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Damselflies of Borneo  >  Family Chlorocyphidae 鼻蟌科/鼓蟌科Genus Libellago  >  Libellago lineata (Burmeister, 1839) 高鼻鼓蟌

Libellago lineata (Burmeister, 1839)

Libellago lineata (Burmeister, 1839)

Found in Asia: China, Guangxi, Hainan, Indonesia, India, Lao, Myanmar, Malaysia, Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Viet Nam

Libellago are exclusively seen near flowing water and streams. Males are brightly colored ,black in general, yellow stripes on thorax and abdomen. Both wings are transparent and light yellow to orange shade on the bases. Legs are very long ,compared to other damselflies.

Family Chlorocyphidea
Libellago lineata

Male 22mm  Front wing 17mm
Female 21mm  Front wing 20mm


Male Front wing 17mm
Female Front wing 20mm

Libellago lineata (Burmeister, 1839)
Photo above : A female Libellago lineata lineata at her favorite sunspot on a grass beside a monsoon swamp on the morning of 4th March 2007. Two female Libellago lineata were seen in that morning with a distance of 200 meters apart. No male around. Previous month 2 males were seen at the same area about 200 meters further down.

2-10-2008 Both Male and Female were seen resting on same area of tall grass.

A male Libellago lineata lineata of Sabah, Malaysia.
A male Libellago lineata lineata of Sabah, Malaysia. (Above image) A rare species in Malaysia. This species found in Sabah has no black tip on front wing. Probably a new sub species. This same tipples species also found in Thailand (as in Asia

This and another male Libellago lineata were seen perching in low vegetation in secondary forest on 19th February 2007. The nearest mountain stream is 50 meters away.

The head part is very unique. The frons is extended making this damselfly looks as if having a big fat nose. This damselfly species' unique extended frons (big fat nose) also separate it from other similar Rhinocypha species in Malaysia.
The whole body is black with yellow markings.

Ovipositor of a female damselfly Libellago lineata
Ovipositor of a female damselfly Libellago lineata

Segment 9, S8 and S10

The tenth segment in both sexes bears cerci and in males, its underside bears a pair of paraprocts.

2017-05-27 SG TAWAU
Segment 10 : Cerci (Anal appendage)
Segment 8 and 9 : Ovipositor of a female damselfly consists of :
Ovipositor :
1- Stylus
2- Basal plate

Sg. Tawau near Bukit Gemok - The location of these Libellago lineata.

Here are index to damselflies sorted according to colour for our quick identification:

1- GREEN damselflies of Sabah, Borneo
2- BLUE damselflies
3- RED damselflies
4- ORANGE damselflies

Out of the global 10 families of damselflies, the following 7 families  are found in Borneo Island :

01- Family Calopterygidae 色蟌科
02- Family Chlorocyphidae 鼻蟌科
03- Family Coenagrionidae 細蟌科
04- Family Euphaeidae 溪蟌科
05- Family Lestidae 絲蟌科
06- Family Platycnemididae  琵蟌科/扇蟌科
07- Family Protoneuridae 原蟌科


HEAD of Damselflies

Damselfly head include :
1- compound eyes,
2- ocelli,
3- antennae,
4- mouth structures

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