Saturday, 11 August, 2018 11:34:35 PM

Entry Point Projects (EPPs) GNI  million Job Private Investment
(RM million)
Public Investment
(RM million)
1 National Seaweed Nucleus 420 13,788 359 182
2 Sabah Agro Industrial Precint (SAIP) 195 399 584 94
3 Taman Kekal Pengeluaran Makanan (TKPM) 35 479 13 47
4 Integrated Marine Fish Culture 710 1,981 804 21
5 Swiflet Commercial Centre (SCC) 405 7,648 167 13
6 High Finned Grouper & Barramundi 995 760 118 32
7 Integrated Shrimp Aquaculture 267 3,626 716 48
8 Sea Cucumber & Tiger Grouper Combine Culture 555 930 100 41


3,582 29,611 2,861 478


燕屋投资  |  Swiftlets Farming  | Swiftlets | Edible Birds Nests Bird's Nest  |  Bird's Nest Exporters in Malaysia  |



Key outcomes of the EPP

20 Tonnes of raw bird nest worth about RM100 million
500 bird houses, 10 collection units, 1 bird nest processing unit and 1 hatchery + nursery + feed production unit.
Based on the performance of the existing swiftlet farm in Sabah (estimated to be 500 bird houses) , this industry has a high potential for further development to increase bird nest production. Local down stream processing will further provide 7,628 jobs opportunity and higher return.

What needs to be done?

  Government through Land and Survey Department should give high priority to alienate and gazette the required land areas (10-15 acres) .
Private land owners should take this opportunity to establish a smart partnership with investors .

Key Challenges

  Time duration for the state government to alienate land for the investors to establish bird cluster.
e.g: No access road , electricity and water supply available to be connected to the proposed site.

Mitigation Plan

    Once the areas have been identified the investor should be given TOL permit to occupy and develop the said land.
Government should provide infrastructures once the land has been identified (be it government land or private land)
Once smart partnership has been established between the investors and land owners, investors should start development works immediately.


● This project consist of 500 bird houses, 10 collection units, 1 bird nest processing unit and 1 hatchery + nursery + feed production unit.

● 10 private investors will be selected to invest in setting up of 50 bird houses + collection unit each in 10 different location (clusters).

● The selected locations are Pitas (2 clusters), Kota Marudu (2 clusters), Kudat (2 clusters), Kota Belud (2 clusters), Tawau (1 cluster)and Lahad Datu (1 cluster).

● One investor will set up the bird nest processing unit while another investor will set up the hatchery + nursery + feed production unit at Kota Marudu.

● The land required will either be purchased by the investors or utilize private lands based on smart partnership with the land owners.

● The bird nests collected from the 10 clusters will be sold to the processing plant after undergoing grading process at collection point. Processing will be done in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

● The end product will be standardized, analysed, labelled and branded before exporting. To enable the project to proceed smoothly, government has to provide infrastructures such as road, water and electricity supplies through its agencies (JKR, Jabatan Air, SESB).