Teresang Market Kapit Town

The tamu section of the market is the place to find jungle produce like vegetables, fruits, freshwater fish, exotic wildlife meat and many other things.

Teresang Market Kapit Town

Teresang Market is one of the top sightseeing attractions in Kapit where the freshly plucked local fresh jungle produce, vegetables, wild-caught freshwater fish and freshly killed wild animal meat are easily found.

Teresang Market Kapit Town
Teresang Market Kapit Town


Daily traders from longhouses selling veggies along a walkway behind a primary school near Pasar Teresang. As the site gets increasingly congested on weekends, some daily traders resort to hawking along the pedestrian walkway behind a primary school and the compound of a temple near the building.

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‘Pasar Teresang’ is 10 minutes’ walk from the express boat terminal.

Pasar Teresang replaces Pasar Terabai which can no longer accommodate the growing number of traders.

It took two years to construct Pasar Teresang that gathers vendors and traders under one roof.

Opened to public in 2000, traders at Pasar Teresang operate daily from as early as 5am.

Each day about  300  traders at the tamu section of the market.

The market opens as early as 5.00 am while the sky still dark. It is located in town Centre and serves as a focal point for local folks to buy and sell the numerous local hinterland varieties products.

The local hinterland products including: handmade baskets, black olives (buah dabai), green longan, hairless rambutan (buah ma dunggul manok), wild boar meat and frog legs.

Kapit is the riverine town synonymous with Iban cultures and traditions as they are Sarawak's largest ethnic group which makes up more than three-quarters of the population. Thus Iban farm produce and handicrafts are easily available here.

There are a number of different types of vegetables found here.