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International Islamic School

International Islamic School (IIS) was established in 1998.  IIS provides a balanced education to children from primary to secondary level based on the teachings of Islam as well on a British-based curriculum. The curriculum in the Primary School follows the British National Curriculum, enhanced and adapted to meet local requirements.

International Islamic School is one of the several private education institution that offer 'A' Level of Cambridge University. In the Secondary School, students also follow the British National Curriculum, which leads to the examinations of IGCSE, based in Cambridge, United Kingdom and a wide range of 'A' Level subjects. The school has a good record of academic success.

IIS is not just about providing education, it is about building characters by guiding students to become well-rounded individuals academically and spiritually and with a sense of responsibility to themselves and to the community at large. The education offered is one which equally emphasizes on the mastery of languages, inculcation of good moral and ethical values, development of good physical health and on academic programmes which enable the students to pursue their preferred educational degrees in any of the top tertiary institutions in the world. Thus, IIS focuses in developing students to be outstanding beings, wholesome in their character as well as being successful in their academic pursuits.

IIS welcomes students from all over the world. The school has students representing over forty nationalities and a teaching staff from various continents. This cosmopolitan atmosphere results in positive exchanges of cultural traits, enriching the students' characters, tolerance and respect for each other, as well as creating a healthy competitive spirit among them. Students coming to IIS will be pleasantly surprised at the facilities provided and the positive environment of the school. It is a remarkable place to call home for the better part of each and every day of your school life.


International Islamic School
Batu 8 Jalan Sungai Pusu, Gombak, 53100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel :- +603-61884400
Fax: :- +603-61883300

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