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The Hanoi University of Science and Technology

The Hanoi University of Science and Technology


Founded in 1904 as Indochina University

Formal names :

School of Basic Science (1951),
University of Hanoi (1956),
Hanoi University of Science (1993).

Hanoi University of Science is a member of Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

A new science university to be opened in 2010 of international standard.

The Hanoi University of Science and Technology aimed to have 10% of foreign students by 2016 with 50% of the staff of international standard. The aim of Vietnam government is to have the university ranked on the list of world-class universities by 2020, and papers and research produced by staff and students to appear in international standard scientific journals.

The new university would be the driving force of education reform in Vietnam, become a leading science training centre, and a model "for building other world-class universities".

This new university is just one of four world-class universities planned for Vietnam. The Vietnam-Germany University opened in 2008 Ho Chi Minh City. Two more institutions, including the American International University, are currently being planned.

Science education in Vietnam was given a big boost with the donation of a scientific paper written by Emperor Akihito of Japan. The paper was presented to the University of Natural Sciences in Hanoi by Japanese Ambassador Mitsuo Sabaka. The research by the then Crown Prince into the Vietnamese Goby fish resulted in the discovery of a new species in 1976.

The Vietnam-Germany University opened in 2008 Ho Chi Minh City http://vgu.edu.vn

The Hanoi University of Science and Technology to be opened in 2010

American International University


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Vietnamese-German University

The Vietnamese-German University (VGU), opened  on 10th September 2008 in Ho Chi Minh City, is a Vietnamese state university. In its academic and administrative structures it follows the German model and standards. This takes place in close collaboration with well-known German universities.

he development of the VGU received significant financial support from the Vietnamese government, the German federal government as well as the Hessian state government and the DAAD.

In the first year the university started with 32 students in the bachelor programme "Electrical Engineering and Information Technology" which is designed and guided by the University of Applied Science in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Starting in September 2009, four additional Master's programmes provided by the VGU and its German partner universities. All VGU graduates will receive a German degree certificate.

The courses of the VGU will have a focus on technical subjects and the natural sciences. To a lesser degree, courses in other areas such as Economics and Business will be offered. The language of teaching at the VGU is English, although all students will learn German alongside their regular studies.

The VGU's strategy is to take excellent German programmes of study and offer them in Vietnam. A modern education, based on today's needs, and a close connection of the university to the German economy, provides the graduates with excellent opportunities on the job-market.

The VGU is a young university and has been given the mission by the Vietnamese government to become one of the leading research universities in Vietnam within the next few years.

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