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Government Departments in Tawau, Malaysia

Pejabat Perhutanan Wilayah Tawau
Pejabat Perhutanan Wilayah Tawau
Tawau Regional Forestry Office

Jabatan Perhutanan Sabah
Sabah Forestry Department,

Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN)
(National Registration Department (NRD) )


Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ)
Bangunan J.P.J, Jalan Tg. Osman,
91000 Tawau
PUSPAKOM Vehicle Inspection Center

PUSPAKOM Vehicle Inspection Center
of Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ)
Tawau 9Km

2019-07-29 MON 11:15

Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ)
PUSPAKOM Vehicle Inspection Center
Tawau Municipal Council - MAJLIS PERBANDARAN TAWAU
Bomba dan Penyelamat
Kastam Diraja Mslaysia, Tawau
Police Head Quarter
Post Office
Port Authority
Rumah Wargatua [Old Folks Home]

Department of Environment

Jabatan Insolvensi Malaysia
cawangan Tawau, Sabah

Tingkat TB 334 A & 334 B, Blok 42, Lot 9,
Parcel 110 & 111, Tingkat Bawah & 1,
Kompleks Fajar, Jalan Merdeka 2/3,
91000 Tawau, Sabah

Counter 1 : Certification (Including certification of photo copy documents)
Counter 2 & 3 : Nationality & Marriage Registration
Counter 4 to 6 : MyCard application
Counter 7 to 9 : Birth and Death Registry
Counter 10 to 12 : My Card - photo taking

Sabah State Library 
P.O.Box No.775, 91008 Tawau.

Jabatan Laut Sabah

Fisheries Department
Bandar Sabindo,Tawau

Pegawai Penguasa,
Jabatan Perikanan,
Bandar Sabindo, 91000 Tawau

Forest Department
Lock Bag 13, North Road, 91009 Tawau
089-764004 (fax)
Tawau Municipal Council, Tawau Municipal Council Building 089-701698 089-701663 089-701660
SCSD 4th Floor, MPT Building, Locked Bag 33, 91009 Tawau. 089-779073 089-779075 (fax)
Native Court 2nd Floor, MPT Building 089-772436
District Treasury Office Ground FLoor, MPT Building 089-772350
District Surveyor Jalan Tg.Batu, P.O.Box No.155, 91007 Tawau. 089-760536
Land Rev. Collection Asst-Officer Jalan Tg.Batu , P.O.Box No.155, 91007 Tawau 089-760537 089-760539
Wildlife Department 4th Floor, Wisma DS, P.O.Box No.519, 91008 Tawau 089-763139
Port & Wharf Department, 1st.Floor, SAFMA Fisheries Complex, Tawau 089-772672 089-772673 (fax)
Irrigation & Drainage Department, P.O.Box 549, 91008, Tawau 089-714327 089-714586 (fax)
Veterinary Services & Animal Industry Department Mile 3, Jalan Air Panas, P.O.Box 278, 91000 Tawau 089-713482 089-712811 (fax)
Veterinary Services & Anm.Indus.Department,
Mile 16, Stesen Permbiakan Ternakan _
Town Planning Department 2nd Floor, Wisma Pelabohan, W.D.T.15, 91009 Tawau 089-761640
Kalabakan Forest Office P.O.Box No. Kalabakan. 089-232201 089-232200 (fax)
Serudong Forest Office P.O.Box No. 1914, 91044.Tawau 089-232100 / 232101 089-232102 (fax)
Tibow Forest Office
C/O Forest Department, Locked Bag 13, North Road, 91009, Tawau.
087-721301 087-721302 (fax)
3rd.Floor Leong Hua Building, Tawau.
089-771027 089-748180
Syariah Court
1st.Floor Mokka Holdings, Abaca Road, P.O.Box No.1882, 91043 Tawau.
Community Welfare Services Department
1st. Floor, Bangunan Pelabohan, Tawau
Old Folks Home
Welfare Department, Hot Spring Old Folks Home, Tawau.
Sri Stella
Hot Spring Road/Muhibbah, Sri Stella Garden, PWD 3106, 91000 Tawau.
Agriculture Department Kuhara Road, 91000 Tawau 089-772206
Quoin Hill Agriculture Department
Km 43, Apas Road, P.O.Box No.324, 91007, Tawau.
Water Department
Tawau Water Department, Locked Bag No.1, 91009 Tawau.
089-761057 089-761543 089-950806 089-761397 (fax)
Merotai Water Department Tawau Water Department Locked Bag No.1, 91009 Tawau. 089-901772
Sabah Public Works Department P.S. 200, Mile 4 Apas Road, 91007 Tawau 089-911666

Tawau District Forestry Office
Telephone: +6089-7618 333 / 761 835 / 761 863.

Sabah State Library 
Sabah State Library 
P.O.Box No.775, 91008 Tawau.

Federal House Tawau

Federal House (above photo) WISMA PERSEKUTUAN TAWAU where most government offices such as the Immigration Department and the National Registration Department are located.

This Federal building was built in the early 1980's to administer the developments in various aspects in Tawau. Most of the ministries' departments are found inside the building.

Dewan Berani Ikhlas, Kem Kubota
Dewan Berani Ikhlas, Kem Kubota
Dewan Berani Ikhlas, Kubota Camp

Turn Tawau old govt staff quarters into tourism places – rep
The Borneo Post (Sabah)16 Dec 2015

TAWAU Sri Tanjong assemblyman Chan Foong Hin criticized the local government and the respective authorities for not maintaining the old government staff quarters along Jalan Utara here.

Chan visited the old Division One quarters meant for all government departmental heads, such as the Public Works Department (PWD) resident engineer and Tawau General Hospital director in the 1980s.

Some of the quarters are still occupied but some are abandoned.

“The PWD resident engineer’s house is nearly destroyed. You can see all the furniture and electronic devices such as air conditioner removed from the house. All the glasses are broken. What an eyesore for Tawau,” he said yesterday.

“All these quarters were inherited from colonial times and have historical value. The local government and respective local authorities should turn the abandoned colonial buildings into tourism spots, just like the English Tea House in Sandakan. Its location is good, on top of a hill and we can have a good view of Tawau town,” he pointed out.


DEWAN SRI TAWAU (Sri Tawau Town Hall)
(Sri Tawau Town Hall)

Tawau 6Km


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