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Tamu Bandar Sri Indah
Tamu Bandar Sri Indah
Tamu BSI
Every Tuesday (Selasa)

Tamu Selasa of BSI

Tamu Bandar Sri Indah


Kashgar Western and Central Asian Bazaar for International Trade

Out of the 20 large scale bazaars in Kashgar City, China, this 'International Trade Market of Central and Western Asia' is the largest international trade market in Northwest China, enjoying the fame 'Material Fair of Central Asia'.
It is the largest garden aggregate market of Kashgar City and in Xinjiang Province, taking up an area of 165,921 Square Meters (41 acres), composed of 21 specialized markets including over 4,000 fixed booths and a food street. It was noted as 'the Largest Fair in Asia' in ancient times.
As early as in 128 BC, when Zhang Qian 張騫 was dispatched to the Western Regions by Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220), he was surprised to see the prosperous market here, full of dazzling goods and merchants coming from different countries.

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