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Damselflies of Borneo  >  Family Coenagrionidae  >  Genus Pseudagrion  >  Pseudagrion pilidorsum  弓背細蟌

Pseudagrion pilidorsum
Pseudagrion pilidorsum (Brauer, 1868)

Pseudagrion pilidorsum
new record for Borneo
♂39mm 2017-05-19 HYPERMARKET

Pseudagrion pilidorsum
Pseudagrion pilidorsum
Common in Philippines. This species are not listed in both Dr. Orr's books.

Known commonly in North asia. Pseudagrion pilidorsum is very little know in Borneo Island.
In Borneo so far found only in eastern part of Sabah such as Lahad Datu and Tawau.



Pseudagrion pilidorsum
Common in Philippines. But no official record in Borneo Island. Easily be found near running water or still water. They usually rest on the plants either in the middle of ponds or at the water edges.
The male damselfly is brightly red in colour with black pattern on abdomen. Its red head, its face and eyes are red too.

Primary genitalia of male consists of :
Superior anal appendages
Inferior anal appendages
Spermaries open on the 9th segment
Before mating the male must transfer sperm from the genital opening on segment 9 to the reproductive organs on segments 2.

OVIPOSITOR of female
A pair of valves with Stylus at the end
Basal blade (cutting blade)


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