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Tawau District Forestry Office
Lock Bag 13, North Road, 91009 Tawau
Miskon Simin
Tel : 089-761833 Fax : 089-764004

 Sabah Forestry Department's Forest Conservation Trust Fund.

On 9th August 2010 Monday Hap Seng Consolidated Berhad contributed RM2 million to the Sabah Forestry Department's Forest Conservation Trust Fund.

Hap Seng company's Quarry and Building Material Division chief executive Ron Delaney presented the cheque to Datuk Sam Mannan of Sabah Forestry Department director  after a signing ceremony on the extension of the Supplementary Agreement for the Whole of Life Plan.

Sabah Forestry Department scheduled proactive and vigilant efforts to manage Sabah natural heritage in a sustainable manner. The department continued commitment towards ensuring that forest resources and its rich diversity remain protected through active conservation efforts and sustainable practices.

Hap Seng Groupís Rm 2 million contribution was aimed at supporting Forest Departmentís ongoing efforts to ensure that this rich heritage shall be preserved for the future generations. Hap Seng Building Materials Sdn Bhd is the first quarry operator in Sabah to plough back earnings for forest conservation and environmental rehabilitation.