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Jungle Trail to Mt. Magdalena & Lucia
Jungle Trail to Mt. Magdalena & Lucia, to Water Fall and Hot Springs
Tawau Hills Park is a favorite picnic spot on weekends offering visitors the delights of nature -meandering streams, water falls, Sulphurous springs and jungle trails. Hostels are available at minimal charge. Visitors can also camp here.

The main jungle trail branched off to 3 trekking routes :
1) Bukit Gelas Waterfall trail - 2.5Km
2) Air Panas trail - 3.2 KM
3) Second tallest tropical tree in the world 900meters trail

Jungle Trail to Mt. Magdalena
Along this main trail are junctions to :
1- Second tallest tropical tree
2- Bukit Gelas Waterfall
3- Sulphur Springs (Hot Spring)
4- Kerangas Forest
5- Hostel Km10.55
6- Peak of Mt. Lucia
7- Peak of Mt. Magdalena

On this main trail of 17 Kilometers to Mt. Magdalena, hikers meander through:
1- Jungle trails of rain forest and Kerangas forest
2- One running stream two or more leafy shallow streams
3- Five Resting huts

Wildlife along this main trail are:
1- Hornbills and other rainforest bird species;
2- Bay Cats and three other wildcats that you can see only thought camera traps;
3- Borneo wild gingers and many unnamed tropical plants;
4- A fascinating world of insects;
5- Unlimited of leeches but no mosquitoes and house flies.

But do not expect the wild animals are waiting by the road side for your arrival to photograph them. Animals in nature sense human miles away and vanish into deep forest long before a tourist arrive. This make wildlife spotting an exciting and expensive game.

Tips for a safe and enjoyable Trekking
1 Arm yourself with basic things like a torchlight with fresh batteries, a Swiss army knife, drinking water, energy food (e.g. chocolate, banana, biscuits), a raincoat, a lighter, a whistle and a first aid kit

2 Have a buddy system: do not go jungle trekking alone

3 Get to know the trail first (e.g. the length of the trail, the level of difficulty, the starting and destination points) before starting your journey

4 Get a reliable map with clear signs and directions of the trail

5 Inform family members of your trekking plans.

6 Get a guide if you are not familiar with the treks

7 For big groups, have a leader in front and two sweepers at the back. Sweepers ensure no one is left behind.

8 Beware of dried up branches broken off from tall trees and falling on to the ground.

9 Expect fallen trees along your and you have to navigate around either by climbing over the trunk or walk around it.

The further you venture into the trails the less markers to direct your ways. Too often hiker complain of spending of much time in deciding which direction to go. Such as, those going to Waterfall ended up in Hot spring, those intended to see the Hot spring ended up at Waterfall. Hikers easily miss the bad sign that they have to cross the suspension bridge to Hot spring. Another hikers find no sign that they have to cross the shallow stream to Waterfall.

There are not many hikers on the trails especially during weekdays. You can feel like as if the whole area is your own private rainforests with your own trails.


Bukit Gemok Canopy Walk - 231 metres long

At Taman Bukit Gemok  10Km before Tawau Hills Park

The 231 Meters Canopy  is a comfortable walk with cool breeze and good views.
But the 1 Km jungle trail to this Canopy Walk is mosquitoes infected. Remember to bring mosquito repellent.