Pangolin Santuary
Tawau Hills Park

Pangolin santuary to be Sabah's new wildlife tourist attraction
June 24, 2019 @ 5:27pm

A pangolin sanctuary, to be established within the protected Tawau Hills National Park, is set to become Sabah’s new wildlife tourist attraction.  The sanctuary will also serve as a research centre

Funded by Arizona Sabah Pangolin Sanctuary and Research Institute (Sapsari) with an initial start-up investment of RM1 million, the sanctuary is an effort by the state government to further protect arguably the world’s most poached and trafficked animal.

Tawau was picked as a suitable location for the pangolin sanctuary because it has a vast forest suitable place for pangolins because there’s plenty of food supplies there in the form of insects such as termites and ants.

Elisa Panjang
pangolin expert

so we can have a proper outfit there because the sanctuary will also serve as a research centre. It is expected to assist the wildlife department and researchers to have better data on pangolin population and behaviour,” she said today.

The establishment of the sanctuary between Sapsari and Sabah Wildlife Department. The sanctuary would be run by locals and Sabah Wildlife Department in particular.

Sapsari was represented by its founder and chief executive officer Peter Chan, while Sabah Wildlife was represented by its director Augustine Tuuga.

“.....Sabah has a vibrant eco-tourism industry and well-educated people. This sanctuary is not just a Sabah project but a global one. I am confident Sabah can take the lead in pangolin conservation efforts......”  Peter Chan

Peter Chan
Founder of Sabah Pangolin Sanctuary and Research Institute

In Sabah, it is estimated there are slightly more than 1,000 pangolins left in the wild. The animal is hunted for its meat (exotic food), scales (traditional medicine) and skin (accessories).