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Lundu Town
Lundu Accommodation 伦乐住宿

Those who visit Lundu Town also drive a bit further to visit Sematan Town


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Rock View Resort at Pandan Beach of Lundu, Sarawak, MalaysiaRock View Resort at Pandan Beach of Lundu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Rock View Resort at Pandan Beach of Lundu, Sarawak, Malaysia

2017-04-02 SUN 13:02

Siar Beach Resort, Lundu
Siar Beach Resort, Lundu
Siar Beach Resort, Lundu


A private bungalow house at the Rambungan Beach (Sempadi Beach)
A private bungalow house at the Rambungan Beach (Sempadi Beach)
2017-03-29 WED 14:18

Rambungan Beach (Sempadi Beach)
Rambungan Beach (Sempadi Beach) has NO RESORT because the muddy sand does not attract visitors. Which is good in preserving the natural primitive environment.

beautiful sandy beaches and nature attractions.

Gunung Gading National Park
Located on the way to Pandan Beach from Lundu Town is a popular weekend picnic spots for its clear mountain streams and beautiful waterfall.

Sempandi Island
Pulau Sempadi is a privately owned island near Satang, no one lives there. Small beach but great big rocks all around. Access can be arranged by local fishermen.

Lundu has 3 beaches:
 Two on the west via Lundu-Pandan Road and one on the East via Lundu-Sempadi Road

Siar Beach

1- Siar Beach
located west of Lundu is accessible via Lundu-Pandan Road. This is the first beach from Lundu, further up is Pandan Beach


2Pandan Beach

2- Pandan Beach
located west of Lundu at Kampung Pandan is accessible via Lundu-Pandan Road. Before arriving Pandan you will pass by  Siar Beach. About 10 km's down the road past Gunung Gading National Park entrance.

Rambungan Beach

3- Rambungan Beach
Accessible via Jalan Lundu-Sempadi on the way to Gunung Gading National Park. From the Matang Wildlife Center via Sempadi road. Very quiet and a very long stretch. Locals also refer to it as Sempadi Beach. You can take a villager's boat ride across to Sempandi Island.

Lundu has 3 beaches:
Two on the West via Lundu-Pandan Road and
One on the East via Lundu-Sempadi Road

Lundu-Pandan Road
 has two beaches:
1- Siar Beach
2- Pandan Beach
Siar Beach
Siar Beach

Sia Beach has three beach resorts:
1- Ocean Resort
2- Union Yes
3- Siar Beach Resort

Ocean Resort
Ocean Resort
Union Yes Retreat & Training Centre
Union Yes Retreat & Training Centre
Siar Beach Resort
Siar Beach Resort
Pandan Beach
Pandan Beach


Pandan Beach has NO RESORT. Which is good in protection of natural environment.


Lundu-Sempadi Road
has one beach:
Rambungan Beach


Rambungan Beach
Rambungan Beach


Rambungan Beach has NO RESORT. Which is good in protecting the natural environment.

















Accommodation in
more accommodation available in Sematan Town

Lundu has 3 beaches:
Two on the west via Lundu-Pandan Road and
one on the East via Lundu-Sempadi Road

Lundu-Pandan Road has two beaches:
- Siar Beach
- Pandan Beach

Sia Beach has three beach resorts:
1- Ocean Resort
2- Union Yes Retreat & Training Centre
3- Siar Beach Resort


Siar Beach Resort, Lundu

Tel: 082-412898 / 019-8869478
Jalan Siar-Pandan, Lundu.

Town Office: c/o Sarawak Chamber of Commerce and industry
Lot 4012B, Level 4, Wisma Satok, 93400 Kuching.



Union Yes Retreat & Training Centre
Siar Beach, Lundu

Owned & managed by Sarawak Bank Employees' Union



Ocean Beach Resort
Gunung Gading National Park
Both individual chalet units and hostel accommodation are available at the Park Headquarters.

Tel: (+6) 082 610088 Fax: (+6) 082 610099
Toll free line: 1 800 88 2526


Lundu Gading Hotel (伦乐旅馆)
174, Lundu Town Center
Tel : (+60)82-735199
Fax : (+60)82-735299
Hp : (+60)19-858 6529

Rm 40
Rm 50
Rm 70

Cheng Hak Boarding House
is closed for business since 2013
Cheng Hak Boarding House. Basic rooms with shared bathroom. Contact Goh of Joo Hak store at No. 51 Bazaar (near the Lundu Gading Hotel). Tel: 735018. RM 25 (fan) and RM 35 (a/c).

Cheng Hak Boarding House CLOSED BUSINESS
1094, Jalan Melintang, No 51, Lundu Bazaar, Lundu.
Tel : (+60)82-735018 Fax : (+60)82-735091


Lundu is a sleepy up-country town comprising a few rows of shop houses, a small market, government buildings and some attractive kampung houses, inhabited by very friendly residents.

The town is a good base to explore the area if the national park accommodation is full.

In addition to Gunung Gading there are some attractive beaches nearby, including Siar and Pandan.

The Ocean Resort at Siar beach offers 2-bedroom family chalets complete with kitchen and cooking facilities.

There are some beach huts and chalets at Pandan beach, but they are overpriced for the basic facilities they offer so staying in town or at the Park HQ is more convenient and better value.

Lundu has two budget hotels, a few food stalls and restaurants, and regular bus departures to Kuching and Sematan.

Lundu Town Center

The town center is a few rows of shops.

On weekends, there is a market selling vegetables, meats, and various items.


Tua Pek Kong Temple

Hot Food Stalls

Lundu Bus Station


Old wooden shop houses

Lundu Waterfront
Lundu Waterfront

Tua Pek Kong Temple, Lundu
Tua Pek Kong Temple In Lundu 倫樂雲山寺伯公廟

With a new road and a bridge across Batang Kayan river, Lundu has suddenly become very accessible. Lundu, renowned for its unspoilt beaches and Gunung Gading National Park, that houses the Rafflesia, is currently only accessible from Kuching via a new bridge across the Batang Kayan River
The bridge was opened on July 7, 2005. The road from Kuching to Lundu measures about 90 km.

This new road from Kuching to Lundu is straightened and sealed. The old road used to be a four-hour trip is now one smooth hour.

Most visitors come to Lundu District for Sand, Sun and Sea. Both Lundu Town and Sematan Town offer a few popular beaches within driving distances.  Wide, clean sands of Sematan beach, half an hourís drive from Lundu, were a popular holiday resort. Today the hobby fishermen are heading for Sematan, eager to catch the barramundi introduced here by the Agriculture Department.
The attraction is the sea itself, for swimming, diving and playing. Thereís fresh seafood when the boats come in, crabs crawl on the rocks, and thereís a lively ikan pusu industry at the right season. When schools of the tiny anchovies swarm, the whole village is out there in the chest-deep water, hanging on to one long, fine net. Willing tourists are press-ganged into the operation, particularly the taller fellows!

Other visitors go to the Gunung Gading National Park (1983).Today it is easily accessible; there are chalets for overnight accommodation. Gunung Gadingís claim to fame, besides the waterfall and a very diverse bird population, is the Rafflesia. This malodorous wonder is the worldís biggest bloom, reaching diameters of up to one meter. Rafflesia buds resembling purple cabbages lie in the dank jungle for months, until the time is right for the bright orange petals to unfold, revealing a variously dotted centre with bright tufts and emitting a very distinct ... scent. Where to stay:

Numerous chalets and small Ďresortsí have sprung up, especially in Siar, Pandan and Sematan.


Near Lundu Town's Siar beach:
1- Ocean Beach Resort, Tel: 062-452 245, Two-room chalets, RM180 (weekdays), RM250 (weekends)
176 Siar Beach, Jalan Pandan, Lundu. 2 bed-room a/c Chalets with kitchen area, RM 250 (weekends), RM 180 (weekdays).

Sematan Town's beach:
1- Palm Beach, Tel: 013-809 6986, Twin room RM180/night, breakfast and dinner included; chalet RM330/night, breakfast and dinner included. Family package (6 pax) RM390/night, breakfast and dinner included.

Kuching to Lundu

08:15 am 08:00 am
11:00 am 11:00 am
14:00 am 14:00 am
16:00 am 16:00 am

Lundu, this coastal village town is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination in Sarawak.

Lundu is  located in the south-western part of the Kuching Division and bordering West Kalimantan, Indonesia, offered attractive tourism products such as waterfalls, beaches and the national park. Lundu district and Sematan sub-district have natural attractions for tourist destinations.

When you visit Kuching, make your trip to Kuching a complete holiday trip with a day tour to explore the nature countryside in Lundu. There are unspoiled beaches in Lundu and Sematan  waiting to be discovered.

The journey to the small town of Lundu is only 60-minute drive from Kuching on decent roads.

There are low cost budget hotels in Lundu at RM40.

The journey pass through several pepper plantations.

There are also several stalls along the way selling native fruits such as the small local bananas, rambutan and durian. The local fruits are always fresh.

In between the highway is  a small river crossing. A new bridge was completed in 2008. The river itself is around 100 feet wide. Once you cross the bridge,  Lundu is in sight in minutes.

This small town is divided up into ethnic areas - a typical Malay village and a typical Iban village.


Lundu is the gateway to some tropical attractions. The most popular destination is Gunung Gading National Park, home of the Rafflesia Flower, the world's largest flower. A full blooms of this flower reach diameters of one meter.

Gunung Gading Park has facilities to stay in and is well-maintained.

Hiking trails go up a small mountain and at the bottom of the trail is a natural-spring swimming pond cool and refreshing.

There are also two nice and deserted beaches - Pandan, and Siar beaches. Since most tourists donít come this way and beaches arenít that special to the locals, you can get some real privacy here.

There are a chalets for rent. They are simple structures and have good locations right on the beaches.

30 minutes little further away from Lundu is Sematan beach. Another deserted awesome little beach with  a nice little protected swimming area between two large rock formations. The beach is a nice, smooth coral sand and you can walk on the beach quite a ways before coming to any kind of house or settlement.

  From Brunei to Lundu

On 24th April 2008, at the Brunei border custom, 13 mountain trekkers met up and started their journey to Lundu Town to climbed Mt. Gading.

Their 4WD traveled 14 hours before reaching Lundu National Park after sunset......

Read full story
Brunei Mount Trekker



My Sematan & Lundu experiences

1 January, first day of year 2010. After long time planning, finally six of us make it for the Sematan and Lundu road trip...................

Sematan Beach, my favorite beach. Itís a long long beach, which you hardly see the end of the beach. Sunshine with big wave, I didnít swim. Walk around with Chloe, Kay Wee, and Shariman while Edina and Ronnie have their fun time in the sea...........

Blogger : Jacob Kueh


  Saturday, January 16, 2010
Panoramic View of Sampadi Beach

Lundu Town is just about 85km from Kuching. Scenic and relaxing drive along the way which will take about 40 minutes or less depend on speed.

Its a small town with few row of shop. Its famous and widely know as a place to see Rafflesia Flower (the biggest flower in the world) which can be found at Gunung Gading National Park. Anyhow, i haven't have the chance to photograph a fully bloom Raffesia yet. for Beach Lover, Pandan Beach and Siar beach is just a few minutes drive away from Lundu Town................

More Photos from :
SK Jong Photography's blog



Sunday, January 11, 2009
Lundu, My Hometown Is Flooding

What do we get when king tide and continuous heavy rain for days occur concurrently? A recipe for flood of course.

Around this time of the year, low lying areas are very prone to flooding due to the heavy monsoon rain.

While (heavy) flood can be bad for the economy and dangerous to lives, the irony is that, to some extent, it can be fun to watch and experience. That just happened in my hometown, Lundu, a few hours ago.........

Read full story by :
Kasia Kanaun @ Raya Ramoh


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