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Tabin Wildlife Reserve
The Most Promising Attraction - Malaysia Tourism Award 2003
Tabin Wildlife Reserve
Lahad Datu, Sabah

Tabin Wildlife Reserve is a dedicated ground for the breeding of wildlife and birdlife in Sabah, eastern Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. With its 120,500 hectares of mostly lowland dipterocarp rainforest, the largest wildlife reserve in Malaysia holds extraordinary biodiversity.


These three largest mammals of Sabah make Tabin their home:
1- Sumatran rhino
2- Borneo Pygmy elephant
3- Tembadau

Thirteen species of primates are found here:
1- Silver Langur,
2- Grey Langur
3- Banded Langur
4- Bornean Gibbon
5- Pig-tailed Macaque
6- Long-tailed Macaque
7- Western Tarsier
8- Slow Loris and
9- Orang-Utan
10- Leopard Cat
11- Flat-headed Cat
12- Marbled Cat
13- Bornean Clouded Leopard

All of these are in the protected wildlife list.

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Bird Watching in Tabin Wildlife Reserve
Tabin is a bird-watcher's paradise. About 42 indigenous families representing almost 300 species have been recorded. Birders can enjoy good sighting and photography environment- the birds are lower in height and there is more light that penetrates the forest.

Endemic species of Borneo such as the White crown shaman, Black and crimson Pitta, Yellow rump flowerpecker, Borneon bristlehead, dusky munia, Blue-headed pitta and the Borneon wren-babbler are present. Rare species such as the speckled piculet, chestnut-capped thrush, Sinch's bulbul and Storm stock have been recorded. All the eight Hornbill species of Borneo, which are easily identified with their loud whooping sound when flapping wings, have been sighted.

About 42 indigenous families representing almost 300 species have been recorded in Tabin including all the 8 of Sabah's Hornbills.

The eight Sabah's Hornbill species:
1- Black Hornbill
2- Rhinoceros Hornbill
3- Wreathed Hornbill
4- Pied Hornbill
5- White-crowned Hornbill
6- Wrinkled Hornbill
7- Bushy-crested Hornbill
8- Helmeted Hornbill




Ficus subgelderi 淡金榕
Fig trees of Sabah

Borneo has 150 species of wild fig trees. Most of them are found in forests of Sabah.

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