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There are more than 24,000 students enrolled in OUM programs.

OUMís vision is to be a leader and innovator in open learning.

  • To be the leading contributor in democratizing education
  • To develop quality education through multi mode learning technologies
  • To develop and enhance learning experiences toward the development of a knowledge-based society

Open & Distance Learning (ODL) Pedagogy Centre 

was set up with the purpose of enhancing the pedagogy of face-to-face tutoring, online tutoring and self-managed learning in an ODL environment.

Itís mission :

  • To provide innovative quality services and products that exceed tutorsí expectations
  • To continuously attract, retain and develop tutors
  • To research into ways of increasing the quality of tutor interactions in the actual and virtual classroom environment
  • To help tutors integrate new and innovative print and e-content learning content into their tutoring processes

ODL Pedagogy Center's organizational structure consist of three units or departments:

  • Tutor Management Unit Ė Manages, guides and coaches OUM tutors towards achieving OUMís vision and mission.
  • Training Consultancy - Provides quality training and consultancy in ODL Pedagogy.
  • Research and Development - Evaluates current processes and propose strategies to improve and innovate ODL pedagogy. There current activities include:
    • Create Repository for Learning Objects
    • Develop innovative methods for e-content
    • Research
    • Create resources for tutor training

The future R&D plans are to:

  • Incorporate intelligent agent into ODL pedagogy
  • Ensure the essence of life-long learning principles are truly practiced by OUM students
  • Conduct research that will bring profitable gains and returns to OUM

The ODL pedagogy center is still in its infancy, but is a great initiative, which will bring OUM to new heights in teaching and learning.

 September 05, 2016 08:10:06 PM

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