Ground Floor


Ground Floor

Ground floor of Tanjung Market are fruit, vegetables, meat and grocery stalls that stocked with items from Indonesia.  What attracted tourists to come to the markets are the Grocery Stalls and the Dried Seafood Stalls 

Local food products are found in the ground floor. Here has many local and Indonesian snacks tourist often check out. Some items such as cashew nut is sold cheaper than Peninsular Malaysia. Other popular buy are kacipok, atong nut and tapok nut. as well as local food such as keropok, dried crackers, and many more.

When you come to Tawau, try our Amplang Cracker. This popular snack is ball-shaped and crunchy made from fish meat mixed with tapioca flour and special spices.

A little fishy smell but not strong. Everyone loves it. Tawau makes the best Amplang cracker in Sabah.

Always tell the seller to give you the best one. There are low-cost crackers made for those unsuspecting customer such as  junk-food-loving young people who  just blindly eat eat eat.

Made in Tawau are, amplang crackers, "atong" nuts, "tapok" nuts and "kacipok", a rice flour-based cracker, all these are made by the Tawau locals. Buy local products, support local community.

At the other end of the market are fresh fruits and vegetables

Some of the traditional foods sold in the Tanjung Market are cashew nuts, brown sugar and "kuih cincin", there are also foods like "belinjo" and cashew nuts come from Indonesia.