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Grammatophyllum speciosum (Tiger Orchid/ Giant Orchid) 老虎蘭/巨蘭
Flora of Tawau Hills Park

The above image is male and female flowers of Grammatophyllum speciosum (Tiger Orchid/ Giant Orchid)

The dominant original vegetation is the lowland diterocarp forest. However, nearly half the park, and almost all the forest below 500m. The remaining primary jungle is luxurious with many commercial timber species (dipterocarpus). The mengaris tree - notorious for its beehives - is common here.

The Shorea faguetiana called pokok Seraya Siput Kuning (88.32 m) was recorded as the tallest tropical tree in the world's. Above 1,000 metres, thick damp mossy forest takes over. Orchids, epiphytes and forest herbs grow in abundance. About 150 orchid species were recorded and among the attractive collections is the Elephant-Ear Orchid (Phalaenopsis Gigantea) - largest orchid leaves in the world's.




Tiger Orchid Blooming in Tawau Hills Park
Tiger Orchid Blooming in Tawau Hills Park

Species: Grammatophyllum speciosum (Tiger Orchid/ Giant Orchid)
Grammatophyllum speciosum
Tiger Orchid

Grammatophyllum speciosum (tiger orchid, giant orchid) , is also called queen of the orchids. Tiger Orchid is native to Indonesia. Listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's tallest orchid, with specimens recorded up to 7.62 meters (25 ft) in height.
Each raceme (flower inflorescence) can grow to a height of 3m, bearing up to eighty flowers, each 10 cm wide. The flowers are yellow colored with maroon or dark red spots. Grammatophyllum speciosum blooms only once every two to four years. Each blooming can last for two months.
This young plant in the photo is only about 2.5 meters in height and has another life span to grow for another 20 years (if the park protect it from destruction). Hope I can come back again to visit this orchid again 20 years.

Winged Seed from a Dipterocarp tree in Tawau Hills Park
Winged Seed from a Dipterocarp tree in Tawau Hills Park

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Wild strawberry  in Tawau Hills Park in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia. The foods of the animals in the park.
Wild strawberry in Tawau Hills Park in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia. The foods of the animals in the park.


Exploring Mother Nature in Tawau Hills Park

Mother Nature is Earth’s precious treasure we should always try our best to preserve.
We must do the very best to protect and preserve the Mother Nature for as long as we can remember.
When you visit Tawau , be sure to witness with your very own eyes the protected nature of the Earth -start off with Tawau Hills Park.

Upon reaching the park, visitors find themselves being instantly immersed in a very green environment closer to the nature than usually are.
Breath in the fresh air and smell the freshness of the green plants surrounding you.

Family can start off by having a picnic session in the park .
Small group can camp in the park to be further immersed in the green environment to obtain a thrilling experience of spending the night out with the wildlife.

There are e different flora species in Tawau Hills Park. The Orchid Garden has lot of labels as you explore the garden to help you in enhancing your knowledge on the plant species being preserved in the park. Here, visitor get the chance to witness some rare flora species such as the Elephant Ear’s Orchid which one would not get to see elsewhere.

Various fauna species stroll around the place. Catch a glimpse of the giant tree squirrels, and various monkey species when exploring the park.

Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden (TAMAN TANAH RENDAH)

You can find some interesting tropical plants in the Park's Botanical Garden which is only 10 minutes walk from the office.
This Botanical Garden is closed most of the time because there is not plenty visitor. If you find the entrance counter is closed, you can approach the office, the staff will arrange for you.
There are Orchid Species in this garden.


If you are really interested in orchids there is a specialized garden BSI ORCHID GARDEN in Bandar Sri Indah new township 38 Km from Tawau Hills Park on the way to airport. You can drop in on your way back to Tawau Air Port. Again this Orchid Garden is closed for walk in visitors. You may need to prearrange your visit with the garden. Please call office at Bandar Sri Indah 089-773311.
BSI ORCHID GARDEN in Eco Park of Bandar Sri Indah

38Km from Tawau Hills Park is this Orchid Garden in Bandar Sri Indah new township.


Kona Double Hibiscus
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