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Canteen in Tawau Hills Park

There is a canteen selling snack run by KOKTAS. (Sabah parks staffs co-operative). Simple hot foods like noodle and rice are available. This is a small canteen smaller then most the local primary school, so do not expect much. This small café main business is selling cold drinks. Also available hot Teh, Kopi and Teh tarik.

If you are staying over for the nights and like to have good hot dinner, you may have to find transport 20Km down to town restaurants and back. Grab is not easy to get especially at night.

"HOT" drinks
To the local, "Hot" drinks actually are "Warm" drinks using pre-boiled water keep in a containers that gradually reducing heat. So for the Chinese tourists who order "Hot" drinks expecting the water is freshly boiled, you have to clearly emphasis to the waiters you want a "Banas-banas" (Hot-Hot) drinks.
There is no restaurant in Tawau Hills Park as mentioned in the outdated official website. When the local people say "Restaurant", they actually also means canteen, coffee shops or food stalls.


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