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Academic Faculties

The 5 Faculties of OUM
1) Faculty of Science and Technology
2) Faculty of Applied Social Sciences
3) Faculty of Education & Languages
4) Faculty of Information Technology & Multimedia Communication
5) Faculty of Business & Management

The 2 Centres of OUM
1)  Centre for Graduate Studies
2)  Centre for Assessment of Prior Learning

The 1 School of OUM
1)  School of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences

Faculty of Engineering and Technical Studies

Faculty of Engineering and Technical Studies
As the world evolves around technology today, there is a high demand for engineering graduates in a fast developing country like Malaysia. A qualification in engineering gives you a head start in career. That's why Open University Malaysia (OUM) is committed to develop and provide programmes which are relevant to the needs of employers.

The engineering and technology management programmes prepare you for the exciting future. These programmes are specially created to equip you with various engineering theories and practices which you will find useful in your field of work.

Opportunities are abound for OUM engineering graduates. You can easily seek employment in the fields of civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. Your career options may also include manufacturing, production, maintenance, project consultancy, sales and marketing of technological products and services.

1 - Bachelor (Honors) Technology Management

Core Subjects

Introduction to Management & Human Resource Management
Principles of Microeconomics & Macroeconomics
Financial Accounting &l Management
Marketing Management
Management Information Technology
Health, Safety and Environment
Project Management
Quality Control & Management
Production Technology & Operation Management
Tender and Contract Management
Operational Management
Maintenance Management
Research and Innovative Management
Environmental Management & Industrial Relations Law

Elective Subjects

1. Organizational Behavior and Management Information System OR
2. Industrial Training

2 - Diploma in Technology Management

Core Subjects

Introduction to Management & Principles of Human Resource Management
Employer-employee Relationships
Employee Health and Safety
Introduction to Marketing
Introduction to Microeconomics & Macroeconomics
Principles of Financial Accounting & Information Technology
Industrial Safety
Introduction to Quality Control
Mechanical Engineering Practices
Construction Technology and Building Services
Introduction to Maintenance Management
Engineering Technology
Project Management
Industrial Training

Elective Subjects

1. Modeling and Data Analysis OR
2. Basic Interpersonal Communication Skill

3 - Diploma in Civil Engineering
4 - Diploma in Electrical Engineering
5 - Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Core Subjects

Preparatory Mathematics
Algebra, Function and Geometry
Trigonometry and Calculus
Motion, Fluid and Waves
Basic Concept of Information Technology
Engineering Mathematics

Civil Engineering Subjects

Construction Methods and Building Services
Engineering Drawing
Strength of Materials
Soil Mechanics
Structural Analysis
Environmental Engineering
Project Management
Electrical Technology
Geomantic Engineering
Fluid Mechanics
Civil Engineering Materials
Highway and Traffic Engineering
Structural Design
Hydraulics and Hydrology Engineering
Design Project

Electrical Engineering Subjects

Engineering Technology
Digital Electronics
Circuit Theory 1
Circuit Theory 2
Control System
Communication System
Introductory Maintenance Management
Project Management
Microprocessor System
Power Electronics
Electrical Machines
Electrical Power
Design Project

Mechanical Engineering Subjects

Engineering Drawing
Fluid Mechanics
Advanced Thermodynamics
Strength of Materials
Advanced Fluid Mechanics
Project Management
Introductory Quality Control
Electrical Technology
Production Technology
Materials Science
Mechanics of Machines
Design Project

Duration of Study

The Bachelor Degree takes 4 academic years (12 semesters) to complete. The maximum period for completion is 8 academic years (24 semesters) while the Diploma courses takes 4 academic years (12 semesters) to complete, the maximum period for completion is 6 academic years (18 semesters). With credit transfer, students may be able to complete their studies in a shorter period.


Fees for the Bachelor Degree course is RM 150* for one credit hour. The fees for the Diploma courses is RM 120* per credit hour (RM 150 for Engineering Diplomas). The total amount that a student needs to pay for a particular semester will depend on the number of credit hours taken during that semester.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for the Bachelor Degree:-

1- Passed Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (Malaysia Certificate of Education) with credit in Bahasa Malaysia, AND

2- Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (Higher School Certificate) with two (2) principles, OR

3- Certificates of Matriculation from an IPTA, OR

4- Diploma from an IPTA or IPTS, OR

5- Teaching Certificate from Teachers Training College, OR

6- Possess minimum 5 years relevant work experience
The entry requirement for the Diploma courses:-
1- Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (Malaysian Certificate of Education) with credits in any three (3) subjects (with credit in Mathematics
for Engineering Diplomas).


Financial Source

1- National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN)
2- Employee's Provident Fund (EPF), Account 2
3- Study Loan
4- Easy and Flexible Installment Scheme (0% Interest Rate)



Application is open throughout the year for all programmes. However. intakes are on a semester basis in January, May and September.

Application Procedures

1) Complete the OUM application form (Application form can be obtained from OUM website); on-line application is also available.

2) Enclose the following:
a- Processing fees of RM25 in bank draft or postal order payable to UNITEM Sdn. Bhd.
b- 2 sets of certified IC copies, all academic certificates and transcripts
c- 2 RM0.20 stamps each

For enquiries:

OPEN UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA (Universiti Terbuka Malaysia)
Tel: 603-2773 2047 / 2056 / 2057 / 2058 / 2066 / 2737
Fax: 603-2697 8852

Sg. Petani Regional Learning Centre 04-441 0362
Seberang Jaya Regional Learning Centre 04-390 2006
Ipoh Regional Learning Centre 05-254 6006
Seremban Regional Learning Centre 06-761 1003
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