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Tawau Tanjung Market

Tawau Tanjung Market - Ground and 1st Floor
UTC - 3rd and 4th Floor

Tawau Ferry Terminal
Fish Market and Jetty




cili padi Semerah
Tawau can lead in cultivation of cili padi Semerah
Daily Express Published on: Friday, May 06, 2011

Tawau has the potential to become a major producer of the cili padi Semerah, says the Principal Research Officer of the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (Mardi), Datin Dr Melor Rejab.

The cili padi Semerah which was developed by MARDI  in 2005 is the most easiest to look after, although there are some techniques for planting and management that needs to be observed to ensure a satisfactory yield.

The demand for the cili padi Semerah is very encouraging and is an excellent opportunity for the farmers of  Kampung Sungai Tongkang, Pulau Sebatik Thursday.

Cili padi Semerah farms on Pulau Sebatik occupied on an area of about 63.13 hectares (156 acres).

On marketing, Wealthy Empire Management Sdn Bhd is ready to purchase the cili anytime.

2017-10-16 MON 12:22

Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) Tawau

TAWAU 2016-07-13 WED 10:12
Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) Tawau
Wth the new UTC, residents in Tawau now enjoy the facilities and services in dealing with government agencies
Fifty-five food stalls on the fifth and sixth floors of Tanjung Market were closed temporarily for three months in 2016 to enable renovations to be carried out to convert the two floors into an Urban Transformation Centre (UTC).

UTC Tawau consist of 10 government departments which provide counter payment services.

24 food stalls on the ground floor were moved to the back side of market (near eggs stalls) in April,2016 to give way for the construction of a 1Malaysia clinic and a police hub for paying summons.


Tawau Tanjung Market

Building Cost RM 17 million + Renovation RM30 million into UTC

The Tawau Tanjung Market costs RM 17 million to complete. It has 6,000 stalls . It is located at the town centre and completed in the year 1999. Tawau Tanjung Market claimed to be the biggest in Malaysia. In 1999 it was a major construction for Tawau since the 80's.
This is the the largest indoor market in Malaysia. Behind the market is the sea port where Indonesian arrive by the boatloads. Tawau is where you'd be if you are on the way to Sipadan or other world-class dive sites in Sabah's east coast.
This market is the right place to pick up Tawau's famous dried foods such as shrimps and fish.

Tawau Tanjung Market
Equipped with 6,000 stalls, the Tawau Tanjung Market is the largest indoor market in the whole of Malaysia.
The ground floor of the market are foodstuff such as fresh fruits, keropok amplang (amplang crackers), dried crackers imported from Indonesia and other fresh produce.

On the first floor are dried preserved sea-food such as dried salted fish, dried anchovies and dried prawns which Tawau is famous for.


Tawau is an agriculture region with fertile vocalic soil and rich marine life. A shoppers’ paradise of the local and Indonesians tourists. The 6,000 stalls offers almost all kinds of daily essentials and foods

In the ground floor of this market you can find foodstuff such as fresh vegetable and fruits and keropok, amplang from locally made and Indonesian imported. Keropok are cracker with fish ingredient and prawn ingredient. Raw krupuk can be eaten only after deep fried. Popular variety is the Tenggiri Fish cracker (Keropok Ikan Tenggiri )
On the first floor you will find 2 sections : the dried sea food section and apparel section.
This section of stalls offer a wide variety of dried seafood such as anchovies, shrimps, squids, seaweed and dried fish maw. A pack of fish maw can cost between Rm 900 to Rm 4,000
The apparel section offers cosmetics and kain pelikat (sarong) at lowest prices.
A the 2nd floor of Tawau Tanjung Market you can enjoy a cup of local coffee while admiring the sea view.
Tawau Tanjung Market is the biggest indoor market in Malaysia. Followed by Sibu Central Market. This three-storey market has 6,000 stalls selling all variety of merchandise
Ground Floor
1st Floor
2nd Floor

Made in Indonesia
Egg Section



One of the main reasons for visiting the Tanjung Market is to buy "ikan keropok" (dried fish).

Besides ikan keropok are also salted fish and amplang crackers.


Dried fish maw 魚鰾 (yś biąo)
Fish Maw (Gas/Air Bladder, Swim Bladder) is an internal gas-filled organ found in most fish. Commonly used in Chinese soups as an luxury item.
Dried Fish maw prices vary widely depending on the size and type of fish. Good quality of bigger size dried fish maw fetch a good price that only those well to do people are willing to eat. However there are maw from smaller fish at a cost most people can afford.
Dried Fish Maw comes as hard and solid. Small sized maw usually maintain it hollow, translucent tube shape while big sized maw are cut open to spread out flat in an oval shape.
Before cooking, the maw must be soaked several hours to soften in room temperature water.
When cooked, it has a soft, slippery texture but taste less in itself. During cooking fish maw will takes on the flavor of the surrounding ingredients. It is an excellent source of collagen with about 25% protein.
Dried Fish Maw are found in most markets and in herb shops.
For centuries Chinese people believe that fish maw soup improve their skin and for the health of pregnant women. Fish maw has no fat and It is also thought to help with blood circulation.
While a house wife cook fish maw for the reason of family health, most people having banquet in restaurants eat fish maw for showing off prestige.
When you invite VIP friends to a restaurant, you do not order "Fried Rice", do you? To show off you reputation, you must order "Fish Maw Soup"!

Above : A Seller and her green KUIH lumpang
KUIH is a type of Steamed Rice Cake with santan and Sugar or Brown sugar.
KUIH made of rice or glutinous rice. Varieties of Kuih are sold by Kuih sellers in all markets in Malaysia . The dessert is perfect for tea time. Its softness and sweetness is very soothing. Since you are in Tawau, do not miss our Indonesian KUIH KUIH.

Above : A KOPI Powder Seller
It was a common scene in those days seeing a Chinese selling grinded powder of coffee planted in his own plantation. But this sight will be faded into history as the young generation moved from agriculture to academy profession.
Many city dwellers may never tasted a cup of hot coffee from freshly grinded bean from a garden. This purest form of coffee from freshly grinded beans is different taste from Starbucks, Coffee Bean or Austin Chase
In Tawau Tanjung Market there are 10+ stalls selling kopi powder. A couple of stalls have Kopi grinding machines right beside to grind the kopi beans for you.
Coffee lovers usually buy their coffee powder grinded at the spot. All you need is select and buy the coffee beans, and the seller will grind the beans into powder before you eyes.

What a coffee lover unable to see at the market is the roasting process of the beans. This was done at home. The fresh and dried coffee beans are roasted with butter and sugar. The butter gave the roasted beans a layer of oily shrine and added aroma. The aroma of these beans and powder is seducing and is an excellent souvenir to give to friends.
A pack of Rm 10 powder gave you cups of coffee for many weeks to come.
When you come to Tawau, remember to buy some fresh kopi powder home.
Kopi O "Kao Kao" :


Dried seaweed in different types and grades. Seaweed is rich in collagen and natural nutrients.

Tawau Tanjung Market
...where you feel like you are in hometown  Indonesia...
Tawau Tanjung Market is one of the biggest local markets in Sabah where you can find local products under one roof. The Market is located along Jalan Dunlop, near the sea and next to the Tawau Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex.
This fascinating local market made up of 5000 over stalls with large varieties of products and items in the markets.
Tanjung Market is located along Jalan Dunlop, near the sea and next to the Tawau Customs and Immigration

The ground floor is the wet market and groceries. vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, fresh coconut milk. In this floor is snacks such as "kerepek", "amplang" crackers, nuts and nut-based foods, as well as a variety of traditional "kuih" (cakes) by Tawau residents and those brought in from neighboring countries.
The first floor is the dry market . various types of dried seafood there. Apparel, such as T-shirts, sleepwear and "kain pelikat", as well as prayer garments such as prayer mats, "songkok" and "telekung".
The second (top) floor is the Food Center with many local food stalls.
Getting there is easy. Tanjung Market is in Tawau old town center, located along Jalan Dunlop (Dunlop Road) and next to the Tawau Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex.
Tawau Tanjung Market is under Tawau Town Board - Majlis Perbandaran Tawau
Tel: +60 89 701 698, +60 89 701 699
Fax: 089 701 604

This market opened only in 1999, over the year it has become a local tourist spot of Malaysian and Indonesian.
Low Price and Great Varieties have developed this fairly average market into a local tourist hotspot.
Particularly for visitors from peninsular Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and Sarawak, they regard the market as a destination "not-to-be-missed" when visiting Tawau.
As Chinese Tourists increased recent years in Sabah with many of them found it way to Tawau to have a curious look, this market is also getting foreign customers increased by day. Chinese found their favorites here at an exciting low cost - Dried sea cucumber and dried fish maw.

Being at the market is like being in Nunukan in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The culture here is similar to the Indonesian culture, as many of the residents here have their roots back in Indonesia.
Malaysian visitors often buy souvenirs in the Tanjung Market. Keropok Ikan from Indonesia is a best-seller.
Keropok Ikan is one of many varieties of goods from Indonesia.

Tawau Tanjung Market is an indoor market, Being indoor, buyers can comfortable explore the stalls without having to be under the scorching hot sun.
Several traditional foods in Sabah, such as "kuih burasa", "kuih bangke" and amplang crackers have an Indonesian influence. Here housewife find rich variety of kitchen supplies such as cake moulds, pans, tiffin carriers. Besides the usual customers from around Malaysia, buying souvenir here are also tourist from China, Hong Kong, Brunei Darussalam and Singapore.

Recommendation to buy in Tawau Tanjung Market

Coffee powder produces in Tawau.
Coral Seaweed - high nutritious value.
Amplang Cracker- Crispy ball shape snack made of ground fish meat and flour.


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Ground floor of Tanjung Market are fruit, vegetables, meat and grocery stalls that stocked with items from Indonesia. What attracted tourists to come to the markets are the Grocery Stalls and the Dried Seafood Stalls
Local food products are found in the ground floor. Here has many local and Indonesian snacks tourist often check out. Some items such as cashew nut is sold cheaper than Peninsular Malaysia. Other popular buy are kacipok, atong nut and tapok nut. as well as local food such as keropok, dried crackers, and many more.
When you come to Tawau, try our Amplang Cracker. This popular snack is ball-shaped and crunchy made from fish meat mixed with tapioca flour and special spices.
A little fishy smell but not strong. Everyone loves it. Tawau makes the best Amplang cracker in Sabah.
Always tell the seller to give you the best one. There are low-cost crackers made for those unsuspecting customer such as junk-food-loving young people who just blindly eat eat eat.
Made in Tawau are, amplang crackers, "atong" nuts, "tapok" nuts and "kacipok", a rice flour-based cracker, all these are made by the Tawau locals. Buy local products, support local community.

At the other end of the market are fresh fruits and vegetables
Some of the traditional foods sold in the Tanjung Market are cashew nuts, brown sugar and "kuih cincin", there are also foods like "belinjo" and cashew nuts come from Indonesia.


Dried seafood is on 1st floor. On this first floor you see preserved seafood such as dried prawns and dried salted fish which are sold at local affordable prices for local people. Being constantly supplied by fisherman from Indonesia and Philippines, the market always stock with new and fresh seafood freshly dried under the sun.
Here on 1st Floor, you can also find attractive Philippines sales girls offer you at good prices some of the latest batik clothes, sarongs and other fashion clothing items.
Looking for interesting wooden crafts and decorative items, this floor has hand-woven baskets, placemats and other souvenirs and plethora of goods that are both made locally and imported from Indonesia and the Philippines.
Those who are interested on wooden crafts and decorative hand-woven items, placemats and souvenirs, this 1ST floor of the Market offers a plethora of goods.


Second floor (top floor) is a big food center but only half of the stall are operation. Locals like to come here for authentic Indonesia foods.
Though the market is a tourist hot spot, but promotion material of this market does not mentioned this food center. It has its reason to saftguard tourist's hygiene. This market years after years is haunted by shortages of water supply. Without water the sellers here can not do no nothing. But the food center carry on selling and eating as usual. Where do they get water for cooking. But other wise, this food center has Indonesian delicious favorite of the locals.

This three-storey market in Tawau is more than just a dried seafood market, it is also selling rich variety of produces from neighboring Indonesia.
Because of it popularity, low quality of Amplang Crackers also filled up the market. Low quality are crackers with less fish and prawns meat but more flour and top up with artificial flavoring such as Aji-no-moto.
If you are not sure how to select, just ask the sellers you want the good one. They can understand and seeing that you are visitors which the local very much welcomed, they always give you the authentic. This is some thing good about the local people in small towns in Malaysia - they are still honest forks.
The ball-shaped Amplank Crackers made from fish or prawns called amplang crackers is originates in Tawau.
Best dried seafood of Sabah are distributed in this market. Dried seafood of Tawau is well known that visitors from Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak consider it’s a must-buy when they come here.

Though dried seafood is available in markets all over Sabah, but fresher and batter quality are found in Tawau Tanjung Market (Pasar Tanjung Tawau). The reason is simple, Tawau is a sea port with barter trade from Indonesia and Philippines. These two countries still have big population of fishermen ply the sea every day. As for Sabah, the stable economy growth has helped local fishing community migrated on land with batter jobs and living.
There are bout 20 dried seafood stalls are located in 1st floor of Tawau Tanjung Market.

Sabah at large is well-known for its fresh seafood, so never short of fresh seafood to process to dried seafood.
Here you find many thing from the sea, for example, fish, shrimp, squid, sea cucumber, seaweed. Even if one do not intent to buy any, just by browsing the many producties is a good lesson on realizing how rich a variety of foods the sea can produce.
Salted fishes (Ikan Masin in Malay language) and all dried seafood are packed nicely in plastic bag. Clean and tidy.


Salted fish - Kurau, Terubuk, Dried squids and Marinated Kerupuk.
Tawau is famous for dried sea foods which came from islands off Semporna Town. Here in the Central Markey you can find good quality DRIED SHRIMP, DRIED ANCHOVY(ikan bilis), DRIED SALTED FISH

Salted and dried fish - a variety of cured fish, the most popular have been "ikan ketambak", "ikan kurau" (snapper), and "ikan bilis" (anchovies) the local and Indonesian dried prawns.
Big salted fish is a hot selling item that sometimes it is out of stock.
Ask the Chinese sellers which type of salted fish is the best, they would always introduce you 梅香咸鱼. This is the high end dried seafood most tourist buy.
Sometimes the dried seafood may not be cheap, if you think the price is too high, you can always bargain.

Dried anchovy fishes (Ikan Bilis)

Dried anchovy fishes are commonly used in Malaysian food (e.g. Nasi Lemak). Fry it with sugar
Dried sea cucumber
A delicacy in Chinese food.
Dried squid

White powder in moisture form packed in palm leave. Country of Origin : Indonesia

Tawau Central Market RM200,000 toilet not up to standard January 18, 2012
In September 2011, the Sabah Local Government and Housing Ministry has approved RM350,000 for repair of the lift and building of a public toilet at the Tanjung central market in Tawau.

The allocate of Rm350,000 as following :
1) RM200,000 for the public toilet,
2) RM150,000 for the lift in Tanjung Market.

RM510,000 to repair Tanjung market: Pairin
Thursday, 19 January 2006 (Source: Daily Express)
January 2006. Deputy Chief Minister cum Rural Development Minister Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan said RM510,000 has been allocated for repair works on the Tanjung market.
The repair works include repairing the roofs, drains, lighting, fans and other facilities that require immediate attention.
The contractors had begun the repair works in conjunction with the forthcoming Chinese New Year festivity at the Tanjung market.



Tawau (so as Semporna and Lahad Datu) is popular for its salted fish, dried prawns, anchovies (Ikan bilis) and ......dried shark fins.
The largest aquaculture farm in Sabah is also located here in Tawau.
Tawau's Tanjung Market is one of the biggest in Sabah, offers shoppers a variety of products such as vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, fresh coconut milk and various types of seafood under one roof.



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