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Maktab Perguruan Tawau
(Institut Perguruan Tawau)
Universiti Terbuka Malaysia Tawau Kolej Komuniti Tawau
Tawau Teacher's Training College Open University Malaysia Tawau Community College

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Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Maktab Rendah Sains MARA Tawau (MRSM)

Pusat Giat Mara Tawau

University Technology MARA

MARA Junior Science Colleges

MARA Skill Training Center

Faculty of Business & Management
Faculty of Education, Arts & Social Sciences
Faculty of Engineering and Technical Studies
Faculty of Information Technology
Faculty of Science & Foundation Studies
Centre for Graduate Studies
Centre for Instructional Design & Technology
Centre for Quality Management
Open & Distance Learning Pedagogy Centre
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Open University Malaysia (OUM) is the first private Open and Distance Learning (ODL) university in Malaysia.

The University has now expanded operations to several countries.

OUM was established in following countries :

  • Yemen
  • Bahrain
  • Maldives
  • Sri Lanka
  • Ghana
  • Hungary
  • Singapore


Open University Malaysia Sabah
....first open and distance learning (ODL) university in Malaysia established in 2000....

OUM has five faculties and a school offering various programmes.

The School of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences is Faculty of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences in 2013

OUM's pioneer full time college, Granada International College (GIC) renamed to International Open College in November 2012

Support Centers
OUM established two centers and two institutes to support the delivery of academic programmes.
Learning Centers
Apart from its main campus situated at Jalan Tun Ismail, Kuala Lumpur,

OUM also established a network of 53 learning centers at major cities, from Peninsular Malaysia to Sabah and Sarawak.

Learning Centers are managed by administrators and  fully equipped with tutorial rooms, computer laboratories, library and Internet facilities.



There are 15 private universities in Malaysia in 2008. Open University Malaysia (OUM) is the 7th private university in Malaysia opened in 2000.  OUM is under Malaysia's Private Higher Education Institutions and  OUM  own under a consortium of 11 Malaysian public universities.

The main campus is at Jalan Tun Ismail, Kuala Lumpur with 50 over learning centers throughout Malaysia.

Since its establishment in 2000, the number of learners has grown 50,000. Almost 90% of the students are working adults majority of which are school teachers and military personnel.

OUM Tawau Learning Centre,
OUM Tawau Learning Centre,
Lot 390-395, Fasa 2, Bandar Sri Indah, Batu 10, Jalan Apas, 91000 Tawau, Sabah

2016-03-25 FRI 10:05

The Old Tawau Learning Centre,  Open University MalaysiaThe Old Tawau Learning Centre,  Open University Malaysia
The Old Tawau Learning Centre,  Open University Malaysia

OUM Tawau
The above was the old Tawau Learning Centre in Jalan St. Patrick, Tawau. It is now closed and moved to Bandar Sri Indah, 10 km from Tawau town center.

Open University Malaysia
Cawangan Sabah, Kampus Tawau.
PPT Tawau Open University Malaysia,
Wisma Jin Ho, Tingkat 2, Jalan St. Patrick, 91000 Tawau, Sabah. Wisma Jin Ho, Tingkat 2, Jalan St. Patrick,
Tawau, Sabah.


Higher Education for working adults in Malaysia

The best place to learn is where you choose it to be. September 2014 intake for Postgraduate Programmes is now open for registration for only RM 200.

OUM September 2014 Intake is now open for registration specially for busy working adults.

Get a RM50 rebate voucher when you make your minimum fee payment before 31 Aug.

And those who make their full payment before 21 Sept (Postgrad) and 12 Oct (Undergrad) will be entitled to 5% discount.

OKU and Senior Citizen will get a 40% discount. Register now at the Preferred University for Working Adults.

Telephone : 03-277232121

Consortium of 11 Public Universities
 that set up OUM UNIVERSITI TERBUKA MALAYSIA on 10 August 2000


The University’s organisation structure

On 23 January 1998, a consortium of 11 public universities was incorporated as Multimedia Technology Enhancement Operation Sdn Bhd (METEOR), with the main role of developing multimedia technology applications for the education sector. OUM belongs to UNITEM Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of METEOR, as shown in the following organisation chart.

  METEOR Sdn Bhd
Multimedia Technology Enhancement Operation Sdn Bhd
Holding Company – Established 23 January 1998
  METEOR Learning Sdn Bhd
Established 14 November 1998

Institute of Professional Development (IPD)
Centre for Modern Languages (CML)
School of Lifelong Learning (SoLL)
International Open College (IOC)

  METEOR Technology and Consultancy Sdn Bhd (MTCSB)
Established 6 August 1998
  METEOR Doc Sdn Bhd
Established 19 May 2004


  UNITEM Sdn Bhd
Established 20 March 2000
Established 10 August 2000

 MQA & JPA Recognition
In 2012 there are currently 52 programmes that are fully accredited
by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)

DIPLOMA 1. Management
2. Human Resource Management
3. Information Technology
4. Early Childhood Education
1. Business Administration Management
2. Human Resource Management
3. Management
4. Accounting
5. Technology Management
6. Information Technology
7. Information Technology and Management
8. Information Technology with Net Working
9. Information Technology with Software Engineering
10. Education (TESL)
11. Education (Mathematics)
12. Education (Administration)
13. Nursing Science
14. Sports Science
MASTER Business Administration
Information Technology
Environmental Science Management
Information Science (Competitive Intelligence)
Instructional Design and Technology
Human Resource Management
Project Management
PhD PhD (Business Administration)
PhD (Information Technology)
PhD (Education) 4.
PhD (Engineering) PhD (Science

  Where to get Financing support for your course:
1 PTPTN (For Undergraduate programmes only) For Open Market learners only (Requirements must be fulfilled)
2 EPF Withdrawal Account 2
3 Bank Study Loans

Progrmma Fee Structure of OUM

  OUM Programmes Fee Range (RM)
1 Diploma 11,000 – 24,000
2 Degree 22,000 – 24,000
3 Master 14,000 – 26,000
4 PhD / DBA 25,000 – 42,000


Entry requirement

Option entry requirement
1 Diploma SPM 3 Credits -
2 Degree SPM + STPM Recognized Diploma Or Equivalent Flexible Entry
3 Masters Recognized Degree Qualification Flexible Entry
4 Phd DBA Recognized Master Qualification -

Flexible Learning Pedagogy

Face-to-Face Tutorials

Classroom Environment :
1- Formal Classroom
2- Computer Laboratory
3- Science Laboratory

Number of Meetings :
1- Undergraduate – 4 meetings
2- Postgraduate – 5 meetings

Teaching Strategies :
1- Direct & Indirect

Online Learning

Resources :
1- Learning Objects
2- PDF Documents
3- Microsoft Office Attachments
4- Digital Library
Discussions :
1- Asynchronous Discussion
2- Forums


Self-Managed Learning

Specially Designed Modules
With support from:
1- CD-ROM Courseware
2- Digital Library
3- Physical Library
4- Subject Matter Experts
5- Peers
6- Tutors



OUM’S Progress



1) Cumulative Intake 753 107,210
2) No. of Programmes (TOTAL) 4 62
2000 2011
No. of Undergraduate Programmes (MQAJPA 35)


No. of Postgraduate Programmes (MQAJPA 19) 27
No. of BPG Programmes 2
3) Learning Materials 29 3,331
  2000 2011
 Print based & Study guide Materials


 HTML based Materials   601
 I-Cast Materials   1,000
 I-Lectures Materials   300
4) Learning Centres 12 47
5) Tutors Facilitators 100 10,654
6) Graduates   36,521
Undergraduate 35,784
 Postgraduate 748

Features & Benefits

All programmes are approved by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)
Programmes are of the highest quality equivalent to IPTAs
Learning materials are designed by leading academics from IPTAs
Flexible entry, payment, time and learning methods to cater for everyone
Work and study
State-of-the-art facilities:

-ISO certified Digital Library
-Interactive Online Learning System
-Centre for Instructional Design and Technology

Open University Malaysia (OUM), Malaysia

● Established 10 August 2000
Registered 23 May 2001
First intake August 2001 (753 learners)
Launched 26 August 2002
7th private university in Malaysia
A consortium of the 11 public  universities
95% working adults
Enrolment exceeded 100,000 students in 2010

Open University Malaysia was  established in 2000 as the seventh private university in Malaysia.

OUM offers 70 academic programmes in wide range of disciplines, from IT and Engineering to the Arts and Social Sciences, Business and Science.

OUM has 80,000 over students.

OUM has five faculties – Business & Management, Science & Technology, Applied Social Science, Education & Languages and Information Technology & Multimedia Communication.

OUM's  main campus is at Jalan Tun Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.  OUM has established a network of learning centers throughout Malaysia.

1) Career based/Vocational courses
2) Pathways to undergraduate courses
3) Undergraduate courses
4) Postgrad/Graduate courses
5) MBA courses
6) Doctoral degree - PhD courses

1) Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
2) Applied and Pure Sciences
3) Business and Management
4) Computer Science and IT
5) Education and training
6) Engineering
7) Health and Medicine
8) Humanities
9) MBA
10) Social Studies and Media
11) Travel and Hospitality


Sila hantar dokumen-dokumen berikut
 (Applicants required to submit the following documents):

1 2 salinan sijil-sijil and transkrip akademik yang disahkan (SPM/O'LEVEL, STPM/A' Level/Matrikulasi/Diploma).
2 certified copies of your academic certificates and transcripts (SPM/O'LEVEL, STPM/A' Level/Matrikulasi/Diploma).
2 Pengesahan majikan (jika berkenaan)
Get a confirmation from your employer if you are employed.
3  Sertakan Yuran Permohonan sebanyak RM15.00 dalam bentuk draf bank/Kiriman Wang/Wang Pos dibayar kepada UNITEM. Yuran ini tidak akan dikembalikan.
Enclose an application fee of RM15.00 by Bank Draft or Money Order made payable to UNITEM
4 2 salinan kad pengenalan (pemohon Malaysia) ATAU Paspot (pemohon antarabangsa) yang disahkan.
2 copies of your certified IC for Malaysian (Passport for International applicants)
5 Satu keping setem bernilai 30 sen (untuk permohonan dalam Malaysia).
One 30 cent stamp (for application within Malaysia)

Dokumen-dokumen di atas perlu dihantar ke alamat berikut sebelum tarikh tutup permohonan
the documents must be posted to the following address before the closing date:

Open University Malaysia
Rumah Meteor, Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(Attention: Admission Unit)

For any enquiries, please send email to

Permohonan bagi program Sarjana Muda yang tidak memenuhi syarat kelayakan masuk melalui kemasukan biasa akan diproses bagi Kemasukan Fleksibel. Syarat kelayakan masuk melalui Kemasukan Fleksibel:
Application for a Bachelor's Degree program which does not meet the entry requirement for normal entry will be processed for Flexible Entry. The entry requirement for Flexible Entry:

Berumur sekurang-kurangnya 21 tahun pada atau sebelum 1 Januari tahun permohonan; dan
At least 21 years old on or before 1st January of the application year; and

Memiliki LCE/PMR/SRP atau sijil setara; dan
Obtained a minimum of LCE/SRP/PMR or its equivalent; and

Mempunyai pengalaman pembelajaran terdahulu yang relevan dengan program yang dipohon.
Has relevant prior learning experience for the programme applied.


Pendidikan Jarak Jauh Malaysia - PJJ
(Distance Education Malaysia)

Program Prasarjana Muda Pengajaran KPM-OUM Julai
OUM's PJJ-KPM-OUM programmes

KEMENTERIAN Pelajaran Malaysia (KPM) melalui Bahagian Pendidikan Guru (BPG) bekerjasama dengan Open University Malaysia (OUM) memperkenalkan Program Prasarjana Muda Pengajaran KPM-OUM, mulai Julai ini.

Entry requirements for OUM's PJJ-KPM-OUM programmes

    For PJJ-KPM-OUM programmes:

    • Currently teaching at the Ministry of Education schools
    • Confirmed in the service
    • Less than 45 years of age at the time of application
    • Additional requirements specific to the programme
    • All new students under PJJ-KPM-OUM programme have to pay registration fees of RM 120.00 at time of registration.

Here is a sample of FORM in PDF for download : Borang_PJJ-KPM

More about OUM PJJ 2014 :  PJJ-KPM-OUM programmes

Faculty of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences
Open University Malaysia

Advanced Diploma In Teaching Methodology   Fee RM9,000
Bachelor of Nursing Science with Honours      
Fee RM26,000
Master of Nursing   Fee RM20,000
Doctor of Nursing  
Fee RM43,000


Bachelor Of Accounting With Honours

344 (Accounting and Taxation)

Bachelor Of Business Administration (Hons)

345 (Management and Administration)

Bachelor Of Business Administration With Honours

345 (Management and Administration)

Bachelor of Communication with Honours

321 (Journalism and Reporting)

Bachelor Of Education (Civil Engineering) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialization)

Bachelor Of Education (Civil Engineering) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialization)

Bachelor Of Education (Educational Administration) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialization)

Bachelor Of Education (Electrical Engineering) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialization)

Bachelor Of Education (Mathematics) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialization)

Bachelor Of Education (Mechanical Engineering) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialization)

Bachelor Of Education (Science) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialization)

Bachelor Of Education (Teaching Of English As A Second Language) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialization)

Bachelor Of Education (TESL) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialisation)

Bachelor of English Studies with Honours

222 (Languages)

Bachelor of Hospitality Management with Honours

812 (Travel, Tourism and Leisure)

Bachelor Of Human Resource Management With Honours

345 (Management and Administration)

Bachelor Of Information Technology (Hons)

481 (Computer Science)

Bachelor Of Information Technology And Management (Hons)

481 (Computer Science)

Bachelor Of Information Technology And Management With Honours

481 (Computer Science)

Bachelor Of Information Technology In Network Computing With Honours

481 (Computer Science)

Bachelor Of Information Technology With Accounting With Honours

481 (Computer Science)

Bachelor Of Information Technology With E-Commerce With Honours

481 (Computer Science)

Bachelor Of Information Technology With Honours

481 (Computer Science)

Bachelor Of Information Technology With Software Engineering With Honours

481 (Computer Science)

Bachelor of Islamic Studies (Islamic Management) with Honours

221 (Religion)

Bachelor Of Management (Hons)

345 (Management and Administration)

Bachelor Of Management With Honours

345 (Management and Administration)

Bachelor Of Mathematics And Management With Honours

461 (Mathematics)

Bachelor Of Mathematics With Information Technology With Honours

461 (Mathematics)

Bachelor Of Multimedia Communication With Honours

213 (Audio-Visual Techniques and Media Production)

Bachelor Of Multimedia Communication With Honours

321 (Journalism and Reporting)

Bachelor of Multimedia Technology with Honours

213 (Audio-Visual Techniques and Media Production)

Bachelor of Nursing Science With Honours

723 (Nursing and Caring)

Bachelor of Psychology with Honours

311 (Psychology)

Bachelor of Sports Science with Honours

813 (Sports)

Bachelor Of Teachership (Arabic Language) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialisation)

Bachelor Of Teachership (Chinese Language) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialisation)

Bachelor Of Teachership (Islamic Education) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialisation)

Bachelor Of Teachership (Malay Language) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialisation)

Bachelor Of Teachership (Music Education) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialisation)

Bachelor Of Teachership (Physical Education) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialisation)

Bachelor Of Teachership (Pre-School Education) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialisation)

Bachelor Of Teachership (Social Studies) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialisation)

Bachelor Of Teachership (Special Education) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialisation)

Bachelor Of Teachership (Tamil Language) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialisation)

Bachelor Of Teachership (Visual Art Education) With Honours

145 (Training for Teachers with Subject Specialisation)

Bachelor Of Teaching (Pre-School Education) With Honours

143 (Training for Pre-school Teachers)

Bachelor Of Teaching (Primary Education) With Honours

144 (Training for Teachers at Basic Levels)

Bachelor Of Technology Management With Honours

345 (Management and Administration)

Bachelor of Tourism Management with Honours

812 (Travel, Tourism and Leisure)

Diploma In Civil Engineering

526 (Civil Engineering)

Diploma In Early Childhood Education

143 (Training for Pre-school Teachers)

Diploma In Electrical Engineering

522 (Electricity and Energy)

Diploma In Human Resource Management

345 (Management and Administration)

Diploma In Information Technology

481 (Computer Science)

Diploma In Management

345 (Management and Administration)

Diploma In Management

345 (Management and Administration)

Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

521 (Mechanics and Metal Work)

Diploma in Pre-Hospital Emergency Care

720 (Health (Broad Programmes))

Diploma In Technology Management

345 (Management and Administration)

Doctor Of Philosophy (Business Administration)

345 (Management and Administration)

Doctor of Philosophy (Education)

142 (Education Science)

Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering)

520 (Engineering and Engineering Trades (Broad Programmes))

Doctor Of Philosophy (Information Technology)

481 (Computer Science)

Doctor of Philosophy (Science)

545 (Applied Science)

Master Of Business Administration

345 (Management and Administration)

Master Of Education

141 (Teaching and Training)

Master of English Studies

224 (Other Languages)

Master Of Environmental Science (Integrated Water Resources Management)

422 (Environmental Science)

Master of Human Resource Management

345 (Management and Administration)

Master Of Information Science (Competitive Intelligence)

481 (Computer Science)

Master Of Information Technology

481 (Computer Science)

Master of Information Technology in Network Computing

481 (Computer Science)

Master Of Instructional Design And Technology

140 (Teacher Training and Education Science (Broad Programmes))

Master of Islamic Studies

221 (Religion)

Master Of Management

345 (Management and Administration)

Master Of Management

345 (Management and Administration)

Master Of Multimedia Communication

321 (Journalism and Reporting)

Master of Nursing

723 (Nursing and Caring)

Master of Occupational Safety and Health Risk Management

862 (Occupational Health and Safety)

Master of Project Management

345 (Management and Administration)

Master of Public Administration

345 (Management and Administration)

Master Of Science

440 (Physical Science (Broad Programmes))

Master Of Science (Business Administration)

345 (Management and Administration)

Master Of Science (Engineering)

520 (Engineering and Engineering Trades (Broad Programmes))

Master Of Software Engineering

481 (Computer Science)

Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching
Previously known as : Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Diploma Lepasan Ijazah dalam Pengajaran)

141 (Teaching and Training)

Learning Centers of Open University Malaysia

Learning Centers

Main campus  at Jalan Tun Ismail, Kuala Lumpur,

OUM has a strong network of learning centres nationwide. These learning centres are located at major cities and towns, from Peninsular Malaysia to Sabah and Sarawak.

OUM has 53 Learning Centres nationwide fully equipped with tutorial rooms, computer laboratories, library and Internet facilities.

More about Open Universities in Asia : The Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU)



The offers of OUM in overseas countries.

OUM offers two programmes in collaboration with learning institutions in overseas countries :
1) undergraduate programmes
2) post-graduate programmes

The post-graduate courses in the overseas are mostly :
1) Business Administration
2) Information Technology - IT.

The university plans to offer more selected undergraduate courses in certain countries, depending on demand and factors such as technology access, allied infrastructure, level of education and English language proficiency.

IBFIM And Open University To Develop Computerized Takaful Basic Exam IT Infrastructure

On 12 June 2012, Islamic Banking and Finance Malaysia (IBFIM) has an agreement with Open University Malaysia (OUM) for the computerized Takaful Basic Exam (TBE) IT infrastructure development and implementation
Open University Malaysia (OUM) university would offer its IT expertise to meet the Takaful industry's needs.

The five-year strategic collaboration amounting to RM5 million, entails the development and implementation of the IT infrastructure for the first fully computerized TBE.

OUM will assist Islamic Banking and Finance Malaysia (IBFIM) to design, develop, implement and maintain the TBE Management System which includes :
1) registration,
2) payment,
3) assessment
4) administration system

OUM would also assist in developing the e-learning materials for the Takaful Basic Exam (TBE) programme and provide support in terms of staff - to conduct verification of candidates according to procedures laid down by IBFIM - and the examination centers.

Effective 1st April 2012, IBFIM has begun to administer a new and fully computerized Takaful Basic Exam (TBE) in 20 OUM examination centers nationwide.

Since the TBE was made compulsory in February 2009, the industry has registered over 74,000 Takaful agents, served by 12 Takaful Operators.

The Takaful Basic Exam (TBE) is an entry qualification for those intending to be a registered as Takaful agents in the financial services industry.


Open University Malaysia (OUM) is targeting China and Zambia as the next destinations to expand its educational programmes.

The university is working towards collaborating with education institutions in China to offer its courses.

OUM has successfully setting foot in seven countries in Asia and the Middle East.

The  seven international learning centers were in Bahrain, Yemen, Maldives, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Hungary.


Its first international project in 2001 was to provide training for teachers in Sri Lanka.

In 2012 OUM, in collaboration with the Graduate School of Management in Colombo, Sri Lanka launched its Master of Business Administration (MBA) and PhD in business administration programme.

OUM's post-graduate programmes offered in Hungary were MBA and Master in information technology.

In June 2012, OUM went to Zambia  to start training programmes there

Under the smart partnership with overseas institutions, OUM is responsible for development of course curriculum, conducting assessment and awarding degrees while its partners manage and deliver the programmes.

 The KSK-OUM-IPD partnership will introduce new courses at certificate and executive diplomas levels for Sarawak and Sabah students.

Malaysia's First Open And Distance Learning University

More about OUM Open University of Malaysia :

“University for All”
• Established in 1999 and launched on 26th Aug 2002 by the then Prime Minister, YAB Dato Seri
Dr Mahathir Mohamad
• Owned by a consortium of 11 public universities
• Main campus situated in Kuala Lumpur with 53 learning centres in Malaysia


1) Academic Faculties
2) Institute of Professional Development
3) School of Lifelong Learning
4) Support Centres

Open University Malaysia (OUM) has experienced enormous and unprecedented levels of growth in so short a time. This is a mark of excellence.
OUM now has 53 Learning Centers throughout Malaysia. The Learning Centers are managed by team of administrators. As part of the learning environment infrastructure, OUM’s Learning Centers are fully equipped with tutorial rooms, computer laboratories, library and Internet facilities.
Open University Malaysia is the largest Open and Distance Learning (ODL) institution in Malaysia with about 25,000 students. OUM offer a wide range of adult learning opportunities in Malaysia including teaching skills, child care and much more. In terms of teaching and learning, the OUM approach with combining printed materials as the main learning resource supplemented by face-to-face interactions at regional centers and online learning through Learning Management System (LMS).

Centre for Quality Management and Research & Innovation

Open & Distance Learning (ODL) Pedagogy Centre

OUM's Master programme
List of Master programmes offers by Open University Malaysia

Master of Science (Engineering)
Master of Science
Master of Science (Business Administration)
Master of Education
Master of Nursing
Master of Software Engineering
Master of Project Management
Master of Human Resource Management
Master of Instructional Design and Technology
Master of Information Science (Competitive Intelligence)
Master of Business Administration
Master of Management
Master of Information Technology
Master of Multimedia Communication
Master of Environmental Science Management
Master of Public Administration
Master of Information Technology in Network Computing
Master of Islamic Studies
Master of English Studies
Master of Counselling

Faculty of Education, Arts & Social Sciences

Bachelor of Education (Educational Administration)


Faculty of Business and Management

1 Bachelor (Honors) Accounting
2 Bachelor (Honors) Business Administration
3 Bachelor (Honors) Human Resource Management
4 Bachelor (Honors) Management
5 Bachelor (Honors) Hospitality Management
6 Bachelor (Honors) Tourism Management
7 Diploma In Human Resource Management
8 Diploma In Management

Faculty of Information Technology
and Multimedia Communication

1 Bachelor of Multimedia Communication with Honors (KA3587)
2 Bachelor of Information Technology with Honors
3 Bachelor of Information Technology & Management with Honors
4 Diploma in Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering and Technical Studies

1 Bachelor (Honors) Technology Management
2 Diploma in Technology Management
3 Diploma in Civil Engineering
4 Diploma in Electrical Engineering
5 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering


Master of Multimedia Communication

Master of Science  
6 Semesters or 2 years
Fees : RM 15,740
6 Semesters or 2 years
Fees : RM 15,640

Master of Business Administration Master of Science (Engineering) Master of
6 Semesters or 2 years
Fees : RM 21,490
6 Semesters or 2 years
Fees : RM 15,640
5 Semesters or 18 months
Fees : RM 17,870

Master of Information Technology Master of Education Master of Management
6 Semesters or 2 years
Fees : RM 18,490
RM 25,240 (with University in France)
6 Semesters or 2 years
Fees : RM 12,990
5 Semesters or 18 months
Fees : RM 17,870

Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering) Master of Science (Business Administration) Master of Environmental Science
12 Semesters or 4 years
Fees : RM26,010
6 Semesters or 2 years
Fees : RM 12,640
6 Semesters or 2 years
Fees : RM 24,290


Open & Distance Learning Pedagogy Centre - The ODL Pedagogy Centre (ODLPC) was established to enhance the delivery system of OUM specifically in the areas of teaching and learning. It aims to realize the vision of OUM in becoming a world class leader and innovator in pedagogical sciences related to open and distance learning.Beginning January 2007, Open and Distance Learning Pedagogy Centre will begin the research : Developing Models of Effective and Meaningful Learning in an ODL Environment Using Multimode Technologies for Selected Subjects. This new research highlights the development of learning models for the foundation courses.

OUM adopts a blended learning approach to suit the needs of its 60,000 Open and Distance Learners. The blended learning approach in OUM encompasses face-to-face, self-managed learning and e-learning or online learning. In an open and distance learning (ODL) environment where instructors and learners have limited face-to-face contact, it is crucial that the teaching and learning practices meet the learners' needs. Serious consideration is needed to ensure whether the existing blended learning model truly generates meaningful learning among learners and satisfy their needs and expectations.

Open University of Malaysia (OUM) is aiming to  produce more specialist nurses for Malaysia. The open university is now offering the Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (Honours) programme to meet the Malaysia acute need for specialist nurses. This two-year programme enables those with the Diploma In Nursing to pursue further studies in the health and medical fields.

The programme is offered to holders of a basic diploma in nursing who are registered with the national nursing board, OUM receives overwhelming response from all parties as the programme is unique based on its flexibility. The programme focuses on clinical expertise and direct involvement implemented via clinical training at participating hospitals.

Health Ministry and several teaching hospitals offer clinical training for those taking the programme. The health ministry has allowed OUM to use clinical facilities at 21 government hospitals nationwide. OUM has also received the nod from Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) and Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) for the same purpose.

Among the cooperation agreed is the utilization of clinical facilities for six fields:
> Trauma and Emergency Nursing
> Critical Care Nursing
> Mental Health Nursing
> Paediatrics Nursing
> Renal Nursing
> Oncology Nursing

Senior nurses at participating hospitals  will function as clinical supervisors. They will give direct teaching and supervision in wards based on the printed and electronic modules issued. Students will be supplied with the laboratory skills virtual aid to help them prepare for the clinical training.

There is currently a high demand for male nurses, OUM also encourages more men to apply for the course. The government wants males to join the nursing profession and its target is to produce 300 male nurses from the 3,000 qualified nurses produced every year.

The need for male nurses is high at the current international trend. Male nurses have a more specific role as compared to  female counterpart.

In wards, management of male patients is better handled by nurses of the same gender. This is an expanding concept and in the future more hospitals will be nurse-centric instead of being doctor-centric

UNIVERSITI  TERBUKA  MALAYSIA's concept of a university for all and distance learning does not discriminate any gender as it encourages those from both genders of any age to join its programmes. OUM has draw out a programme and provide information for all on the need for nurses of both genders. Participation of more male nurses in this degree course, at the ratio of one to ten for male/female is hoped to change the society's view on the involvement of men in the nursing profession


Sabah Learning Centre

Kota Kinabalu

More about Open University Sabah

The new purpose-built learning centre began operations in April 2008 and can accommodate 1,000 students at any one time.

OUM  Sabah learning centre was among 10 nationwide and fully owned by OUM. To date, OUM has invested over RM100 million to build or acquire these centers.

Students of the Open University Malaysia (OUM) in Sabah can now look forward to a more conducive learning environment with the inauguration of a new building. The three-storey building, housing OUM's learning centre, is located near the Kota Kinabalu International Airport. It is equipped with facilities such as a library, administrative offices, a surau, examination halls and computer labs.

The labs have 130 internet-ready computers to cater to student needs.

By having its own premises, OUM had demonstrated its commitment to giving students the best.

With the new building, students now have access to better facilities and quality services.

OUM could help Sabah develop its human capital, thereby contributing to the success of the Sabah Development Corridor (SDC). The SDC project was vital for Sabah, particularly in providing balanced development for the urban and rural areas. OUM also opened four other centers in Tawau, Sandakan, Keningau dan Labuan.

OUM Sabah, with a total student enrolment of about 6,600, had developed quickly.

OUM Sabah learning centre began operations in January 2002 from rented premises at Wisma Prudential in Kota Kinabalu with an initial intake of 50 students.

In September 2003, it moved operations to the Sembulan campus, Kolej Yayasan Sabah, with a student population of 1,310.


Hanoi Open University

Ho Chi Minh City Open University


There are 2 Open Universities in Thailand

1) Ramkhamhaeng University, the first open university and well-recognized as the most prestigious university in Thailand with campuses throughout the country and in some certain countries, has been named in fond memory of King Ramkhamhaeng the Great for his numerous contributions to the Kingdom of Thailand.

2) Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University (STOU) is one of the two official open universities. STOU has no on-campus classes. Instead, it offers self-instructional packages in a distance education format and conducts optional tutorials in local study centers throughout Thailand. STOU's curriculum is designed to provide educational programs to advance Thailand's quality of life and development and preserve its culture. The course consists of blocks that are each worth at least six university credits that may in turn be applied toward 2,3 or 4 year bachelor's degree programs or one- or two-year certificate of achievement programs. The optional tutorials, which are taught on weekends by STOU academic staff on a rotating basis, allow students to ask teachers questions about self-study units, receive detailed explanations of topics that are difficult to study independently, and view real-life examples and models. All tutorial teachers adhere to university-prepared guidelines and a standard teaching style.

When Britain first introduced the penny post in 1840, Isaac Pitman started offering a correspondence course in shorthand. It was the beginning of a new method of education: distance education.

Less than two hundred years later, the new wave of education is riding on the exponential ways technology is being used to transmit information. Distance education has gone digital, making knowledge more accessible than ever.

Pitman Training is one of Britain's largest providers of IT, Office, Book-Keeping and Business Skills training. And won the silver award for UK's Best Learning Centre in The National IT Training Awards!

Located in High Holborn, Notting Hill and Paddington, London. Pitman Training operates in two ways:

Pitman shorthand course in malaysia:

1) study at your own pace using a PC, audio track and workbook, or
2) enjoy one of the open seminars at training centers.

Today's knowledge explosion is propelled by the fact that education is seen as the birthright of all and sundry. What was once elitist is now increasingly democratized, leading to rapid growth of educational providers worldwide. In making education radically accessible, technology also holds the promise of dramatically reducing educational costs. The cost of storing and transmitting information via online technology is falling compared to the rising costs of traditional education. Larger volumes of people now have access to a wider platform of knowledge resources.

"People are hungry for knowledge, especially in developing countries," says Prof Ansary Ahmed, Senior Vice President, Open University Malaysia (OUM). "Open and distance learning (ODL) provides an affordable option for them to gain quality higher education."

OUM has always positioned itself as a global educational provider in view of the increasing demand for higher education. The university first made inroads to other countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and

Maldives by providing customized professional courses to them through the international arm of its Institute of Professional Development (IPD) unit.

In 2003, OUM International was formally set up with the task of developing strategies to cater to the educational needs of other countries. The unit is a one stop centre for international contacts, working in concert with the university's IPD unit, faculties and affiliations with 11 national universities. The combination provides a comprehensive pool of educational, developmental and human resources, which contributes towards making Malaysia a centre of educational excellence in the region.

"Institutions of higher education are now facing more demands for accountability and are seen as contributing factors of a country's GDP," notes Prof Ansary. "ICT has also changed today's education, making it imperative for academic institutions to re-engineer themselves."

"They have to look beyond traditional setups and exercise flexibility to keep up with global changes to remain relevant and sustainable in a knowledge-based economy."

Transportability of learning credits has also paved the way for cross-border higher education providers like OUM. Cross-border higher education is described by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), in their Guidelines for Quality Provision in Cross Border Higher Education as "higher education that takes place when students follow a course or programme of study that has been produced, and is continuing to be maintained, in a country different from the one in which they are residing."

Cross-border higher education entails an acceptance of national borders, thus implying recognition of the roles and responsibilities of national governments within their jurisdictions, not only for deciding who to let into their country but also for overseeing the national higher education system. This helps in creating guidelines for quality assessment of cross-border higher education.

Incidentally, OUM is assessed by UNESCO as one of the world's best ODL institutions and is UNESCO's Asia Pacific host. OUM is widely considered as a notable ODL model and numerous universities from other countries have visited OUM to study its ODL processes.

To date, OUM has signed MoUs and MoAs with 25 institutes of higher learning from countries such as the UK, France, Australia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Yemen. Egypt, Bangladesh, Korea, and Sudan.

The university's first Regional Learning Centre (RLC) is based in the Middle East at the University of Science & Technology, Sana'a, in Yemen. Its second RLC is Universitas Riau in Pekan Baru, Sumatra, Indonesia. OUM has signed at least five MoUs with institutes of higher education in Indonesia alone. Its third RLC is Arab Open University in Manama, Bahrain. From Bahrain, OUM has extended its reach to include Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Currently, OUM hosts 200 international students, most of them from the Middle East. The university aims to triple the number by the end of 2007. OUM also plans to open learning centres in Singapore, Libya, Oman, Pakistan, Vietnam, China, and India.

On the local front, OUM is offering twinning programmes with France for postgraduate courses in Competitive Intelligence and IT, in addition to its usual variety of courses, which totals 47 between five faculties. The university also plans to create similar programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Nursing with the University of South Africa (UNISA). UNISA is an ODL institution that has run nursing programmes for 30 years and is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) for postgraduate nursing.


Established on August 10, 2000 Open University Malaysia (OUM) is the seventh private university in Malaysia. OUM leverages on the quality, prestige and capabilities of a consortium of the 11 Malaysian public universities. Since its establishment, over 33,000 learners have enrolled for various programmes.

Striving on its motto of a "University for All" OUM subscribes to the philosophy that education should be made available to all, regardless of time, place and age.

Its strength spans a wide range of disciplines, from IT and Engineering to the Arts and Social Sciences, Business and Science.


1 - RECOGNIZED PROGRAMMES : OUM programmes are designed by experts from the industry, academia and professional bodies and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.

2 - Accessibility : Available anytime, anywhere and to anyone.

3 - Flexibility : Advantage of completing your study at your own pace.

4 - Affordability : Reasonable fees payable by installments.

University For All


This  learning programme covers all the spectrum, senior citizens, career-related people, youth, entrepreneurs and the general public.

Few of the programme including :  "Seeking Knowledge As a Lifelong Career" targeting sixth formers, "Internet and Its Future" targeting parents, "Building a Caring Society" targeting trainee teachers, "Management of Organization" targeting youth associations, and "Cash Flow of Management for Small Businesses" designed for small business owners,"

The Open and Distance Learning (ODL) concept  incorporating three learning approaches --

1) the face-to-face approach,

2) online learning or e-learning and

3) self-managed learning emphasizing independent studies.

OUM is playing a role in promoting Malaysia as a centre of excellence in education with 26 academic programmes consisting of 14 bachelor degree programmes, seven diploma programmes and five masters programmes.

With 32 University Learning Centers and Regional Learning Centers nationwide, OUM hoped to reach out to all segments of the society in Malaysia in its quest to pioneer lifelong learning.

Pusat Pembelajaran IPT, Tawau
Open University Malaysia,
C/O Institut Perguruan Tawau,  KM36, Jalan Balung  Beg Berkunci 27, Tawau,  Sabah


OUM’s vision is to be a leader and innovator in open learning.

  • To be the leading contributor in democratizing education
  • To develop quality education through multi mode learning technologies
  • To develop and enhance learning experiences toward the development of a knowledge-based society

Open University Malaysia's learning methodology consists of :

1) self-managed learning,

2) online learning, and

3) face-to-face interaction.

The three (3) key areas of OUM:

  • Learning Management System (myLMS, myMail, myProfile, myLibrary, and Learner Conexxions)
  • Open & Distance Learning Pedagogy Centre
  • Centre for Quality Management and Research & Innovation

OUM’s Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS is reasonably user-friendly, has a pleasant interface, and is integrated (single-login). I

  1. MyLMS
    Consist of myCourse, myUniversity, myCommunity, and myMail. myUniversity module has features such as user directory, task, student online progress, calendar, personal address book, and polls. It serves as the first point of contact between the university and the student. Here announcements are posted, university-wide polls are taken and personal calendars updated. As for the myCourse module, it includes features such as course summary, announcement, course content, support materials, references, staff info, course mate, forum, chat, quiz, digital drop-box, etc. OUM course content comes mostly in the form of PDF files.
  2. myMail 
    Is the student/staff e-mail component.
  3. myProfile
    Includes my profile, credit transfer, courses undertaken, performance (course results), and payments (invoice/financial status).
  4. myLibrary
    Includes digital collections such as OPAC, e-Library, 24 x 7, Infotrac, Proquest, EBSCO, Emerald, Engineering Village, Springer, IOP, NSTP e-Media, ACM, ERIC, InfoSecurity, IT Knowledge, and Tailor & Francis. The digital library has access to more than 36,000 titles from e-books and 50,000 titles from e-journal databases. The available databases cover all courses offered by OUM. Physically, They have more than 7,500 volumes of books located at the Central Library and Learning Centers.
  5. Learner Connexxions  
    Includes learning issues, tips and pointers, facts on learning, LMS FAQs, Bookmarks, Netiquette, Abbreviations and Smileys, My Stories, Creative corner, Snapshots (of new students at OUM), etc. An excellent component, which provides useful guidelines and tips on education and life in OUM.

Distance Learning Programmes from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)

UUM offers two undergraduate programmes under its Distance Learning Programme :

• Bachelor of Business Administration with Honors - BBA (Hons)
• Bachelor of Public Administration with Honors - BPM (Hons)

Another new open university for working adults in Malaysia

Wawasan Open University College
Officially launched on 22nd September 2006 by Higher Education Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed.   More...

Wawasan Open University College is Malaysia’s first private not-for-profit open learning university.

This new Malaysian University aims  at providing new opportunities for higher learning to working adults who wish to study for qualifications and personal enrichment.

The flexible, self-paced learning environment is specially designed for the convenience of working adult. It aims to bring down the personal cost of learning to a level that more people can afford.

Wawasan Open University College headquarters is located in Penang, from where courses and programmes are developed for delivery to the whole Malaysia. Learners are supported by trained tutors in learning centres across Malaysia - located in Penang, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.

There are 6 distance learning universities in Malaysia

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