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Hiking in Tawau


Advance hiking trails in Tawau
(for physically fit)

Gunung Magdalena
14Km Trail
Final part are steep slops. Need a whole day between camp site and summit.
Very few have conquered this summit yet. (1,310 meters height)
3 Days 2 Nights


Gunung Lucia
12Km Trail
More climbers among these two  mountains. "More difficult then Mt. Kinabalu" as trail purposely kept in its natural form
(1,189 meters height)
2 Days 1 Night


Hiking trails in Tawau
(for general public)

SIN ON Hill Hiking Trial

Bukit Gemok Hiking Trial

Tawau Hills Park Nature trail to waterfall

Tawau Hills Park Nature trail to hot springs

Tawau Hills Park Nature trail to Bombalai Hill

Sin On Hill
Photo above : 新安山 Sin On Hill

Sin On Hill


Sin On Hill

Panoramic view of Tawau and Cowie Bay. Clean air and fresh wind, Sin On Hill is a jogging paradise in Tawau.
Sin On Hill is one place for tourist to catch a bird's eye view of Tawau.

Sin On Hill, Tawau

Government's official ridge top site for the trig station on Sin On Hill.
5 Acres of land are usually also sets aside as government trig reserve land around the trig station.
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Sin On Hill


Approval was given in '81
Daily Express Published on: Sunday, January 08, 2012

It was found that the activity had encroached into 2.5 acres of Trig Reserve land and a notice to stop work was issued.

Kota Kinabalu: Land and Survey Department Director Datuk Osman Jamal clarified that quarrying activity at the Sin On Hill in Tawau was allowed in 1981, only after getting approval from the relevant agencies and the then Chief Minister.

However, since the license for the said quarry had expired in December 2011, it was not being considered for renewal due to breach of conditions by the developer concerned.

It was found that the activity had encroached into 2.5 acres of Trig Reserve land and a notice to stop work was issued.

Although the vicinity was now private property, nature lovers and concerned residents were alarmed that the quarrying would cause the disappearance of the nearest hill which offered an unique vantage view of Tawau township.


Quarry operator at Tawau hill steps up blasting
Daily Express Published on: Friday, December 09, 2011

Kota Kinabalu: A quarry operator at Sin On Hill has allegedly stepped up blasting there from once or twice weekly to every alternate day, said Gary Yap.

"Between 9.30am-10am on Tuesday, explosions could be heard even a kilometre away," he said.

"We could see the rocks flying high and far while the nearest residents of Taman Capital could feel the earth shaking like an earth tremor," he said.

Besides the blasting, several acres of trig reserve land had allegedly been planted with oil palm.

Traditionally, where the Government had designated a ridge top site for a trig station, it usually also sets aside up to five acres of government trig reserve land around the trig station.

However, unconfirmed reports have it that the Land and Survey Department had issued a stop work notice to the quarry operator.

The report has yet to be verified though.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Hap Seng denied it has anything to do with the blasting or is linked to the quarry firm in any way.

Tawau's iconic hill being flattened
Daily Express Published on: Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tawau’s iconic hill being flattened
BorneoPost Posted on December 2, 2011, Friday

Tawau: Tawau folks are uneasy that their famed Sin On Hill - the spectacular jogging equivalent of KK's Bukit Padang park - is on the verge of being wiped out of sight by a quarry company which is about to deliver the last blow.

And they are helpless that none of their elected representatives seemed to notice, much less do anything about it.

"The place is an amazing exercise paradise for us. the air is clean, the wind fresh and the panaromic view of Tawau and Cowie Bay inspires vision," said Gary Yap. "If you have visitors, this is one place to take them to catch a bird's eye view of Tawau."

The hill is strategically located near a posh residential area called Taman Capital, Mile 5, Sin On Road, about 500m behind the former Capital Cinema (now Basel Church).

"No less than 300 joggers make their scramble up and down this wonderful hill for their weekly pump up exercise each Sunday.

Even on week days, the count of joggers easily exceed 100 but half the hill has already been torn down leaving a thin ridge top where excavators are scraping rocks away to finish off the job.

It looks as if they are going to flatten the whole hill," said Gary who is mounting a signature campaign to rally the strength of civil society to make their voice count. The quarry is operated by Onika Quarry.

Although the hill is part of a private land, the basic land law as stated in the Sabah Land Ordinance (Cap 68), Section 26 on rivers and seashore reserves, and ridges of hills is very clear on who owns rivers and river reserves and ridges of hills. Section 26 (1) reads:

"Unless otherwise expressly provided in any title, the entire property in the control of the waters of all rivers, creeks, streams and water courses and of the seashore below high water mark is and shall be vested solely in the Government."

Section 26 (2) reads: "The Government also has power to reserve such portions of land as maybe deemed advisable along the banks of rivers, streams or along the ridges of hills.

Such reservations shall be shown on all the documents of title."

So, when it comes to hills and rivers inside private land, the Sabah Land Ordinance says the State Government not only has power of control of rivers but also has power to reserve portions of land as required along banks of rivers big and small, or along the ridges of hills.

The hundreds of affected joggers may have the recourse to the rights given them in State land law to safeguard a natural resource deemed valuable to them.




Strap on those hiking shoes and get ready to explore the most popular hiking track in Tawau - Lim Man Kui Quarry Hill. Situated 8 km from the city centre, Lim Man Kui Quarry Hill is a popular spot for avid trekkers and Hash runners who love the challenge of varied terrain.

The hike begins with an easy trail of concrete road which eventually ‘disappear' and make way for rocky ground. The uphill walk is fairly challenging, particularly for beginners. Watch out for rocks. Some parts get steeper and more demanding, but the beautiful natural surroundings make it all worthwhile.

Along the way there is so much to marvel at, such as South China Sea at the distance and the vast Oil Palm Plantation.
After hiking for about an hour (depending on your fitness level), you will arrive at the tip of the hill.

Your ‘struggle' to the top will be worthwhile once you get a glimpse of the breathtaking 360 degree view of Tawau from this high up. The stunning scenery spans the town centre, the picturesque coastline and its surrounding areas.
The trek down the hill take a shorter time, but be warned that the trail becomes muddy and slippery during the rainy season, so exercise extra caution.

Just be sure to dress comfortably, drink plenty of fluids and get ready to soak in the majesty of the lush greenery along the trails of Lim Man Kui Quarry Hill.

Getting There
A taxi ride from Tawau town will cost around RM20.00 (one way). It is recommended that you make returns arrangement with your taxi driver. Public transport is not readily available in this area.

Opening hours
No time limit no Admission fee

If you prefer to joint a hiking group, you can contact :
斗湖客家公會徒步組. Tawau Hakka Hash House Harriers Run

Hiking in Tawau

Hiking in Tawau



Hiking in TawauHiking in TawauHiking in Tawau

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