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Luak Esplanet
Esplanet Beach, Miri

We called a taxi (Rm18.00) to Miri's Esplanet Beach at Luak Bay. For other tourist the beach is nothing special but the sunset is fantastic. For us this is a luxurious sea beach many of us back in Tawau is hard to enjoy. Compare with our beach in Tawau Esplanet Beach in Miri is clean and well facilitated with clean and spacious toilet with functioning fresh water shower. It has a stretch of white sandy beach set within a coconut palm grove. Things to do here are picnicking, swimming and canoeing. There is a clean public toilet with spacious showering room (Rm 0.50 per person).

We are the only group of visitors to stroll and swim in the beach.   We has a feel of paradise - for only a short moment before the rain came. When we arrived at 1:30pm we could see patched of blue sky above scatted gray clouds.  Hopping "rain rain go away, little children want to play....." But we ended our visit with a windy, rainy day with dark cloud & dim scenery (Photo below)

Xing and Yin enjoyed scanning the long clean beach for curious objects like shells and crabs.  They caught several small crabs (photo above right) and kept in an empty plastic bottle.

We planed to spend the whole afternoon here to watch sunset of Miri. Unfortunately we left after 1 hour on the beach  because of strong wing and rain. The cold wind make us shivering.


Miri Hospital
This is Mulu!
Plants for Life Trial at Gunung Mulu
|  Grand Old Lady on Canadian Hill
Taman Awam Miri
Miri City Fan
Esplanet Beach


Residential houses along the Luakbay Esplanade beach are like a ongoing mansions showcase.