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School of Distance Education Universiti Sains Malaysia

School of Distance Education
Universiti Sains Malaysia

Malaysia's Premier Distance Learning Institution
Leading and Innovating Towards a Progressive Future

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is a research-intensive universities in Malaysia. In 2005 USM had around 35,000 students enrolled including 28,000 undergraduates. The number of lecturers was about 1,800

USM School of Distance Education was established in 1971 to provide opportunities for local adults  students to undertake undergraduate courses while in full time employment.

At present four undergraduate programmes are available trough distance learning : 1) Bachelor of science 2) Bachelor of social science 3) Bachelor of arts 4) Bachelor of management degrees.

1) Bachelor of Science
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Mathematics
- Physics

3) Bachelor of Arts
- History
- Geography
- Literature
2) Bachelor of Social Science
- Anthropology/Sociology
- Economy
- Political Science

4) Bachelor of Management

Distance Learning from Private Universities

6 Private Universities and 2 Public University are offering long distance learning programmes in Malaysia

These are the Eight Higher Learning Institutions offering open long distance learning programmes in 2013:
1) Al-Madinah International University
2) Universiti Tun Abdul Razak
3) Wawasan Open University
4) Malaysia Open University
5) Asia e University
6) International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance

7) Universiti Putra Malaysia
The School of Distance Education (SDE) Universiti Sains Malaysia

The School of Distance Education (SDE) Universiti Sains Malaysia
formally the Centre for Off-Campus Studies

Pusat Pengajian Pendidikan Jarak Jauh, Universiti Sains Malaysia

The School of Distance Education (SDE) Universiti Sains Malaysia was established in 1971 to provide opportunities for working adults to obtain higher education.

Through this distance education approaches, working adults are able to undertake undergraduate courses while remaining in full-time employment. It is the pioneer programme in Malaysia which offers degree through distance education.

Four undergraduate programmes are available via distance education :

1) Sciences
2) Social Sciences
3) Arts
4) Management

Students need minimum 4 years to complete the programme. Print material is used in the courses delivery which is supplemented by face-to-face meeting during two weeks residential course. Technology-based delivery modes such as the live video conferencing, electronic portal and streaming media are also used to supplement the course delivery.

There are  12 regional centers located throughout Malaysia.

Besides the undergraduate programme, the School of Distance Education also offers 6 postgraduate programmes by research :

1) Master of Arts
2) Master of Science
3) Master of Social Science
4) Master of Science (Environmental Science)
5) Master of Science (Occupational Health and Safety)
6) Doctor of Philosophy

These programmes are offered either full-time and part-time and the candidate required to undertake a research project under the supervision. The award of the degree is based on the examination of a thesis submitted at the end of the research component.

Currently, School of Distance Education SDE has 70 full-time academic staff members, mostly with doctoral qualifications. Apart from teaching undergraduates courses, all member of staff are actively engaged in research projects and capable of providing quality supervision to the postgraduate research students.


The Malaysian Journal of Distance Education (MJDE) is devoted to the dissemination of information on the research and practices of distance education. Addressing a broad spectrum of distance education, MJDE hope to provide a platform for scholars in this era of post-digital learning to present their thoughts, research and findings for further networking globally.

MJDE was launched in December 1999 with the inaugural issue of Volume 1, Number 1 with an initial contribution from the academic staff members of the School of Distance Education, Universiti Sains Malaysia. 

The Journal is published bi-annually (June and December) and has grown in strength with contributions from 18 countries (to date). MJDE is published by the Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia, the publishing house of the Universiti Sains Malaysia.

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