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Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering)

The Ph.D. (Engineering) programme aims to attract outstanding individuals who wish to pursue research of the highest standard in their specialized areas of engineering and technology. Through this programme, candidates will enhance their competency in research and development of knowledge in specific areas of engineering.

This programme is also designed to enhance the intellectual development of candidates in a specific areas of engineering and technology. At the end of this programme, candidates will have the capability to foster the development of new knowledge in specific areas in the field of engineering.

This programme comprises of three parts:

Part I: Compulsory Course Work

Doctoral Seminar
Doctoral Advanced Seminar

For enrichment purposes, candidates are also required (if necessary) to do additional elective courses as below:

Applied Statistics
Multivariate Statistics
Non-Parametric Statistics
Research Epistemology

Part II: Research

In this part, candidates will be conducting the research and prepare the thesis through self managed learning and or independent study under the guidance of one supervisor assigned by OUM to the candidate. Each candidate must meet the assigned supervisor at least 4 times in each semester before he/she can progress in the subsequent semester.

A candidate can choose any of the following specialization areas to pursue their research.
Technology Management - Research and Development
Technology Development and Project Management
Technology Management - Technology Transfer and Implementation
Technology Management - Production and Quality Management
Control Engineering
Operational Research
Production Engineering
Civil Engineering and Geotechnical
Electrical and Power Engineering
Chemical engineering
Environmental Management

Part III: Thesis Examination

In this part, the candidate has completed the thesis and ready to submit for examination by OUM. An internal examiner and one external examiner will be appointed to assess the PhD (Engineering) thesis and the candidate will be examined in the 'Viva Voce' session organized by the Centre for Graduate Studies, OUM.


Entry Requirements : Master's Degree in Engineering or its equivalent
Duration of Study : 12 Semesters or 4 years              Fees : RM26,010


 September 05, 2016 09:47:01 PM

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