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EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI)
is the first meaningful comparison of the average level of English competency in adults around the world.
Copyright 2011 EF Education First Ltd.

Country EF EPI Score Level
1 Norway 69.09 Very High Proficiency
2 Netherlands 67.93 Very High Proficiency
3 Denmark 66.58 Very High Proficiency
4 Sweden 66.26 Very High Proficiency
5 Finland 61.25 Very High Proficiency
6 Austria 58.58 High Proficiency
7 Belgium 57.23 High Proficiency
8 Germany 56.64 High Proficiency
9 Malaysia 55.54 High Proficiency
10 Poland 54.62 Moderate Proficiency
11 Switzerland 54.60 Moderate Proficiency
12 Hong Kong 54.44 Moderate Proficiency
13 South Korea 54.19 Moderate Proficiency
14 Japan 54.17 Moderate Proficiency
15 Portugal 53.62 Moderate Proficiency
16 Argentina 53.49 Moderate Proficiency
17 France 53.16 Moderate Proficiency
18 Mexico 51.48 Moderate Proficiency
19 Czech Republic 51.31 Moderate Proficiency
20 Hungary 50.80 Moderate Proficiency
21 Slovakia 50.64 Moderate Proficiency
22 Costa Rica 49.15 Low Proficiency
23 Italy 49.05 Low Proficiency
24 Spain 49.01 Low Proficiency
25 Taiwan 48.93 Low Proficiency
26 Saudi Arabia 48.05 Low Proficiency
27 Guatemala 47.80 Low Proficiency
28 El Salvador 47.65 Low Proficiency
29 China 47.62 Low Proficiency
30 India 47.35 Low Proficiency
31 Brazil 47.27 Low Proficiency
32 Russia 45.79 Low Proficiency
33 Dominican Republic 44.91 Very Low Proficiency
34 Indonesia 44.78 Very Low Proficiency
35 Peru 44.71 Very Low Proficiency
36 Chile 44.63 Very Low Proficiency
37 Ecuador 44.54 Very Low Proficiency
38 Venezuela 44.43 Very Low Proficiency
39 Vietnam 44.32 Very Low Proficiency
40 Panama 43.62 Very Low Proficiency
41 Colombia 42.77 Very Low Proficiency
42 Thailand 39.41 Very Low Proficiency
43 Turkey 37.66 Very Low Proficiency
44 Kazakhstan 31.74 Very Low Proficiency

Learning English The Fun Way

ERA Radio's 'Can I Help You?' aired on weekdays during the morning talk show slot. This radio minutes long meant to elicit laughter from listeners.

Astro's - Malaysia's satellite television station - sitcom-cum-educational series called 'Oh My English!' is aimed at helping Malaysians improve their conversational English.

'Oh My English!' is an educational comedy which aims to amuse viewers while teaching them conversational English at the same time. The programme made its debut on Astro TVIQ (channel 610) on May 20, and airs every Sunday at 10 am.

From June 8, 2012 'Oh My English' is also broadcast by Astro Prima (channel 105) at 9.30 pm.

The viewers of this show have responded with rave reviews.

The show is funny and resembles a sitcom, it is educational and shed a lot of light on the way Malaysian speak English in everyday life.
For Malays whose mother tongue is Bahasa Melayu. Invariably when they want to say something in English, they first think in Bahasa Melayu before coming up with the English version.
Many of the present-day graduates cannot speak proper English.

When we speak English, we only need to use simple words for the message to get across. Unfortunately for some of us, their mother tongue controls their thoughts.

The speaker think in Malay and translate it into English, and most of the times, the wrong words come out during conversations.
Bahasa Melayu is a simple language that many can grasp easily, and that is why many foreign workers speaking in Malay tongue; But in English, we need to understand the concept of usage.
The show bears some semblance to the hit English sitcom series 'Mind Your Language.'

But it has more local content and the scenario is regarding the antics of students in a Malaysian school class. It has much more appeal to Malaysians.

Apart from being educational, 'Oh My English' is also hilarious and entertaining. Furthermore, it shows how some of Malaysian converse in English daily.

Oh My English' SERIES

'Oh My English' is set in the fictitious SMK Ayer Dalam and follows the adventures of Kelas 3 Merah students who are notorious for getting into mischief.

Using unconventional methods of learning, Henry Middleton (the English teacher) tries to improve the students' command of English.

Middleton, who was born in Malaysia but raised in the United Kingdom, arrives at the school and takes on the challenge of teaching English to this class.

The cast includes the actress and singer Adibah Noor, the comedians Harun Salim Bachik and Mr Os, and Zain Saidin - who plays Middleton.

According to Astro, every episode contains three short English capsules that explain the correct use of English in terms of grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure and pronunciation.

Astro has collaborated with the British Council to develop English learning content, including comprehensive materials and worksheets, which viewers can easily access via the official 'Oh My English!' website.

The television station noted that it recognizes the importance of its role in providing new and innovative opportunities to encourage lifelong learning among Malaysians.

Since 2009, Astro has collaborated with the Education Ministry to distribute world-class learning content among schools across the nation under its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative.


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Tawau English Language Teachers' Club
T E L T Club

Tawau English Language Teachers' Club T E L T Club

Front Row (L-R) Gavi LAon Marcus (Co-coordinator - Language Officer, Tawau Division Education Officer), Mary Yap Kain Ching (Professional Advisor - Super Principal, SM Teknik Tawau, Ji Eko Sukohidayat Sunarto (Administrative Advisor - Tawau Division Education Officer), Fitriani Wahid (Chairperson - Principal, SMK Pasir Putih, Tawau) and Yogawathi Subramaniam (Secretary - Curriculum Supervisor, Tawau Division Education Officer)

Back Row (L-R) Andrew W. Kabi (Assistant Secretary - English Language Teacher, SK Jambatan Putih, Tawau), Macky Joseph (Committee Member - English Language Teacher, SMK Bum Bum, Semporna), Mohainim Mohtar (Committee member - English Language Teacher SM St. Patrick, Tawau), Jenny Ching Yen Li (Committee Member English Language Teacher, SMK Datuk Panglima Abdullah, Semporna), Chiam Lee Hia (Committee member - English Language Teacher, SMK Kuhara, Tawau), Vera Vow Mui Yin (Treasurer - Head Teacher, SJK (R) Sin Hwa, Tawau), Rozanna Alfred (Assistant Secretary - English Language Teacher, SMK Bum Bum, Semporna), Enri Saedi (Committee Member - SK Sungai Tuhok, Semporna) and Lunggo Leem (Vice-Chairperson - Head Teacher, SK Bukit Quoin, TAwau)

By Mary Chin May 2006

TAWAU is in the media spotlight again, educationally speaking. This time around, it is the formation of the Tawau English Language Teachers' (TELT) Club, the first such club to be started in Sabah.

As its name implies, the key aim is to raise the status of learning and teaching English.

Outstanding English teachers and promoters of English Language learning will be duly recognized.

All English teachers in the Tawau Division (comprising the Tawau and Semporna districts)
automatically become members of the club.

According to the club's constitution, membership is compulsory for English Language teachers.
Office-bearers are appointed by the Tawau Division Education Officer and they serve a two-
year term.

Sabah Education Director Normah Gagoh is the Patron of the club. The Chairperson is Fitriani Wahid who is the Principal of SMK Pasir Putih, Tawau, assisted by the Headmaster of SK Bukit Quoin, Taw^au, Lunggo Leem. Its vision is to be a leading professional teachers' club that upholds the hallmarks of dignity, integrity and distinction.

The 1000 strong club is the 'fruit' of collaboration between the Tawau Education Division Office and Super Principal of SM Teknik Tawau, Mary Yap Kain Ching. Yap who acts as professional advisor for the club has a passion for teaching English. She has a Master's degree in the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

She elaborated on the three main objectives -
To play a supportive role in enhancing the English Language Teaching Profession,
to inspire English Language teachers to scale greater heights and
to impact upon the students in English Language learning.

"Our mission is to contribute positively to a wider usage of the English Language at least in the Tawau Division and to create a platform for networking and collaboration among English teachers.
This initiative is in response to the call of the Minister of Education, Dato' Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein to come up with new ideas for teachers to enhance their level of competency and professionalism.

"Bearing in mind English is our second language and that its importance cannot be denied as an international language, we have put our heads together for the innovation to take place," Yap told Daily Express.

She was quick to say that the club, like everything else, is undoubtedly the outcome of a huge team effort, determination, courage and consistency on the part of all parties concerned.

"We want to excel as a professional English Language Teachers' Club as we move towards an authentic paradigm that is networked and collaborative, characterized by fellowship among the English teachers within and between schools and the community at large."

According to Yap, the idea of a TELT Club was mooted even before the 2005 Fraternity Night for English Language teachers, a brainchild of Yogawathi Subramaniam, held at the Marco Polo Hotel, Tawau. Chiam Lee Hia from SMK Kuhara, Tawau and Leonilo Mirasol from SK Holy Trinity, Tawau received appreciation awards from Hjh Masni Madat, then Tawau Division Education

"The impact of their English Language teaching was felt throughout the division," She said.

Other highlights of the evening were a talk on "Success Principles in Life" by Yap, games, a cultural fashion show with English teachers playing model, and an impressive cultural dance performance by the teachers.

"We were determined that it would not be the first and last gathering for the English teachers. It was not going to be a one-off thing. Hence, the birth of the Tawau English Language Teachers' Club."

Early in January this year, the club met for the first time and its committee members were appointed by the new Tawau Division Education Officer, Hj Eko Sukohidayat Sunarto. He gave his blessing for its formation.

Hishammuddin was given the honor to launch the TELT Club during his recent visit to SM Teknik Tawau. He was accorded a rousing welcome.

That was before he officiated at the opening of the Technical Building of the school. Both events were held to mark the school's 25th anniversary.

Congratulating Yap on being instrumental in forming the TELT Club together with the Tawau Division Education Office (under the leadership of Hj Eko Sukohidayat Sunarto), he said the club should become a showcase for other states to emulate.

"I am impressed that the community leaders and corporate figures in Tawau had contributed generously to enable the club to get off the ground since it is a self-supporting club," he said.

Donors included Apas Assemblyman Datuk Tawfiq Datuk Hj Abu Bakar Titingan, Member of Parliament for Tawau Shim Paw Fatt, Tanjong Batu Assemblyman Hj Mohd Kamil Datuk Hj Kassim, former Member of Parliament for Tawau Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui, and corporate figures Datuk Elbert Lim, Datuk Jaswant Singh, Mr Pang Pak Lok and Mr Henry Chong.

The Minister presented letters of appointment to members of the club's executive committee at the Tun Ahmadshah School Hall. On behalf of the donors, Dr Chua presented a mock cheque for RM 10,000 to the club.
OUTLINING the TELT Club's agenda for 2006 until 2008, Yap said a variety of action-packed activities will be held under three main categories : Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Continuing Personal Development (CPD) and Social Events.

"For Continuing Professional Development (CPD), teachers will give emphasis to newspaper in education (NIE) whereby they will use the newspaper as a teaching tool when teaching the English Language."

Other activities in the pipeline include public speaking, journal writing (on reflections and reactions to papers presented by resource personnel), analytical writing, action research to gather information, case studies on English Language Teaching (ELT) and participation in ELT conferences, seminars or workshops.

As for Continuing Personal Development (CPD), the professional advisor said suggested activities include professional image building, social etiquette (example, table manners) and protocol.

"We will invite people who are an authority on these subjects to give talks to club members.''

On social events. Yap said the club has proposed an English Language Teaching (ELT) Carnival, a TELT Fraternity Night and benchmark visits.

"As part of the carnival, there will be an elocutionary contest for English Language teachers. During the. Fraternity Night, deserving English Language teachers will receive awards in appreciation of their contributions."

According to her, the aim of benchmark visits is to get ideas on how to improve the teaching and learning of English through establishing international links with other countries.

"It can be in the form of a study tour. For a start, we may consider visiting countries within the Asean region." This, she said, is in line with the aspirations of the Education Ministry under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP).

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