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Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden
The garden officially opened on 25th January 2006 Wednesday.

Lowland Garden Walk
Lush dipterocarp forest vegetation and lianas cover the lower regions giving way to thick damp mossy forests as the altitude gets higher and temperatures get cooler.

The variety of plant life found within the park include Agathis, Mountain Ru, Tree ferns, different species of orchids and begonia. A particularly interesting species is the Mengaris tree whose smooth grey trunk makes it particularly difficult to climb.

The 'Orkid Telinga Gajah (Phalaenopsis gigantea) is a wild orchid endemic only in Borneo and in Sabah this orchid species is only found in Tawau Hills Park and Tenom.

This orchid is unique as some may have up to six leaves as compared to three and four in other wild orchids. Its flowers would bloom only twice in three years, while the flowers can last up to six months.

Lowland Garden has some 200 species of orchids and about 6,000 of orchid plants. Apart from orchids, the itís also showcases some 60 species of ferns including the giant ferns, 43 species of 'halia hutan' (globa panicoides), wild yam (Colocasia esculenta) and herbs such as 'Tongkat Ali', 'Kacip Fatimah' and incense.

Etlingera elatior 火炬姜花 Torch ginger flower
(Malay : Bunga Kantan)
Family: Zingiberaceae

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Botanical Garden


ORCHID GARDEN @ BSI Lake Garden Bandar Sri Indah

Bandar Sri Indah has two orchid gardens. The small one in Eco Park and the large one in Lake Garden. The two gardens are 2 Km apart. It may be too far for you to walk from one to the other. You need a car. Or you can use a bicycle, but be careful while crossing the airport highway.