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Tawau is such a boring town that, this picnic area is the only interesting place when they decide for a church outing, school outing or family outing.

This forest reserved picnic ground is only 20 minutes drive away from Tawau town centre. It is a nice cooling picnic area with crystal clear streams (during dry seasons) and waterfalls. Families are allowed to BBQ. For nature lovers, they hitch hike about 2.5 km uphill to the waterfall.

Spending a 3-4 hours walking around the recreation area of the park is sufficient to make you  feel the greatness of  natural forest atmosphere with  the sound from flowing rivers, bird singing while the winds whispering ....

Its not unusual that there are regular visitors returning yearly or monthly just to stay a few days in the park. More then just Picnic and Recreation ground, the park is a Spirit or Energy Ground for many new generation with new awareness.

"Hug A Tree Exercise"
"Healing properties of trees"
"To and from energy by embrace a tree"
"Healing from hugging a tree and embracing nature"

These are very modern concepts of life style. In the cities these may be a dreaming luxurious life style. But when you come to Tawau Hills Park, this is a blessed location where  All-You-Can-Do with no interference from other people.

But do expect the smoke pollution  from the cigarettes and BBQ charcoal created by the local during holidays. The managements have not intention to stop the cigarettes pollution.

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