Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Centre


Reef Guardian
Sabah Wildlife Department
Cardiff University

Location map of Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Centre

Location map of Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Centre


History of SIMCA Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Centre

• 3rd  December  2001, Sabah declared 3 islands (Lankayan, Billean, Tegaipil) & surrounding coastal shallow reef areas of 46,317 ha as Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area (SIMCA) under IUCN Category II.

• SIMCA plays a key role in managing coral reef conservation for the long term benefits of the biodiversity of marine life.

• Lankayan Island eco‐tourism and dive operations (run by our partner Mr Kenneth Chung) collect a conservation fee of RM20/visitor/night. The fees go directly towards funding all the SIMCA Management and Conservation Programmes.

• Reef Guardian Sdn Bhd is a private and non‐profit organization that was appointed to fully manage SIMCA with close cooperation with Sabah Wildlife Department, funding is coming from the annual conservation fee and from Lankayan Dive Resort’s funds.

• Cardiff University will partner with Reef Guardian Sdn Bhd and Sabah Wildlife Department to set up the Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Centre (SIMCC).


Reef Guardian's Mission :
1- Marine Conservation
2- Marine Education
3- SIMCA Enforcement
4- Eco‐diving


Billean Island Facilities :


• Billean Island Facilities :
– Canteen
– Laboratory
– Computer room
– Library
– Social/reading/study area
– Accommodation for 20‐25 students (field course) and 4 permanent students (PTYs, PhDs, MRes) and staff
– Generator
– Water treatment
– Reef ecosystem
– Reef Guardian office (enforcement, radar, diving center)

• Training Opportunities
– Field courses (Cardiff Univ., local and international universities)
– PTYs
– MSc and MRes
– PhDs
– Scien2sts
– Volunteers



• Reef Guardian
– To provide the current facilities to CU to set up SIMCC
– To fund & construct additional facilities ( 2 buildings on the peer , additional showers, toilets on land)
– To participate in the management of SIMCC
– To provide logistics during field courses

• Cardiff University
– To provide a Director to manage SIMCC (BG)
– To appoint a honorary wildlife warden to be based on Billean Island
– To provide students and staff to carry out field studies and undertake research projects
– To raise funds for the supply of 2 motor boats & for the supply of required reading materials, research and teaching equipment
– To set up a contingency fund


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