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...the sixth busiest airport in Malaysia...

Budget Taxi Fare CouponTaxi Fare Coupon

Taxis - From Miri Airport to City Center

Airport to town is around RM 20.00

Airport to Express bus terminal is Rm30.00

Buy a TAXI FARE COUPON at the taxi stand at Miri airport upon arrival.


Above : Budget Taxi Fare Coupon
Below: Taxi Fare Coupon

TAXI STATION - If you could not get a texi on the street, call to the station for one. The telephone number is 085-432277  or 085-438277 The texi drivers of this station call speak Chinese.
  • Miri Airport
    • Lapangan Terbang Miri, Peti Surat 851, 98008 Miri.
    • Tel: 085-615 204
    • Fax:085-615 537

2015-05-27 WED 10:30

Miri Airport

Miri Airport

Miri Airport is a small airports in Malaysia. It is an international airport with more than 2 million passengers per year.

The terminal is a two-storey building is able to handle up to 2 million passenger per annum. 


Passengers visiting Miri has grown steadily over the years

Miri Airport will be expanded further to cater for the growing volume of passengers and cargo passing through it.

The expansion project would be implemented under the 11th Malaysia Plan.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak tabled the 2014 Budget on October 2013 and  announced that Miri Airport would be among the five airports in East Malaysia to be upgraded with a RM312 million allocation.

Miri Airport Expansion Project

27-5-2015 WED 10:29AM

Miri Airport Expansion Project is in process in 2015



This Miri Airport terminal has a capacity of 2 million passengers per year.  The airport is the nearest airport to Brunei Darussalam and is an important gateway to the Northern Region of Sarawak serving as a hub for interior air services to Mulu, Mukah, Marudi, Limbang, Lawas and other local airports.


Miri airport flights from Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Johor Bahru and Labuan, Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and other smaller airposrts in and around Miri.

Airport Transport

Travel agents and hotels usually pick up guests from airport. Taxis into town are readily available. Taxis use the coupon system, pay for a 'taxi coupon' purchased at the airport. Taxi fee is around Rm20.00.

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