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Taman Awam Miri
(Miri Public Park)

4:30 PM We came to Taman Awam Miri on top of a hill range few kilometers from Miri City.  We paid Taxi for Rm15.00


  Miri Public Park, which is halfway to Miri Airport. The hanging bridge is a thrill. Facilities provided are ample. The surrounding area is clean, well taken care by the authority and of course  MIRI PARK is a new recreation park after Miri City Fan Park, in order to go there, it takes about 10 minutes from Miri Airport. Its a good place for recreation especially the family with their children, most of them will visit there during evening time.




In line with Miri's status as an oil town, the observatory platform was designed based on design of an oil rig.

Taman Awam Miri is located about 3 km Airport Road from the Miri town center. This 24.6-acre park is the latest public park in Miri.

A place to conquer your fear of walking on suspension bridge.

A large modern children play structure is extremely popular amount children and those young in hearts. There are flora gardens, souvenir center, canteen, an observatory platform, children's playground, stone carving, fountains, pavilions and jogging track. In line with Miri's status as an oil town, the observatory platform and hanging bridge were nicely designed based on the design of an oil rig. The place and scenery was beautiful and amazingly clean.  The whole park is built on a hillside. Day and night you can see groups of  young people having a picnic or BBQ

The park has facilities like BBQ pit, Picnic Area, Observation Tower, and hanging bridge. The best part is, the place are open to public daily at no entrance fee at all.


A tiny water playground in the quiet jungle, to the children is a big wide world of endless joy.

Taman Awam Miri has facilities such as this water theme park for kids. Like the one in Sunway Lagoon, but in a smaller scale.