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Bachelor (Honors) Mathematics and Management

The objective of this double major programme is to produce more knowledgeable and capable graduates in the field of Mathematics and Management, who are able to do well in the both areas. Learners will be taught the relevant management courses in addition to selected mathematical subjects of importance to management practices.

Core Courses :

* Introductory Mathematics
* Differential and Integral Calculus
* Introductory Linear Algebra
* Mathematical Methods
* Elementary Analysis
* Numerical Methods
* Introductory Statistics
* Elementary Data Analysis
* Linear Programming
* Principles of Management
* Human Resources Management
* Statistical Methods
* Financial Accounting
* Principles of Microeconomics
* Principles of Macroeconomics
* Marketing Management I
* Marketing Management II
* Organizational Behavior
* Financial Management I
* Financial Management II
* Business Research Method
* Mathematics for Life Insurance
* Management Accounting

Bachelor (Honors) Mathematics with Information Technology

This programme equips graduate with strong logical and analytical thinking with additional IT knowledge and skills. This will meet the demand of professions which require integrated knowledge of mathematics and IT. Thus this programme opens up a wider scope of careers for graduates especially in IT-based industries.

Core Courses

Introductory Mathematics
Introductory Calculus
Introductory Linear Algebra
Mathematical Methods
Advanced Linear Algebra
Numerical Methods
Applications of Network Models
Introductory Statistics
Elementary Data Analysis
Discrete Mathematics
Statistical Methods
System Analysis and Design
Computer Architecture
Operating System
Data Analysis and Modeling
Information Modeling and Representation
Object-Oriented Approach in Developing Software
Database Implementation
Object-Oriented Programming
Management Information System
Introduction to Networking
Basic Concepts of Information Technology
Thinking Skills and Problem-Solving

Elective Courses :
Industrial Training
Mathematics for Life Insurance & Computer Programming

Bachelor (Honours) Sports Science

This programme is designed to cater to the increasing demands for professionals in sports management. This programme involves the study of competitive sport and the complex relationships between fitness and health. Learners will be exposed to the principles of anatomy, physiology, psychology, sociology and management in sports. In addition, practical sessions and activities are included to strengthen and enhance the coaching, planning and analytical skills. Learners will also acquire soft skills such as time management, communicating  skills in this programme.

Core Courses :

Recreation and Sports

Sports Management
Sports and Communities

Research Methodology
Principles of Human Resource Development
Sports Coaching

Sports Pyschology
Sports Fitness

Motor Learning and Controlling
Instrumentation and Sports Evaluation
Acclimatisation in Sports
Human Anatomy

Human Physiology
Sports Nutrition

Exercise Physiology
Biomechanics of Sports

Sports Injuries
Thinking Skills and Problem Solving
Basic Concepts of Information Technology

Specification :

Sports Management and Recreation
Fitness and Exercise Physiology