Pasar Utama and Pasar Tamu

Pasar Utama and Pasar Tamu

Pasar Utama and Pasar Tamu

the Pasar Utama is both a wet and fish market under one roof.

At the first floor's food stalls, you can savour the local delicacies such as "mee jawa, rojak, laksa and cencol" and quench your thirst A taste of local offerings can be found at the Pasar Tamu. From wild & jungle products to native "home-made" specialties. Pasar Tamu has them all!

1st Floor Food Sections
Ground Floor Vegetable Market
Ground Floor Fish Market

The Three Markets

There are three markets in Bintulu :
1- Pasar Utama - a wet market at the esplanade
2- Pasar Tamu - a wild and jungle products market
3- Medan Pasar Malarn - a pot­pourri of cheap garments, electrical goods and foodstuff.

These three markets offer opportunities to mingle with the locals and savour local delicacies such as "mee jawa, rojak, laksa and cencol".

Within walking distance from most of the hotels in town, the night market at the Medan Pasar Malarn at Jalan Kampung Dagang exude a carnival- like nightly atmosphere with its pot­pourri of cheap garments, toys, electrical goods and foodstuff. With over 150 stalls, you can take a pick of the numerous cheap and affordable items as well a choice of local food, drink, vegetables and wild Borneo products.

Pasar Malam

Bintulu's Pasar Malam is open daily. Here, you can savour local versions of 'fast food', including apam balik, roti canai, and nasi campur. Non-Muslims can also dine on pork delicacies such as siew pau. Also available for sale here are items that include clothing, handbags, cigarettes and liquor.


Pasar Utama and Pasar Tamu

The cone-shaped roof Pasar Tamu and Pasar Utama located near to each other along the riverfront selling a range of local produces and local hawker food favourites. You can find the famous “Bintulu Belacan” or the shrimp paste here.