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Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) was officially launched on Feb 1st, 2007,

formerly known as :
KUSTEM - July 2001
KUT - July 1999
UPMT - June 1996

University College of Science and Technology
21030 Mengabang Telipot Kuala Terengganu Malaysia
        Tel: 609-6692188 Fax: 609-6696441

University College of Science and Technology (KUSTEM) began as a Fishery and Marine Science station for Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) in 1979, providing training facilities to the students of Marine Science and Fishery programmes besides offering research facilities for lecturers. The restructuring of academic programmes in UPM led to the relocation of the Fishery and Marine Science Faculty to Terengganu and was then renamed Faculty of Applied Science and Technology (FSGT) in June 1996. The Faculty of Science and Professional Arts (FSSI) and the Matriculation Centre were established in the same year. Commencing June 1996, the campus was accredited by UPM as a accountable centre and named Universiti Putra Malaysia Terengganu (UPMT), led by a designated Rector. The Cabinet, in a meeting on May 5, 1999 approved the proposal of establishing Kolej Universiti Terengganu (KUT), based on the existing Fishery Centre and Marine Science of Universiti Putra Malaysia in Menggabang Telipot, Kuala Terengganu. The Kolej Universiti Terengganu Act 1999 (PUA292) was approved by the House of Representatives on July 26, 1999. KUT was a branch campus of UPM and the graduates were conferred UPM degrees. KUT attained its autonomy as a University College on May 1, 2001 and was officially renamed Kolej Universiti Sains dan Teknologi Malaysia (KUSTEM) on July 1, 2001. It is the 14th public institution of higher learning in Malaysia, and is located in Menggabang Telipot, Kuala Terengganu. KUSTEM was established with the purpose of providing academic and professional education in the disciplines of science, technology and management of natural resources to fulfil the needs of the nation.

Research Overview The university's research management and coordination is handled by the Research Management Center (RMC), which is also tasked to enhance the research capabilities of staff. Due to its history, KUSTEM has a pedigree in research and teaching in the areas of oceanography and marine sciences. This fact is acknowledged in the Advisory Mission of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, UNESCO, via its report, which mentioned the existence of highly trained and experienced marine scientists at KUSTEM, providing it with a sound marine scientific basis and capacity to deal with marine scientific problems.

Besides that, KUSTEM is also developing its strength in other areas such as maritime studies, economics, management, basic sciences, physical sciences, engineering, and computer. The blending of existing strengths with the new staff specializations will boost KUSTEM's research capability and scope. In order to make KUSTEM better able to focus in the areas of science, technology and natural resource management, it has identified four niche areas as its research foci, which are as follows: Sustainable Science and Management; Marine Science and Management; Marine Technology and Biotechnology, and Marine Informatics.


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