamic Studies
Master of English Studies
Master of Counselling

myVLE (Virtual Learning Environment)

OUM is a university that uses e-learning platform in open and distance learning environment.

All students are given access to an internally-built learning portal known as Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which could be accessed through

VLE allows students to access :

course syllabus,
course objectives,
lecture notes,
solutions for tests
links to relevant web sites.


VLE also enables the students for online interaction between students and tutors via the bulletin board and e-mail.

Upon registration of a course, students will be provided with :
appropriate software

Open University Malaysia (OUM)  was the first open and distance learning (ODL) university in Malaysia established in 2000.

A private university yet indirectly owned by the government through it shareholders of  eleven Malaysian government universities.

OUM has cumulatively enrolled about 100,000 learners, and has produced over 26,000 graduates.

The growth of OUM is  indicated by the increase in terms of student numbers and in the number of programmes and learning centers.

Nationwide, it has made its presence felt through 61 learning centers that are located at all major towns and cities across the country.

At the international level, OUM has been working with various foreign partners offering both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

OUM has collaborated with institutions from Yemen, Bahrain, the Maldives, Sri Lanka and Ghana. To date, the total number of international learners
has reached almost 2,000.

The blended learning in OUM encompasses :

1) face-to-face tutorials
2) online/e-learning learning
3) self managed learning.

The face-to-face tutorial allows learners to interact directly with their tutors in physical classrooms made available at the learning centers.

The online/e-learning requires learners to learn through Internet, and it is supposed to augment the face-to-face interactions.

University For All

"University For All", the Open University Malaysia (OUM) has "Lifelong Learning Programme"  for senior citizens and the disabled. This  programme, implemented in 2005, incorporated a special scheme for those aged 55 and above and the disabled, who need only pay half the tuition fees.

The discount was a form of financial assistance to the two groups of students to encourage more people to seek knowledge and upgrade their skills by furthering their studies.

Application form from our website at and submit certified true copies of  identity cards together with the completed forms

The lifelong learning programme is an ongoing programme conducted on demand, varying according to the needs of the students or members from various organizations and associations in Malaysia.

This  learning programme covers all the spectrum, senior citizens, career-related people, youth, entrepreneurs and the general public.

Few of the programme including :  "Seeking Knowledge As a Lifelong Career" targeting sixth formers, "Internet and Its Future" targeting parents, "Building a Caring Society" targeting trainee teachers, "Management of Organization" targeting youth associations, and "Cash Flow of Management for Small Businesses" designed for small business owners,"

The Open and Distance Learning (ODL) concept  incorporating three learning approaches -- 1) the face-to-face approach, 2) online learning or e-learning and 3) self-managed learning emphasizing independent studies.

OUM is playing a role in promoting Malaysia as a centre of excellence in education with 26 academic programmes consisting of 14 bachelor degree programmes, seven diploma programmes and five masters programmes.

With 32 University Learning Centers and Regional Learning Centers nationwide, OUM hoped to reach out to all segments of the society in Malaysia in its quest to pioneer lifelong learning.

The idea of anyone entering university without even a primary school certificate may seem absurd to people who are used to universities being hallowed grounds where only the best go.

Yet, open universities have been around for years -- in Britain, India, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Thailand for instance.

They are called ďopenĒ because there are no entry requirements, except, generally, for a lower age limit.

Malaysiaís one and only Open University is now 10 years old. Although not as ďopenĒ as other open universities yet due to LAN restrictions, OUM has flourished from 753 students in August 2001 to 29,000 students today.

Unlike traditional universities which cater to school leavers, open universities attract working adults who missed out on higher education or just want to top up their education.

Open admission need not mean lower quality. The Open University in the UK, for instance, was ranked fifth amongst all UK universities for teaching quality by the Sunday Times University Guide 2004 -- a ranking higher than those for Oxford and University College London.

When OUM took our first batch in 2001, the number was 753. With staff dedication, our enrolment has grow.

There are now 32 learning centers around Malaysia.

IT infrastructure is up to the level expected and the university goes overseas in line with the governmentís goal of making Malaysia a centre for educational excellence.

The normal programmes OUM have are  diploma and degrees.

All programmes are accredited with LAN.  Among those accredited are :

Diploma in Management

Bachelor of Management

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Information Technology

Bachelor of IT and Management.

Indonesian students, given the chance, would take up
Malaysian degrees without coming here. That saves a lot (of money) for them.
OUM modules -- the ones in Bahasa Melayu -- with some
modification can be used in Indonesia. As for Brunei and Singapore, they have their own arrangements.

Programmes for Indonesia are in BM and a mix of English.

While OUM is a private university, it has the ďpersonalityĒ of a public university. The former VCs of public universities have contributed to that.

OUMís unique in a sense that itís owned by 11 public universities. The 11 started a consortium and got a license from the Private Education Department.

Malaysian Government gave financial assistance during the first few years to get started with building and learning centers set up.

Itís unique because it started as a consortium of 11 public universities but operates like any other private university. Since 2005, thereís no more government contribution.

OUM main activity is to offer degree programmes, and main revenue is from fees.

OUM which started as University Terbuka Malaysia Sdn Bhd  has four sister companies which support OUMís activities.

The main thrust is for OUM to provide the diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses while the short courses for the public is handled by one of the subsidiaries Meteor Learning Sdn Bhd.


By 2010, OUM has 100,000 over students and become a mega university. A mega university is one with more than 100,000 students.

The purpose of higher education  is to give the education that the student expects from diplomas and degrees they get will be useful to them and the country.

A society needs strong human resource enhancement and Universities must play that role prepare the students for the working world.

In OUM  95% of  students are working adults.

OUM has a  Learner Management System (LMS) which is one of the most updated in Malaysia.

Tan Sri Dr Abdulah Sanusi Digital Library allows students access to as many e-books, e-journals as they need -- 40,000 books and over 20,000 journals.  

A studentís timetable, his financial accounts with the university, exam results are taken care of within the LMS.

OUMís admission criteria the same as those for other private universities. As a private university, OUM admission criteria is controlled by LAN. But LAN has given us some flexibility.

For a diploma course, student require only three SPM credits, that applies also to other IPTS.

For a degree, student require only one credit in SPM (in BM) plus five years working experience.

OUM entry criteria for a degree is more flexible for working people minimum age 23  with one SPM credit.

OUM is a 90%-teaching university. that donít do research. Traditional universities do research.

OUM concentrates on how to give the students the best knowledge in a certain field.  

OUM Students  majority are working people. More than 92% are between 21 and 44 years; the oldest is 62.

Gender-wise, itís 55% women compared with public universities which is 70% women.

Amongst the 13,000 teachers attending the OUM's Program Pengijazahan there are more ladies.

In terms of race, itís 80% Bumi and the rest Malaysian Chinese and Indians. The teachers are mainly Bumis. 

The number of new universities and university colleges keep increasing. At the same time, enrolment at public universities have also increased.

About 25% of Malaysians in the 19-23 age bracket are pursuing higher education but our national target is 40% by 2010. Thatís the ratio for developed countries.



Distance Learning from Private Universities

6 Private Universities and 2 Public University are offering long distance learning programmes in Malaysia

These are the Eight Higher Learning Institutions offering open long distance learning programmes in 2013:
1) Al-Madinah International University
2) Universiti Tun Abdul Razak
3) Wawasan Open University
4) Malaysia Open University
5) Asia e University
6) International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance

7) Universiti Putra Malaysia
The School of Distance Education (SDE) Universiti Sains Malaysia



Open University Malaysia (OU Malaysia) was established in August 2000 under the Private Higher Education Act 1996. Backed by the 11 public universities in the country, OU Malaysia is set to create opportunities for Malaysians to fulfill their academic aspirations through our ďeducation for allĒ concept. If you possess strong customer and achievement oriented competencies, able to work well in a team and have a strong desire to make things happen, you could be the individual OUM is  looking for to work and progress with.

Interested candidates can contact  the following address:

Human Resource Management Section
Open University Malaysia
Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Fax: 03-26978821
E-mail : hrm @
Contact person : Siti Aminah / Halimah


Centre of Excellence in Skills Training

JPK Accresited Centre (L02011)

TB 15026-15027 (Lot 302-303) Block F5, Tingkat Bawah, Bandar Sri Indah, Phase 2B,
Batu 10, Jalan Apas, 91000 Tawau, Sabah
Tel: 089-748984, 768984  Fax: 089-778984

E-mail : Website :


Institute of Professional Development


Harina Consultancy Service (Caw. Tawau) TB 15026-15027 (Lot 302-303) Block F5, Tingkat Bawah,
Bandar Sri Indah, Phase 2B, Batu 10, Jalan Apas, 91000 Tawau, Sabah
Tel: 089-748984, 768984  Fax: 089-778984


OUM Wins Technology Business Review Award

On September 15, 2006 OUM - UNIVERSITI  TERBUKA  MALAYSIA became the proud recipient of the Technology Business Review Award for Excellence in Education Management - Provision of Continuous Education. The award was created to honor and give recognition to Malaysian companies that have demonstrated commitment to continuous innovation in their selected fields.

For the first time, the Technology Business Review Award paid tribute to companies and businesses from 11 different sectors ranging from Banking & Finance to Education Management and Life Sciences.

OUM Open University of Malaysia was one of 33 award winners for their excellence and dedication in development of technology-based solutions.  OUM's achievement in winning the Technology Business Review Award reflects the aspiration and hard work by its management and staff in the development of higher education in Malaysia.

Open University Malaysia
Learning Centers of Open University Malaysia

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