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All GrabCar drivers will need to fulfill these requirements:

Malaysian Citizen holding a valid Identify Card ( Permanent Residents are not allowed)

Possess a valid driving license (No age requirements) , Not P License

Possess a 4 door car that is not older than 10 years ( inspections needed for cars older than 7 years old)

Pass JPJ and PDRM summons check Acceptable grooming ethics

Able to communicate in English and BM

Driver name , Car Registration Number , Insurance Coverage Period must appear on Insurance Cover Note (For company car, you will need an official letter from company with letterhead stating the driver is allowed to use the car for e-hailing purpose )

Driver that is 50 years and older must do health check up. There are no maximum age requirements. From can be downloaded here Grab-Medical-Form-Driver-Registration-PDF-over-50 Medical checkup can be done at any clinics. The test are really quite simple to verify that driver is able to perform basic driving tasks.



procedures in buying a new car  in Sabah

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Each new car needs a license plate number to be registered in JPJ.

Your car sales man will arrange this for you.  He will submit your name to JPJ to enter into JPJ's computer system together with a new license plate number.

License plate number

Selecting a number for your new car.

There are 3 categories of numbers  :

1 2 3
Running Numbers : Blocking Number : Auction Number :
Automatic given to you free if you do not otherwise select a number of your choice Pay Rm210.00 to JBJ for a number of your choice as long as the number has not been assigned to other. Plus another Rm 30-50 to middle men for booking  the number for you. Pay few thousand of Rm to JBJ for a Premier Value Numbers such as  8888, 2020, 1111.

Plus some Rm 199??? for middle men for "keeping" the number for you.

Malaysia National Cars
(Proton and Perodua are the only two national vehicles)





(with some models assembled in Malaysia)











There are 9 Nine vehicle assembly companies that assemble imported brand. Assembling 18 passenger cars and 14 commercial vehicles


There are two types of cars available in Malaysia :

1) Assembled in Malaysia (engine and parts manufactured oversea)

2) Imported Car.

The Chassis number and Engine number

Each car contain a unique chassis number and an engine number,

How a new car comes to you :

Before you see your new car,  the car has to go thought 3 commercial stages :

1) Manufacturers (in Kuala Lumpur or in Japan for imported cars). There are 4 Malaysian car manufacturers : Proton, Perodua, Inokom & Naza

2) Distributors (in Kota Kinabalu)

3) Dealers (the car showroom in Tawau where you buy the car)

The manufacturers deliver the vehicles by ship to the distributors in Tawau,

Upon arrival of the vehicles in Tawau port, the distributors do some clearance with Customs Department,
then register the vehicle in Tawau JPJ Department.

The Dealers then take the cars they ordered and display in their show rooms for you to choose.

You may take your car now after :

1) Pay cash

2) Approved by your bank for the car loan

Applying for a bank loan :

Some of the banks in Tawau that provide Car Loans are :

1) May Bank

2) AM Bank

After submitted  your  loan application forms (with all the necessary documents), the bank will be approved within 3 days. A bank officer will interview you either in the bank office or just give you a call and ask a few question about your financial situation.

Here are a few sample question a loan officer will ask you. Though some of the information are already given in your form to the bank, the bank will ask again just for a conformation.

1) What is your birthday, employer name, office telephone number, house telephone number.

2) Where do you stay, do you own or rent the house you are staying now.

3) Are you still paying, if any, instalment for house, another car.

4) What is you job, monthly salary, age of children.

The bank normally takes 3 days to give you an answer.

But for a financially sound customer, the bank can approve within the same day (and you drive away your new car the next day)

How long it takes for a new car available :

1) Immediately available for those cars readily available in stock in show room.

2) Wait for 1 month to 2 months for a new car to arrive from KK or KL

Perak AGY 4849  
Selangor BKP 2779  
Pahang CCM 8867  
Kelantan DBN 5145  
Johor JLW 4573  
Kedah KCP 6674  
Langkawi KV 7876C  
Labuan LD 2024  
Melaka MBV 2089  
N Sembilan NCG 8536  
Pulau Pinang PJK 4627  
Kuching QAA 5964 T
Sri Aman QBA 6703  
K Samarahan QCC 118  
Limbang QLA 3260  
Miri QMP 2145  
Kapit QP 5014  
Sarikei QRE 9480  
Sibu QSS 2810  
Bintulu QTG 3990  
Perlis RH 9412  
Kota Kinabalu SAC 5813 E
Beaufort SB 9384 A
Lahad Datu SD 6169 E
Kudat SK 8467  
Sandakan SS 4906 M
Tawau ST 6032 Y
Keningau SU 1563 B
Terengganu TAW 8480  
Kuala Lumpur WTG 1079  

majority of the car manufacturers and assemblers in Malaysia such as

Proton, Perodua,

Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai Inokom and Naza,

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