Mimosa pigra 刺軸含羞草 Family Fabaceae
Subfamily Caesalpinioideae

Giant sensitive tree
Mimosa pigra 刺軸含羞草

Taman Semarak Indah

Native to the Neotropics 新熱帶

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Flower of Mimosa pigra 刺軸含羞草


Mimosa pigra 刺軸含羞草Mimosa pigra 刺軸含羞草

Mimosa pigra is an aggressive plant, especially in parts of Southeast Asia and Australia.  But because of it easy fast  to grow and strong to survive, this wild weed is often used in sloppy land to protect soil erosion.

The thorny Mimosa pigra is propagated through buoyant fruit pods, and the pods can be spread over long distances through the water.

The spurs of Mimosa pigra will also spread to the natural pastures and floodplain ecosystems and pastures, transforming the original ecosystem into unproductive bushland.

In Thailand, Mimosa pigra can impede irrigation systems in rice fields, reduce crop production, and harm agricultural livelihoods.


Mimosa pigra 刺軸含羞草