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There are three Homestay on Mabul Island, Sabah

Arung Hayat Homestay


Summer Friends Homestay

Summer Friends Homestay

Summer Friends Homestay for local visitors
 Managed by Mr Yong and wife Sandra
No diving center

The owners, Yong

The owners, Yong and wife Sandra

Tourist promotion materials on Mabul like to use the word SHOP instead of STALL resulted in many unsuspecting tourists getting a wrong vision of island shopping. This is the same with Malay articles like to use the word KEDAI.

Lets be more exact in using of word in describing to avoid confusion. There are no 'SHOPS' on the whole Mabul Island. But there are plenty of "STALLS" selling all kind of sundries of daily items.

There are just too many poorly informed tourists came with idea of SHOPS on the island but find not one but plenty of local village make-shift stalls and huts selling drinks, snacks and general sundries.

There are also No ATM's or pharmacies, no Starbucks or 7-11's.

For those health conscious visitors, the local foods are usually oil-fried and very oily. 

You need to get everything you need in Semporna before you board your boat.


This is a homestay run by husband and wife instead of paid workers. Thus the house and you rooms are maintained very clean, neat and tidy.

If you need one, the son is  a snorkelling guide and boatman to bring you off the island.

The dining area is completed with a satellite TV.
Free flow of drinking water. Serve yourself coffee and tea anytime.


As you saw from the homestay profile picture, there is a raised  roof top sun deck in front the homestay. The sun deck cover the short fall of rooms not openly facing the sea.



The owner's wife cook good home cooked food in Chinese and Bajau flavours. The local eateries offer cheap simple oily fried foods such as fried banana.



This is the only homestay does not have a dive centre. Without those noisy divers, the homestay is more peaceful then other homestay.

In case you come for diving, several dive centres are just within short walking distance.


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