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Travel and Transport Connection in Kuching City

Kuching Passenger Terminal (Terminal Penumpang Kuching)


Kuching Passenger Terminal (Terminal Penumpang Kuching)
Jalan Pelabuhan (near Pending Terminal, Kuching Port)
93450 Kuching, Sarawak
The terminal is opposite Sarawak Energy Bhd.
The Express ferry is almost same price and half the time that the bus takes. Enjoy the beautiful boat ride!
Express boat departs at 8.30am every morning. Be ON the boat 30 minutes before departure.
Pay the fare on the boat. Remark : The Boat usually leaves at 8.25am - 5minutes early)
The Kuching-Tanjung Manis-Sarikei-Sibu express boat service begins here.
The journey takes less then 5 hours and you pay maximum RM45 one-way on board.

Car Hiring service

Car Hiring service available in Kuching :
Explore in and around Kuching.
A number of tour operators provide chauffeur-driven cars, vans or 4WD vehicles, but there are only a few fully-fledged self-drive companies operating in Kuching.

Cat City Holidays, Lot 2537, 1st Floor, Central Park Commercial Centre. Tel: 412500 (24 hrs 019-8865282), Fax: 413500, Email: Airport counter Tel/Fax: 452200. Self-drive Perodua & Proton cars, Toyota MPVs, plus chauffeured Mercedes limos, van and coaches.

Golden System Car Rental, 58-1B, 1st Flr, Block G, Pearl Commercial Centre, Jln Tun Razak. Tel: 333609, Fax: 343609, Email: Airport counter Tel: 611359. Wide selection of self-drive vehicles. Half day and long term rates available.

Pronto Car Rental, No. 98, 1st Floor, Jln Padungan. Tel: 237889 (24 hrs 013-8116778), Fax: 236889.

Wah Tung Travel Service, 7K Ban Hock Rd, Tel: 419999, Fax: 464900, Email: Chauffeur driven limousine hire (Proton limousine, Mercedes & Vans). Airport Branch Tel: 616900, Email:

Kuching Holidays & Car Rental Sdn Bhd, Kuching International Airport, Counter No.6, Jalan Lapangan Terbang. Tel/Fax: 463318 Email: info@

Borneo Interiand, 63 Main Bazaar, Tel: 413595, 426328 (24 hrs), 012-8083309 Fax: 411619, Email: Self-drive Proton cars & 8-seat Toyota vans, chauffeur driven Mercedes cars & 13-seat Inokom minibuses. Half-day rates available. Also at Merdeka Palace Hotel, Tel: 258000 Ext 8018.

Cat City Holidays, Lot 2537, 1st Floor, Central Park Commercial Centre. Tel: 412500 (24 hrs 019-8865282) Fax: 413500 E-mail: Website: Airport counter Tel/Fax: 452200. Self-drive Perodua & Proton cars, Toyota MPVs, plus chauffeured Mercedes limos, van and coaches.

Hertz Car Rental, Telang Usan Travel & Tours (Sales Agent), Jalan Ban Hock, PO Box 1579, 93732 Kuching. Tel: 236945/6 Fax: 236589 E-mail: Full selection of vehicles.

Hornbill Car Rental, Lot 99, Jln. Datuk Abang Abd Rahim Lorong 5B, Tel: 343469, Fax: 426692, Email:

Pronto Car Rental, No. 98, 1st Floor, Jalan Padungan. Tel: 237889 (24 hrs 013-8116778) Fax: 236889 Website: Perodua, Proton & Mercedes cars, vans and SUVs.
Mayflower Car Rental, No 21, 1st Floor, Travillion Commercial Centre, Jln Petanak. Tel: 410110, Fax: 410115, Email: Airport counter Tel: 575223. Perodua, Proton & Nissan cars, Toyota & Naza MPVs.

Kuching Taxi Service 016-898 6299 Mr. Liew
Kuching Taxi Service 019-888 8598 Ah Yap
Radio Call Taxi Service 082-343 343 / 016-8882255 (24 Hours Services)
ABC City Cab 082-611 611 / 016-8611 611 (24 Hours Services)

TAXIS: Airport to town is RM 17.50 - buy a coupon at the taxi stand at the airport. Town to the airport is RM 15. Not all taxis use meters so agree the fare first before you enter.
Taxis can always be found outside the big hotels. But note that Kuching, unlike Kuala Lumpur or Singapore is almost impossible to hail a taxi by simply waiting at the street. The taxi here service via Radio Taxi service.
So when you need a taxi, call 343343/342255 or 348898 for 24-Hour Radio Taxi service (RM 1 surcharge). Short distances around town are RM 6-10.
Fix the fare before getting into taxi.

Kuching International Airport
Sarawak's main international airport.

It is located 11 km south of Kuching citycentre.
Kuching International Airport is the secondary hub for bothMalaysia Airlines and AirAsia .There are over 251 domestic flights per week from Kuching Airport. 
Kuching International Airport has direct flights to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore,Bandar Seri Begawan and Perth in Western Australia and to Hong Kong via Kota Kinabalu.

There are also direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Miri and Sibu, from JohorBahru to Kuching, and from Kota Kinabalu and Labuan to Kuching and Bintulu Town

More about Kuching International Airport

Air AsiaThis budget air line fly between KualaLumpur and Kuching. Like other budget airlines, prices vary depending on how farin advance you book. As a rough guide, one-way fares typically range between RM80 and RM 200.

Air Asia plans to add more international destinations from Kuching, startingwith Macau, Jakarta and Singapore. AirAsia chief executive Datuk Tony Fernandessaid the Kuching-Jakarta route was the first on its list of new destinations, tobe followed by Kuching-Singapore.
Air Asia office :  Wisma Ho Ho Lim, Ground Floor, No.291 Sub Lot 4,Jln Abell. Tel: 283222 Call Centre: 03-76512222. Online booking &enquiries: Check out for the latest prices and any deals.

 From KLIA to Kuching By Air Asia Book online via

Class (Adult & Child) One Way Return
P Fare (Promotional fare) RM69.99 RM139.98
L Fare RM94.99 RM189.98
U Fare RM129.99 RM259.98
T Fare RM149.99 RM299.98
Q Fare RM169.99 RM339.98
M Fare RM179.99 RM359.98
K Fare RM185.99 RM371.98
H Fare RM195.99 RM391.98
Y Fare RM199.99 RM399.98
Airport Tax RM6.00 RM12.00
Administration Fee RM5.00 RM10.00
Insurance Surcharge RM5.00 RM10.00

 From Kuching to Sibu by EXPRESS BOATS :

Destination  Fare Schedule Contact :
Kuching to Sibu

(Transit at Tanjung Manis & Sarikei)

Rm 40.00 8:30 AM Express Bahagia

Kuching Office :


Sibu to Kuching

(Transit at Sarikei & Tanjung Manis)

Rm 40.00 11:30 AM Express Bahagia

Sibu Office :


From Kuching to Sibu by EXPRESS BOATS :

There are two company servicing Express Boats from Kuching to Sibu daily. The boat ride takes about 4hours.
Those who want to take the fastboats to Sibu has the following choice :
1) Express Bahagia (Tel: 082-410076). 8:30 AM Rm40
2) Express Sejahtera (Sejahtera Pertama Tel: 082-256736 / 257637 / 413595 ) 9.15am, 12.45pm Rm40
Tickets are sold at the jetty in Pending. It's advisable to get there 30 mins before departure. CCL Bus Nos. 1A, 17 and 19 go to the express boat jetty (60 sen). Taxi fare is RM 10.

From Sibu to Kapit by express boats :

Tickets are sold at the Sibu Express Boat Terminal, the relevant boat in Kapit and at Petronas Petrol Stations in Kapit (TBS).



07.30am (SIBU - KAPIT) 07.30am (KAPIT - SIBU)
09.30am (SIBU - SONG - KAPIT) 12.30pm (KAPIT - SIBU)
10.45am (SIBU - SONG - KAPIT) 02.15pm (KAPIT - SIBU)
12.30pm (SIBU - KAPIT) 03.15pm (KAPIT - SONG - SIBU)

FARES from Sibu to Kapit by express boats :
Smaller Express Boats in the group do not have VIP Class but the rates remain the same for the corresponding class.

1 Economy Class - RM20
2 Business Class - RM25
3 First Class - . RM30
4 VIP Class - RM40

From Sibu to Kapit by express boats

To get to Kapit in the heart of Borneo, you can take the fast and reliable express boats from Sibu. Built in the shape of jet liners, these sleek and powerful express boats are the jet liners on water, skimming over the water's surface while passengers in the cabins enjoy the comforts of a luxury ride. Each boat is distinctive in its colors and slight variant in shape and all are berthed at the busy Sibu Express Boat Terminal, just minutes from the town's centre.

The Sarawak Boleh 168 express boat plies the Sibu - Kapit and return routes daily, comfortably carrying 131 people each trip in its spacious cabin. Fully air-conditioned, there are DVD shows during the journey while you relaxed snugly in your settee enjoying the shows. For VIP and First class seat passengers, mineral water is served along the journey, courtesy of its in-house services. These seats too feature more comfortable settees with ample leg room for a more comfortable ride in a two-seat configuration arrangement. The other types of seats available in Sarawak Boleh 168 are the Economy and Business classes, each with comfortable seats in rows of four seats onwards. Bags and other carry-ons can be stored in the spaces provided near the entrance of the vessel whose interior is tastefully decorated and head room is spacious for most people.
It takes two and half hours to reach Kapit from Sibu as the journey is made going against the mighty Rejang River currents but return trips are naturally faster. As for the trip, the scenery is one of lush greenery of the tropical rainforest as the Sarawak Boleh 168 meanders along the river and numerous longhouses appear on either side of the upper river banks throughout the journey.
1) Apart from the Sarawak Boleh 168,
There are 4 other smaller express boats:
2) Sibu Boleh 168,
3) Sibu Boleh 268,
4) Kapit Boleh 168 and
5) Kapit Boleh 268,
All these 5 Boleh plying the same routes between Sibu and Kapit

Charges : Adult Rm 10.00 each way Child Rm 5.00 each way (6-12 years old)

Kuching to
Damai & SCV

Damai & SCV to

Depart From Depart From Depart From
7:30 am 7:35 am 9:10 am
9:00 am 9:05 am 11:15 am
10:15 am 10:20 am 1:15 pm
12:15 pm 12:20 pm 3:15 pm
2:15 pm 2:20 pm 5:15 pm
4:15 pm 4:20 pm 7:00 pm
6:15 pm 6:20 pm 9:00 pm
8:15 pm 8:20 pm  
10:00 pm 10:05 pm  

CULTURAL SHOW TIME : 1st Show 11:30 am 2nd Show 4:00 am

From Kuching City to Tawau Town passing through Brunei using your own car.

Kuching to Kota Kinabalu by land is 1,290km across some of the most rugged terrain in East Malaysia.
Between the 2 States are mountain ranges, dozens of rivers and ten border crossings, a challenge deem virtually impossible just 5 years ago now became a popular sports of the 4X

Malaysia's undulating terrain and dense tropical forests make for an irresistible destination for four wheel drive enthusiasts. Many international 4x4 or off-road events are held annually in Malaysia, among them being the Borneo Safari and the Rainforest International Challenge of Malaysia, deemed one of the world's most competitive and challenging 4WD events.  
With over half of the country still covered in tropical rainforests, Malaysia's natural landscape is the destination for the adventurer who wants to test his skill, endurance and machine.
There is no direct bus from Kuching to Tawau.

Malaysia and Brunei jointly built a Trans-Borneo Highway to facilitate travel between the two countries. This highway would link Kuching City to Brunei and Sabah.  
The Trans-Borneo highway connects Kuching to all major cites in Sarawak and became the only highway road in Sarawak and this road is along the coast.

In the internal hinterlands of Sarawak and Sabah are just rivers and mud roads used by the loggers and oil palm planter. These mud road are often used by foreign naturalists and scientists as an easy access into the unexplored area to research for rear animal, plants and rear insects such as dragonflies.
Kuching to Sibu by road takes about 5 hours by car. Roads in and around Kuching are generally good.


Kuching's hoteliers formed a free City Tram (just a bus) service that shuttles around major sights once every hour.
Ask for a City Tram sticker and route map from your hotel counter.
Other local buses are represented by color:
-Green - Sarawak Transport Company (STC))
-Blue - Chin Liang Long Bus Company (CLLL)
-Orange - Matang Transport Company (MTC))
-Brown/Red - Bau Bus Company
-White with Red, Yellow and Black stripees - Petra Jaya Bus Company



Miri to Bintulu Rm 20
Miri to Sibu 40
Miri to Kuching 80
Miri to Sarikei 48
Kuching to Sibu 40
Kuching to Bintulu 60
Kuching to Sarikei 32
Bintulu to Sibu 20
Miri to Tebedu 80
Bintulu to Tebedu 60
Serian to Sibu 35
Serian to Bintulu 55
Serian to Miri 75
Kuching to Pontianak 45

Bus to Brunei
Five daily bus services between Miri and Kuala Belait (2 hours), with onward connections to Bandar Sri Begawan. Alternately, a direct mini-bus service between Miri and Bandar Sri Begawan (4 hours) twice per day.

Bus to Kuching Airport.
STC bus No. 12A. RM 1.00, 45 mins. Every 50 min. First bus (from Kuching) 6.30 am, last bus 7.00 pm. First bus (from Airport) 7.10 am, last bus 8 pm. Or Chin Lian Long bus No. 8A.

Bus to Bako National Park.
Take the Petra Jaya City Bus no. 6 from to go to Kampung Bako Village. The bus parked at Jalan Khoo Hun Yeang next to the open air market/Electra House.
The journey is 45 minutes. The fare is RM1.50. The bus final stop at the jetty of Kampung Bako. Here is a registration counter for hiring the open top boat to the national park. This is a 30-minute scenic boat ride to the Park.
Book a return boat journey immediately after you arrive at the Park. Get enought 5 or 6 people who are leaving at the same time, so to split the boat fare
First bus from Kuching at 7.30 am, last bus 5.20 pm. Last regular bus back from Bako 5.50 pm.
White minibuses also go to Kampung Bako (RM 3). From 6 am to 5 pm and depart infront open air market. No fixed departure schedule - the minibuses leave when passenger seats are full.

Bau. STC bus No. 2 or 2C or Bau Transport Co. bus No. 3, RM 4.50, approx. 1 hour. Every 20 mins. First bus (from Kuching) 6 am, last bus 6 pm. Buses depart from near the Saujana car park

Damai / Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV).
A Kuching-Damai shuttle bus service departs regularly from outside the Holiday Inn Kuching with drop offs at the resort hotels and Sarawak Cultural Village. One way fare is RM 10 (adults), RM 5 (children), takes approx. 40 mins. First bus (from Kuching) 7.30 am, last bus 10 pm. Last bus back from Damai 9 pm. For the full timetable check with the bell counter at the Holiday Inn Kuching.

Fairy and Wind Caves
(from Bau Bus Station).

Bau Transport Co. Bus No. 3, RM 0.70, every 1/2 hour from 6.20 am to 6 pm.

Matang Transport Co. Bus No. 11. RM 1.60. Approx. 50 minutes. Buses depart from near the Saujana car park. No fixed timetable. Ask to be dropped off at the Park HQ near the Matang Family Park (Stage 2). Note: buses do not go to the entrance of the Matang Wildlife Centre. Alternatively, take a white minibus (see Matang, below).

Lundu. (for Gunung Gading)
STC bus No. EP07. RM 10 (a/c), approx. 2 hrs. Buses at 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm, and 4 pm. Buses depart from the regional express bus terminal.

Matang Wildlife Centre.
There is no regular bus service to the entrance of the Matang Wildlife Centre. Local mini buses will usually take passengers to the entrance of the centre. These white mini buses wait at the alleyway next to the shops in the Saujana car park complex. There is no fixed timetable, mini buses leave when there are enough passengers. Fare is RM 2.

TransBomeo Resources at 7.30 am and 10 pm, RM 56. Biaramas at 9 pm and 10 pm, RM 55.
Penrissen Rd. Bus Terminal (for long-distance services). STC bus Nos. 3,3A, 9A, 9B and many more (ask at STC office on Leboh Jawa). RM 0.50. First bus (from Kuching) 6.30 am, last bus 9 pm. If you are catching an early bus you may have to take a taxi to the terminal (RM 10).

From Sarawak to Kalimantan of Indonesia
Bus to Indonesia - Two daily bus services between Kuching and Pontianak. Journey is 8-10 hours. Immigration point in Teledu. No buse services from Pontianak to Banjarmasin.

Kuching To Pontianak, Indonesia. RM 45.00, 8 hours. Buses depart from Kuching's Penrissen Road Terminal.


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