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Miri City Fan

Miri City Fan

Miri City Fan is a masterpiece town park - an award wining civic centre rich in cultural, artistic and architectural features and with aesthetic ambience. This is a unique fan-shaped urban civic park designed to create civic consciousness by the embodiment of several symbolic parks.

Gardens in Miri City Fan are well-managed and clean.

The way it has been constructed is rather unique as different corners have structures that are commonly associated with the culture and lifestyle of people from the various communities in Sarawak.


Miri Central Park
Ground-breaking ceremony of Miri Central Park project 18th May 2014 Sunday
The developer is Pantai Bayu Indah Sdn Bhd, a joint venture between Samling Group and Land Custody and Development Authority (LCDA),
The RM40 million Miri Central Park, which spans 15.7 acres, forms part of the proposed Marina ParkCity which occupies 400 acres of reclaimed land.
The first authentic seafront development in Sarawak, Miri Central Park, slated to be completed in early 2016, would be an urban park for, among others, cultural, festival and entertainment programmes throughout the year.

Its main features are :
1- a 500-yard seafront boardwalk
2- an amphitheatre
3- large playground for picnics
4- water activities

This project would change the lifestyle of the people here for it would be giving Miri city a new ambience.

Garden Direction Guide

Suggest you start your visit from here. This Garden Direction Guide is at the Western Entrance for those walked from town. But for those came by car would arrive at the library car park at the North Entrance which do not have this map.
What to find in Miri City Fan :
1) Promenade
2) Amphitheatre
3) Musical fountain
4) Library
5) Cultural centre
6) Various ethnic gardens

Pustaka Miri
Pustaka Miri

Pustaka Miri, the regional digital library of Pustaka Negeri Sarawak is beside the Miri Fan City. This library is being set up in line with Pustaka Negeri Sarawakís target of ensuring all individuals within the state be given equal opportunity to access information and acquire knowledge.


Western Entrance
The is the Western Entrance we arrived at.

Miri City Fan is a unique fan-shaped urban civic park. This City Fan is designed to create civic consciousness by the embodiment of several symbolic parks. We were the only visitors there. Cleaners were seen sweeping dry leaves with electric blowers. .The garden is well-managed and clean. Stone crafting images are distributed over the compound. The 2 seahorses in the middle of Chinese pond is Miriís mascot.

The Chinese Garden depicts her rich cultural traditions with displays of gazebos, willows, Chinese carps in ponds with a Chinese overhead bridge and a Chinese arch gateway.

Chinese carps in pond
Chinese carps in pond

Children like the excitement of feeding fishes, a close contact with natural life of which they could not experience at home from TV or Video. For family with children, remember to bring along some breads. There is no signboard restricting feeding the fishes and little sparrows in the park.

Miriís mascot - In Chinese garden you can see 2 seahorses stone carving, itís Miriís mascot.

The Chinese Garden is planted with weeping willows, again reflecting what is commonly associated with gardens and lakes in China.

Miri City Fan Chinese Garden has a bridge built according to ancient Chinese architecture, similar to the designs of bridges found in China. It has been constructed across a pond with fishes, a feature popular in Chinese courtyards from the olden times and even in Chinese homes today.


Masjid At-Taqwa
Masjid At-Taqwa

Islamic Garden is where my two children enjoyed playing hide and seek. There is a structure here built to provide shelter for the public and its roof resembles the domes found on top of mosques.
The Islamic Garden has a well built using mosaic tiles with Islamic designs. The Garden features Islamic arches and motifs.
The main feature of this garden is this mosque dome structure. The stained glass panel has an interesting display of lights at the right angle.
Popular among the locals for evening strolls, jogging and relaxing.

Masjid At-TaqwaIslamic Garden

Dewan Suarah Miri (Miri Civic Centre)
Dewan Suarah Miri (Miri Civic Centre)

Miri Public Swimming Pool
Miri Public Swimming Pool



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