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SK Tampi-Tampi

Kampung Tampi-Tampi Timbayan.


S.K. Tampi-Tampi, Semporna was declared open in 1964 by District Officer of Semporna, Mr. D.O. Felding.

The school started with only one school building of  one large classrooms and a teachers' quarters. The only one classroom were shared by two classes of children.

Mr. Masal bin Hj. Basanu is the first school head master.

Cikgu Sempek bin Pateh and Cikgu Asgali bin Amir Hussin are among the early pioneer teachers of the school.

The early batches students are children from Kg. Sum-Sum, Kg. Tampi-Tampi Timbayan and Kg. Terusan Baru.

The was not road and children came to school by sea.  Then in 1969 a road was constructed.

On August 31, 1978, a fire accident burned down the old school building and  the school administration office.

After the fire, the two teachers' quarters were used as administrative offices and classrooms.

In 1988 the new school buildings were completed and  started for use on April 18, 1989.

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