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The Silk Cotton Trees of Sri Aman Town
The Silk Cotton Trees of Sri Aman Town

Scientific name: Ceiba pentandra (L.) Gaertn.
Synonym name: Eriodendron anfractuosum DC.
Common name: White Silk Cotton Tree, Kapok Tree

The several  silk-cotton trees in Sri Aman are  near 100 years old and dates back to the reign of the Brooke administration in Sarawak in 1840s. Silk-cotton trees are known  for its massive size, huge roots buttresses complex, and snow like cotton that covers the whole field during its blossom every couple of years.

Each of these silk-cotton trees value a million ringgit in Malaysia. For example the 80 years old silk-cotton tree in Kuching's Padang Merdeka is estimated  worth RM1,092,436.20  in 2008.

There are five more old cotton trees on the hill of Administrative Center

The administrative center, The Resident Office, is on the hill opposite Fort Alice. In 1964 the office was a wooden office and these four cotton trees were already well drown.

This huge old cotton tree stands majestically on the edge of hill of Resident Office.

On this hill were about 5 grand old Silk-Cotton Tree Ceiba pentandra (Eriodendron anfractuosum) planted by the British. Today one still can be seen standing tall on the hill (see above photo)

The old wooden British Colonial Treasury office was long gone making way for the present concrete building.

There were two old government quarter at the location now the government building.

During the British era in Sabah and Sarawajk flowering trees are usually planted in parks, big gardens, campuses of government establishments and educational institutions.

The tree's large fruit pods contain silky fiber used for insulation, as a stuffing in mattresses, life preservers, pillows, and cushions.
Seeds from the ripe fruit pods contain oil which is edible and used in soap making and burned for illumination.

The Silk Cotton Trees of Sri Aman Town

The largest of these heritage silk-cotton trees is this one on the hill of Fort Alice. This old tree stand on guard over looking Lupar River (left) and Jalan Astana (right)




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