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Batu Lintang Teachers' College
Maktab Perguruan Batu Lintang


The Australian government will provide A$40,000 (RM125,900) towards upgrading a memorial in Malaysia, which marks the site where more than 3,000 Australian and other allied prisoners of war were held.


Batu Lintang POW Campsite Memorial in Kuching served as a lasting reminder of the brutal treatment endured by thousands of Australians during World War II.

The upgrading work will involve landscaping and installation of a visitor seating area.

More than 15,000 Australian soldiers became prisoners of Japanese forces with the surrender of Singapore in February, 1942.

Batu Lintang, also known as Kuching POW camp, operated as a labour camp, with soldiers and civilians held captive for more than three years.

Throughout this period, prisoners endured harsh conditions including forced labour, food shortages and disease.

Following closure of the camp, the graves of about 500 who died during incarceration were moved to the Labuan War Cemetery.

To honour their memory, the Batu Lintang POW Campsite Memorial was established within the grounds of a nearby teachers training college in 1947




Batu Lintang Teacher Training College

  The book written quite sometime ago (1995) is an account of Batu Lintang - how it progressed from being a camp for the British Army towards becoming a Prisoner of War camp for the British and Allied Forces captured by the Japanese and then becoming a Japanese POW camp run by the Allied Forces before finally becoming the Batu Lintang Teachers Training College by the late 1940s.

What most Bruneians do not know also is that the association of this camp with Brunei. It housed the Punjab Platoon that was supposed to protect Brunei but in reality only burned the oil rigs from falling to the Japanese (the Japanese managed to stop the fire and actually managed to get production still), those same soldiers were then captured and kept as POW, some Bruneians who joined as policemen during the Japanese occupation was also kept as prisoners when the Allied Forces occupied Brunei and finally when it became a college, a number of early Brunei teachers were trained there as well as a number of Brunei students (the college also ran a school).


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