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Plaza Damai 和平廣場

Plaza Damai 和平廣場 Tawau

Developer: Maniplan Development Sdn bhd

2018-01-14 SUN 09:34

Pusat Komersil Bintang Kubota 星星甲坡打商業中心
Pusat Komersil Bintang Kubota 星星甲坡打商業中心

2018-01-16 TUE 15:30

Bintang Kubota

Bintang Food Court

Sedap Corner is located within the Bintang Kubota commercial area at Jalan Chong Thien Vun.

Another Sedap Corner is at the shop lots in Batu 3, Jalan Apas  (same row with Public Bank branch).



Kubota Sentral and Kubota Square
Kubota Sentral and Kubota Square



Houses for sales in Tawau

Reference Prices on Houses for sales in Tawau:

Terrace house 2 storey Taman Semarak Rm 150,000
Terrace house 1 storey Taman Haji Hassan Rm 234,000
Terrace house 1 storey Taman Wawasan Rm 250,000
Terrace house 1 storey Taman Sawit (Phase 1) Rm 280,000
Terrace house 2 storey Taman Pasadena Rm 350,000
Terrace house 2 storey Taman LCN Rm 360,000
Terrace house 2 storey Bandar Sri Indah (Phase 1) Rm 420,000
Terrace house 2 storey Taman Hot Spring Jaya Rm 450,000
Corner Terrace house 1 storey Taman Shagrilla Rm 580,000
Corner Terrace house 2 storey Taman Fook On Rm 590,000
Corner Terrace house 2 storey Taman Bukit Bintang Rm 380,000
Corner Terrace house 2 storey Taman Semarak Indah Rm 420,000


Reference Prices on Houses for sales in other cities and town:
ity Apartment, Type B, Pekan Inanam Rm 225,000
Terrace house 2 storey Palm Heights (Lahad Datu) Rm 480,000
11th Floor, 1 Sulaman, Kota Kinabalu Rm 380,000


Tawau Property and Real Estate

Real Estate Agents in Tawau.

Property investment : two categories:

1) House investment

2) Land investment

Both investment have similar risks but different advantages and disadvantages.

Real Estate Brokers & Agents in Tawau

Tawau terrace house pricing
Tawau tops the basic terrace house prices in Sabah according to the National Property Information Centre (NAPIC), Malaysia

Terrace houses are the most affordable landed property for those who eschew strata properties like flats or apartments.

The reason for this could possibly be that the 6,125 sq. km. Tawau district is flushed with profits from the agriculture and plantation industries in Sabah’s Agriculture Belt that stretches from Sandakan in the north to Tawau in the south.

Tawau is also home to many Malaysian and foreign migrants living in rented homes with a population density of 40/km˛.

In the last census, foreigners outnumber Malaysians 274,728 migrants to192,695 locals.

The total population of Tawau averages 474,728 persons or about half a million with males outnumbering females by 259,368 to 215,360. The unofficial figures could be higher.

Investors from West Malaysia are increasing demand for oil palm land prices by 40 percent given the current commodity prices and the lack in the availability of lands.
The highest transacted price is around RM46,500 per acre.

Some narrow low cost terrace houses are selling on the secondary market above RM90,000. Medium cost housing are priced around the RM300,000 bracket.

Medium cost houses from new projects of single storey terraced houses were some 20 percent higher compared to the previous year.
• Perwira (Single Storey Terraced) Jalan Ranggu above RM148,000
• King Fook (Single Storey Terraced) Jalan Utara Baru above RM298,000
• Melinium (2 Storey terraced) Jalan Eastern above RM300,000
• Wira (2 Storey terraced) Jalan Bunga Raya above RM350,000
• Pinery Height (2 Storey terraced) Jalan Sin On above RM395,000
• Pinery Height (2-Storey Semi-Detached) Jalan Sin On above RM695,000
• Bandar Sri Indah (2˝-Storey Linked Detached) Jalan Apas above RM860,000 to RM1,300,000

Prices for three storey shophouse units RM880,000 – RM1,100,000
Price for two storey shophouse units RM780,000 – RM900,000

The prime commercial locations are around Fajar Commercial Centre and Bandar Sabindo with smaller pocket projects at heavily populated catchment areas.

What is unique about Tawau is its volcanic soil and happy blue fin tuna hunting deep sea grounds that even attracted Japanese agrarian and fishing settlers before WWII.

The Chartered Company was into logging, cultivating tobacco, cocoa, coconut rubber, hemp, jute, and fisheries.

Today Tawau boasts one of the highest concentrations of noveau riche with acres of crops even in Indonesian Kalimantan as its new hinterland with the exploitation of cheap migrant labour.

The first shipment of migrant labourers from Malaya to North Borneo was also destined for Tawau’s plantations.

Today Indonesians dominate the labour scene.

Kalimantan is set to prosper from plantation like never before.
Sabah can share in its development or lose out when it becomes a competition.

No other town in Sabah is better positioned than Tawau to share in the prosperity of Indonesian Kalimantan by being useful to the southern part of Borneo including green efforts like the Heart of Borneo conservation project.

Lower priced Malaysian diesel, subsidized cooking oil, sugar and other staple stuff are constantly benefiting Indonesian and Filipino markets outside of Sabah.

Today Indonesians and Filipinos mingle with locals and other Malaysians to make Tawau the most attractive border town for Kalimantan and Southern Philippines commerce.

Wealth from the lands and entrepreneurship have forged much affordability for the finer things in life and the ensuring purchasing power also has made a mark in the real estate sector to push Tawau’s property market for lands and buildings to skyrocket in Sabah.

The lustre of Labuan and Sandakan as barter trade centres does not match that of Tawau’s growing cross border trade in variety and volume with the completion of new highways from Keningau and Sipitang linking Tawau nearer with the Pan Borneo Highway and Brunei with Sarawak.

Tawau town is set to be an important city in the future given its close proximity to growth satellites Lahad Datu and Semporna whose population also frequent Tawau for various transactions and occasional direct flights to Kuala Lumpur.

Tawau Real Properties

Tawau residential properties include
1) Single-family residential units - Taman
2) barren land,
3) lots with partially completed buildings,
4) apartments,
5) condominium units

Residential properties might be furnished, or semi-furnished with  furniture.
1) Land in Tawau
2) Bungalows in Tawau
3) Terrace Houses in Tawau
4) Condos in Tawau
5) Apartments in Tawau
6) Rooms in Tawau


Tawau Commercial Real Property

Commercial real estate properties are designed for businesses large and small.

Commercial real estate in Tawau may be comprised of office space or quality commercial and industrial properties, and also properties such as car parks, etc.
+ Commercial Land in Tawau
+ Industrial Land in Tawau
+ Shoplots in Tawau
+ Office Space in Tawau
+ Warehouses in Tawau


Opening of Ria Heights Phase 1B on 20th August 2016 in Tawau, Sabah
Opening of Ria Heights Phase 1B on 20th August 2016 in Tawau, Sabah

Taman Ria Heights
Developer: Hap Seng Development Sdn Bhd

T2 @ Apas at  Tawau

T2Apas Commercial Centre, Tawau

Datuk Haji Nizam DSP Haji Abu Bakar Titingan (Chief Political Secretary to Sabah Chief Minister) presented at Promenade Hotel Tawau on 12 Jan 2018 as an invitation of Honorary Guest for the Opening of T2 @ Apas Tawau's New Benchmark for Commercial Development at Batu 1, Jalan Apas in front of Takada, Tawau.

Gone will be the days when visitors to Tawau leaving with a boring impression of old fashion shop houses of  designed to look like a box type prison cells.

T2 is a commercial center of modern building designs on attractive greenery landscapes.
The center will also have a Basement Parking place like any other commercial building in Kota Kinabalu.

During the first day of launching, the developer managed to get 15 buyers of the properties.

T2@Apas Launching Event was held in Promenade Hotel, Tawau
On 12 Jan 2018 06:30 PM - 09:30 PM

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